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Most autonomous robots of 2021 –



The year 2021 begins and the futuristic setting of hundreds of movies about robotic technology becomes more science and less fiction. These powerful machines are becoming more and more tangible in supermarkets, industries, hospitals and homes.

This article presents the fundamental concepts about independent androids, their advantages and disadvantages, a compilation of the most autonomous robots of 2021 and other interesting facts about these effective robots.

These are the 10 technological advances that have propelled humanity

What is an autonomous robot?

More autonomous robots 2

Autonomous robot

A self-governing android performs tasks or behaviors with a high degree of autonomy. Of course, without a human being involved. The more autonomous robots are used particularly in:

  • Places where conditions make human presence unfavorable: space research, air with a high level of pollution, water with polluting waste, among others.
  • Tasks that can be carried out with efficiency, precision and speed: merchandise delivery services, packaging, industrial assembly, etc.

A automaton fully autonomous can:

  • Get information about your environment.
  • Work for a long period of time.
  • Move anywhere on your own.
  • Learn the best way to perform a task in any circumstance.

How much do the most autonomous robots cost?

The new more autonomous robots, with their complete equipment, can cost between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000. In addition, if specific peripherals are added for an application, its value increases between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000.

But if what you want is to save money the used robots they can be worth half as much as a new one. Its value can range from $ 25,000 to $ 40,000. Its cost is increased by adding components for certain applications, where it can be worth $ 75,000.

Pros of the most autonomous robots

More autonomous robots 3

Increased efficiency and productivity

The benefits of the more autonomous robots have been expanding to the same extent that they have reduced their supervision. Here are some benefits of using these androids:

Increased efficiency and productivity

For automatons there is no room for holidays, illnesses, lunch, etc. They can repeat routine tasks as many times as necessary. This facilitates that the investment cost of the android can be obtained quickly.

Increased worker safety

Worker safety is a very important issue for some companies. Robots allow humans to replace themselves in dangerous environments.

Support in medical operations

Androids have great precision therefore they are ideal for surgical tasks. Of course, this does not mean that you act unsupervised.

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Disadvantages of self-governing automata

More autonomous robots 4

Initial investment cost

Potential loss of jobs

This is the main concern of the use of more autonomous robots. It is no less true that these machines can do the work of a human quickly, safely and with a lower error rate.

Initial investment cost

This is the main obstacle holding back companies. As previously stated, the use of automata increases income but companies must bear losing the entire initial investment amount.

Changes of qualified personnel

As time goes by in the insertion of automation in each work area, new qualified personnel will be required who can handle robotic technology. That is, layoffs of old workers.

Examples of autonomous androids in 2021

Innovation in the area of ​​robotics has led all sectors of the industry to use this type of technology to meet the needs of companies and customers. Here are some examples of the most autonomous robots according to their area of ​​employment.

More autonomous robots for home use

by Samsung

Samsung’s three robots at CES 2021

Samsung’s three robots at CES 2021

Samsung presented these androids in this exhibition where it claimed that they would be available in the United States of America in the middle of this year. Automata perform tasks of:

  • Lift objects.
  • Personal assistance.
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Security camera.

Toilet cleaner

Anna karmazina designed this robot with the goal of replacing a housewife. This android handyman from Russia is the ideal assistant to help you with all the daily tasks of your home.

More autonomous robots for maritime use

robotic boat

Cesar Herada with his “robotic boat”

Veolia marine drone

This android is equipped with large nets to sweep the ocean in search of garbage. In addition, it has sensors and infrasound systems so as not to affect ocean life.

Robotic boat

This boat developed by Cesar Herada was designed with the aim of replacing current boats. Its benefits are obvious:

  • Eliminates the spill of polluting fuels into the ocean.
  • The arrival time of the goods decreases.

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More autonomous robots for security use

More autonomous robots 1

Samsung Sentry Robot

Spy drones

The police in England carry out tests with these spy drones made by Microdrones GmbH. These more autonomous robots can perform in a variety of ways such as:

  • In any surveillance task.
  • Control of riots.

Samsung Sentry Robot

This android perfectly performs the work of a security guard. The great advantage is obvious: you do not need rest and you never sleep. In the tests carried out, it was able to detect an intruder 4 km away.

artificial intelligence robotics technology

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Facial recognition and artificial intelligence




Do you have a cell phone that allows you to access just by showing your face? Have you ever needed to take a photo to enter a site or an application?

We are in the digital age, where technology increasingly takes over our daily habits. In this, the use of facial recognition as a security method is a latent reality.

If you want to know about this system, its operation, dangers and the importance of its combination with artificial intelligence, read this post. We will be addressing these issues.

All the details about artificial intelligence. Machines programmed to determine human life and death.

What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition 4

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a very recent technology that is giving a lot to talk about today. Even though it has existed for a few decades, today its use has proliferated enormously.

It consists of a scanner that verifies the identification of the owner of certain technology. It is based on biometric data (features of your face) to decide if you are who you say you are.

For its operation you need a device with a camera. Thus it obtains images with the necessary data to register the identity of the subjects.

It should be noted that, unlike other types of security such as password, facial recognition employs mathematical patterns.

Its efficacy and safety have been widely proven, hence it is being used more and more in different areas.

For example, it is widely used to identify celebrities at public events. It is very likely that you have also seen it as an authentication system in cell phones.

Likewise, it has been used to link images of companies, the media and entertainment. Finally, an extremely important use is for the identification of criminals of any kind.

How does facial recognition work?

Facial recognition 3

They need to have a reference image

Facial recognition systems need to have a reference image. Therefore, first of all, they make a two-dimensional or three-dimensional capture in which the facial features are detailed.

The image goes to the database and could be used on any occasion. Then you have the option to identify yourself thanks to facial recognition.

  1. You will first have to stand in front of the device
  2. Then it scans your biometric features
  3. Finally, determine whether or not you are the same person previously photographed.

In many cases, an Internet connection is required to carry out the procedure. This is because the database is not always in the internal storage of the device.

Due to the fusion of the security system with artificial intelligence, its effectiveness has grown even more. It allows the process to develop instantaneously and that there is not the slightest margin of error.

These are the amazing 10 technological advances that have propelled humanity

Artificial intelligence applied to facial recognition

Facial recognition 2

Artificial intelligence applied to facial recognition

A few lines ago we mentioned the important fusion between artificial intelligence and facial recognition. This combination has made the system more effective and safe.

The first tests were developed in the project Facial Recognition Grand Challenge in 2016. At that time, experiments were carried out with novel methods to analyze biometric data.

As a result of the study, it was even clearly differentiate the features of two identical twins.

The advantages of this combination are:

  • Simplification of work
  • Greater safety and efficiency
  • Ability to identify faces in photos and moving images
  • Uses infrared light
  • Generate patterns for each person.

Dangers of facial recognition?

Facial recognition

There are countries in which they use facial recognition from street security cameras

Being such an effective and avant-garde technology, today governments want to use it in any field. There are even countries where they use it from street security cameras.

Using facial recognition as a method of urban security is not entirely negative. Help fight crime and solve many police cases. However, there is the fact that such cameras can detect your face in a crowd with great ease.

Will it be feasible for governments to have all your data?

It is a concern of many citizens having to go out on the street and expose themselves to the fact that, at any moment, they can take your identity. They talk about the similarities with Big Brother and the violation of each person’s personal rights.

Every country has its own regulations in this regard. These indicate how ethical and permissible it is to use the data obtained in this way against a person.

Beware of this 500 megapixel camera that can identify every face in a crowd

future artificial intelligence internet technology

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Technological development to help people with visual disabilities




In the world there are approximately 285 million visually impaired people. Improving their quality of life has been a challenge for new technologies. How to make it accessible to these users? What are the newest devices?

Learn about the 10 technological advances that have driven humanity

What is technology for the visually impaired?

Tablet for the blind

Tablet for the blind

The road to independence for people who are blind or have low vision is full of bumps. Jobs, streets and society are not adapted to the needs of this community. Many scientific teams are working to resolve these conflicts.

The typhlotechnology is the term used to refer to the study and development of technologies to help people with visual disabilities. It was incorporated into the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language in 2008.

Curing blindness, is it possible?

Restoring sight to blind people is the dream of doctors and technology workers. For decades they have worked together to make it happen. The idea is to generate images using a brain implant.

Some studies, such as those of the Netherlands Institute of Neurosciences, show important achievements. These scientists implanted 1024 electrodes in the visual cortex of the brain to two blind monkeys. The result? The primates were able to recognize letters and shapes generated by computer vision.

This incredible technology could restore vision to people with retinal degeneration or optic nerve damage. However, no false expectations should be created, this is still an ongoing investigation.

Devices that will make your life easier if you are visually impaired

People who are blind or have low vision often need family members to move or shop. Technology has applied their knowledge to develop products that allow them to be more independent. Do you want to know them?

WeWalk Poles

WeWalk Poles

WeWalk Poles

Getting to your favorite restaurant without a guide, if you are blind, can seem impossible. WeWalk, developed by Turkish engineer Kursat Ceylan, helps you get to your destination. How does it work?

It’s a futuristic cane compatible with Google Maps application. Available in English and Turkish. It consists of voice assistance and obstacle sensors that will warn you in time. His priority is to help people with visual disabilities to move more safely around the city.

Egara, more than an accessory



Most sticks allow you to detect obstacles such as a wall, a chair, or the wax container. But what about the tallest objects? What can you do to avoid them?

Antonio Alarcón, a worker from Instead Technologies, faced these difficulties after losing 90% of his vision. His question was the motivation for the development of Egara. An assist handle that easily adapts to traditional poles.

It consists of three ultrasound sensors capable of detecting obstacles 1.70 meters away. A vibration in the wrist strap of the handle will alert the wearer, preventing them from hitting, for example, tree branches.

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OrCam MyEye

help visually impaired people 4

OrCam MyEye

Did you know that there is a device capable of recognizing faces? OrCam MyEye 2.0 is one of the most innovative products in recent years. Easily adapts to the temple of your glasses and no need Wifi connection.

It is a portable device with a small camera and a speaker. It allows to read printed and digital texts. Detects colors and identifies up to 100 faces. An article that will make you more independent and help you see the world differently.

Learn about the fascinating Braille alphabet

Since 1825, having a visual impairment has not been an impediment to reading or writing. Louis Braille created a system of relief dots that remains the most widely used method to this day.

By means of 6 points, 64 different combinations are obtained that are translated into letters, punctuation marks, numbers, among others. You can find it in countless languages ​​with its particularities. In addition, it constitutes a binary numbering system that preceded the rise of computing.

Ferrotouch, a touch screen

help visually impaired people 3

Ferrotouch, a touch screen

Machines that reproduce Braille characters in real time cost thousands of euros. So finding an easier method is a necessary task.

Ferrotouch is a tablet created by Katie Cagen, an engineering student at Harvard University. This device combines a ferrofluid system and electromagnets to recreate braille symbols. In addition, it is capable of representing other patterns such as lines, graphs and complex figures.

Finger reader

help visually impaired people 2

Finger reader

Do you remember when you guided your reading with your finger? Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory built on this practice to create Finger Reader. A 3D ring that recognizes the words you point to with your finger.

If you deviate from the reading line, it emits sound and vibrating signals that will prevent you from skipping a line. A way to help the visually impaired. It must be connected to a computer, but a version for mobile phones is being developed.

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Technology at your fingertips: useful applications on your cell phone

help visually impaired people 1

Tap Tap See App

Technological devices to help the visually impaired are not available to everyone. However, if you have a cell phone, there are many applications that will surprise you. Here is a list with which you cannot miss:

KNFB Reader: This application is capable of reading any printed text using your smartphone’s camera. He doesn’t just read it out loud. Guides the user through vibrations and voice commands to position the camera and get a good capture of the document.

Tap Tap See: If you want to know every detail of your surroundings, a photo is enough. The application describes the photographed object. From the color of a pillow to how many apples are in your fridge. Its image recognition system will help you better understand your environment.

Currency identifiers: Shopping can be difficult if you have a visual impairment. But there are applications that will make you feel more confident in this task. They are able to identify banknotes with great precision. You will now be able to know how much money you have and check the change you receive in the store.

unusual gadgets technology

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How were loudspeakers invented?




How were loudspeakers invented?

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