Most beautiful Metro stations in the world

T-Centralen – Stockholm, Sweden

When it comes to the Stockholm Metro, it is difficult to choose a single station. For several decades, around 14 have been decorated by different artists and with very varied themes. For example, the Stadion station is full of rainbows and every year it serves as the headquarters of the Stockholm Pride, gay pride festival. Thorildsplan, on the other hand, is outdoors and has mosaics that simulate pixels. But the most famous station is T-Centralen, one of the busiest and the main connection center. It was built in 1957. Its walls and ceiling have the structure of a cave, but they are decorated in white and blue tones, with motifs of flowers and leaves. The art guide Marie Andersson believes that the author, Per Olof Ultvedt, chose those colors to create an atmosphere of calm among the daily bustle of the site.

Komsomolskaya – Moscow, Russia

The Moscow Metro is famous worldwide for having some of the most beautiful stations. The reason: they belong to Stalinist architecture, a style that took place in the first decades of the Soviet Union, which sought to exacerbate its power. The most beautiful stations are on a Metro line with a circular shape, explains the Russia Beyond website. They were built after World War II. Among them is Park Kultury, which includes five types of marble in its design, and Novoslobodskaya, with its 32 stained glass windows. The most emblematic, without a doubt, is Komsomolkaya. It is easily recognizable by its yellow domes with bronze candlesticks, marble columns and blue enamel mosaics.

Toledo Station – Naples, Italy

There is a whole urban art project in the Metro system in Naples: Le Stazioni dell’Arte. Garibaldi, for example, presents a huge metal and glass dome created by Michelangelo Pistoletto, while Università contains metal sculptures that represent the synapse between neurons, the work of architects Karim Rashid and Alessandro Mendini. The most famous station is Toledo, in the Spanish neighborhood. It was designed by architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca and was ready in 2012. There are several floors, which have works of art and facilities that represent aspects of the history, nature and culture of Naples. In each level different colors predominate: from the dark tones that allude to the concrete of the city, to the ocher that refers to the type of limestone rock that characterizes the region. The most emblematic point is a gallery located 40 meters from the surface; in front of its stairway there is a dome that lets in the sunlight, illuminating a set of mosaics in blue tones.

Arts et Métiers – Paris, France

The station’s platforms were redesigned in 1994 by Belgian artist Francois Schuiten. His inspiration was Nautilus, the ship that Jules Verne described in his novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island. To achieve this, 800 copper panels were installed; in addition, all furniture was custom-made, specifically for this site.

Khalid Bin Al Waleed, or BurJuman Station – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

All the opulence of this emirate is reflected in an installation created by the Czech artist Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá, who specializes in glasswork. In the BurJuman station, better known as Khalid Bin Al Waleed, there is a set of huge jellyfish-shaped candle holders with a metallic finish, which was achieved with glass and LED lights.

Formosa Boulevard – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It is one of the most beautiful stations thanks to a single work: Dome of Light, by the Italian Narcissus Quagliata. It is a stained glass window formed by 4,500 glass panels, covering a diameter of 30 meters. This work took four years to complete. The dome represents the history of mankind from four elements: water, earth, light and fire.

Grand Central Terminal – New York, United States

If you see it outside, it looks more like a museum than a railway station. And in fact, it is a historic building since 1978. Built at the beginning of the last century with the financing of the Vanderbilt family, it is a connection center for trains, subways and buses. It is famous for its large number of architectural and design elements that are iconic, such as the opal clock in the main hall, valued at $ 20 million. Its vaulted ceiling contains a mural that shows the 12 constellations of the Zodiac and 2,500 stars, some with LED light. The plane of the constellations was drawn upside down, as if you had crossed it and were seeing it from a divine perspective. Inside, Grand Central has 60 stores, 35 restaurants, a market and even an exhibition center, the New York Transit Museum Gallery and Annex. In addition, guided tours are organized. Many movies and series have had the station as a location. From The Avengers (2012) and Superman (1978), to Mad Men and Gossip Girl.

Extra: Bund Sightseeing Tunnel – Shanghai, China

It is not properly a station, but a subway ride. Even so, it is worth mentioning. It runs between the Bund area and the Lujiazui financial district, measuring just 647 meters, according to the Travel China Guide. During the trip of three to five minutes, passengers observe various light effects and sounds that play with their perspective. From psychedelic lighting to underwater scenarios and «magma» falling down the walls. The windows are panoramic, to appreciate it better.

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