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Making homemade cheese is easier than you thought



You may think that making cheese is only for large industries and that it is very complicated. Well let me tell you that it is not. Making homemade cheese is much easier than you thought.

I’m going to leave you a recipe so you can try it at home. The result will be a fresh and delicious cheese to your palate.

Very interesting, in case you didn’t know, you are what you eat, get to know yourself better

Ingredients to make homemade cheese

You do not necessarily need to have strainers and special fabrics available for their manufacture, although the use of these culinary instruments does not hurt. For this you need:

  • A liter of fresh milk that is pasteurized, if it is whole, much better. It is nothing more than going to your supermarket and ordering it. If you want to achieve a different flavor, buy it from cow, goat or sheep.
  • 30 ml of lemon juice.

There are other recipes that use lime juice or vinegar, but in this case I bring you a simple one. It is also common to make combinations with yogurt or cream.

it is common to make combinations with yogurt or cream

How to prepare cheese from home?

Follow these simple steps and you can easily make homemade cheese.

  1. If you have a special kit to do it, use it. There are those who have all the means to make them at the factory level, but you you will only need a microwave.
  2. Pour the milk into a container and put it in the microwave and heat it to 800 degrees for 13 minutes. It is intended to reach at least 90 degrees.
  3. Then you must add the acid. Pour the juice, tailored to a cap, into the liquid.
  4. Pour the acid into the boiling milk.
  5. Mix well with a slotted spoon and you will see how the cheese appears. At this point the milk is cut because a liquid part is obtained and a thicker part at the bottom. If it doesn’t look like this, heat it up for another minute or two on the mic.
  6. What corresponds now is a period of 30 minutes of rest at room temperature. When the mix reaches 45 degrees, it’s time to add your personal touch. You can throw:
  1. Salt to taste.
  2. Sugar if you like.
  3. Spices
  4. Dried herbs.
  5. Pour the mixture into the strainer and press a little with a spoon and make sure it releases all the whey. You should have a compact mixture in the strainer.
  6. Put the mold in a container, cover it and put it in the cold for at least 1 hour. The point is for it to cool completely. If you don’t care what shape it takes, you can take it out sooner and do whatever you want with it.
  7. The last step is the most important, eat it!

You should already know that making homemade cheese is very simple and is not just the job of the large food industries. To encourage you to do it, I am going to tell you some of its benefits.

Health benefits of cheese

Besides being delicious, it has many positive aspects if you eat it.

Which? Look:

  • Has all the amino acids your body needs to function properly.
  • It is a rich source of calcium. It is the main element of your teeth and bones. Because of such a mineral, the absorption of proteins in your body is better.
  • Less osteoporosis. Combat this bone disease, due to its high calcium index.
  • Improve your oral health. It reduces the effects of bacteria and stimulates the production of saliva. It is a way to keep your mouth clean naturally.
  • Helps in pregnancy. As a result of the high levels of folic acid, it is very useful at this stage of life.
  • More breast milk. It collaborates in the production of breast milk, so an additional help never hurts.
  • Increased defenses. Helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Better appearance of your skin. Due to the high level of vitamin B, it makes your skin look younger.
  • Premenstrual syndrome. If you have problems at the beginning of your menstruation, cheese helps reduce these effects.
  • Defense Against Cancer. One of the components that cheese has is Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA. This element prevents some types of cancer, specifically colon cancer.
  • More muscle mass. It is rich in protein, which is why athletes use it to increase their body mass. It is a way to gain weight naturally.

You see, go ahead and make homemade cheese.

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Most common uses of cheese in food

cheese bread

It is rich in protein, which is why athletes use it to increase their body mass

If you don’t know how to use cheese in your kitchen, here are some tips. It is widely used due to its versatility and applications. Pay a lot of attention.

Cheese in salads

They fit perfectly with green herbs. And it can be an essential ingredient in sauces and dressings. In this case, the softest ones are used, such as:

  • Fresh
  • Mozzarellas.
  • Burratas.
  • Greek fetta.

Although you should not completely rule out Parmesan or goat.

Cheese for gratin

Those most used here are those rich in fat. Among them:

  • Mozzarella
  • Gorgonzola.
  • Brie.
  • Camembert.
  • Or others that are semi-cured.

The nuances you can get in an oven or microwave are great.

Cheese for pasta, pizzas or rice

It is the lifeblood of Italian food. I’m talking about:

The most used is Parmesan, although they also fit:

  • Gorgonzola.
  • Gruyer.
  • Goat cheese.
  • Idiazábal.

All of them are what give Italian food its world-famous touch.

Cheese with vegetables

It is a good mix for:

  • Cauliflowers
  • Envy
  • Potatoes.
  • Courgettes
  • Eggplants

Cheese for sauces

salsa cheese

Make homemade cheese and use it in the foods you like the most

They are used to provide consistency and flavor to the sauce. These are:

  • Sheep cheese.
  • Gorgonzola.
  • Blue cheeses.

You want a mixture that melts in the heat and creates a kind of liquid cream on the plate.

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Cheese for desserts

It is the area where it is possible that it works best. It makes use of:

  • Its texture.
  • Flavor.
  • Creaminess.
  • Fat concentrations.

They are used in:

  • Mousses.
  • Custards.
  • Creams
  • Feta.
  • Fresh cheese.

You see, you have no time to waste. Make homemade cheese and use it in the foods you like best.

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10 curiosities about dolphins that you did not know 10 curiosities about dolphins that you did not know




Although there is no one in the world who does not know these beautiful marine mammals, there are many curiosities about dolphins that most of us ignore and that is worth knowing.

Dolphins belong to the family Delphinidae of the order Cetacea and they are one of the oldest species on the planet. This is shown by numerous studies, including the one related to find of the fossil of a 4-legged cetacean which was a common ancestor of modern whales and dolphins.

They are mammals as they feed their young with milk produced in the mammary glands of their mothers. They also give birth through childbirth and to the surprise of many he is considered smarter than man and elephant.

But we are going to tell you about some peculiarities of these beautiful marine animals, which among other things, breathe air like we do and need to surface every so often to fill their lungs.

The life of dolphins is always in a group

The life of dolphins is always in a group

Dolphins are group animals with a clear social hierarchy

One of the curiosities about dolphinsI know you did not know is that there are 30 varieties of this species, which make up a world population of approximately 9 million individuals. Added to this is an estimated 2,000 animals that live in zoos, sanctuaries, recovery centers and water parks around the world.

The dolphins live in groups of 15 to 150 animals, within which there is a clear social hierarchy and where mothers, aunts and grandmothers share the care of the young. This likens them to humans, whales, killer whales, and elephants, which are the other higher mammals.

However, up to 500 or more individuals can be found in fish-rich areas, as was the case with a group of 1000 dolphins swimming together off the coast of California, United States.

Curiosities about dolphins: they prefer wateras shallow

Dolphins are present in tropical or temperate waters from shallow to medium depth, where there is a good supply of fish, their main food. For this reason they can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

Some varieties such as the bottlenose can be found from Africa to the American continent and prefer bays and shallow areas where fish tend to concentrate to reproduce.

They use their voice to communicate and get to know the environment

Between the curiosities about the dolphins that stand out the most we have to have a sonar or echolocation system based on screeches, screams and other sounds, which by bouncing allow it to detect fish and objects around it.

But they also use it to communicate with each other, implementing a complex language based on a mixture of sounds in high and low frequency. Each large group of dolphins has been found to speak a different “language” than the others, with a wide range of hisses and noises.

These allow them to exchange complex information between individuals. For example, constantly communicate with each other when hunting in groups or doing surveillance against sharks and other predators.

Curiosities about dolphins: usan tools

Although not common, certain species of dolphins have been seen using sponges taken from the seabed to rub the skin of other individuals and remove parasites.

They are also suspected of being used for medicinal purposes and for play, especially among adolescent or infant dolphins.

They are rational animals

The use of tools and verbal communication are not the only curiosities about dolphins that attract the attention of experts. Various studies have shown that are aware of their individuality and can understand their environment, make logical thoughts and draw conclusions in a given situation.

They can also change their behavior if they perceive that this can help them to relate better with other individuals or to achieve a goal. For this reason, they are considered rational animals endowed with great intelligence at a cognitive and social level.

They sleep in a semi-alert state

Unlike most mammals, dolphins sleep in a semi-alert state that allows them to react quickly to the slightest danger. In 1964 the Bottlenose variety (Tursiops truncatus) was found to sleep with one eye open and the other closed.

Years later, it was discovered that the Pacific white dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) opened and closed one eye when sleeping, but always on the side where the other members of the pod were.

Totally carnivorous

At birth, the baby dolphin feeds exclusively on its mother’s milk, which is very rich in fat. However, when lactation ceases, it begins to hunt fish, mollusks, octopuses and different types of invertebrates, which will be its diet for the rest of its life.

But one of the curiosities about dolphins related to their diet is that their mouth has a large number of teeth, but they do not chew their prey. Instead, they gobble them whole and can easily ingest prey weighing up to 6 kilograms.

They are very sexual animals

dolphin life

Dolphins are very affectionate and sexually active

Dolphins are animals with an intense affective life that is manifested in continuous sexual activities with their partners, but also with group sex or even with individuals of the same gender ..

Additionally, young males both in captivity and in the wild have been known to masturbate regularly, something that has only been seen in man and certain species of primates.

They are harmless to man

Although it is common to find in coastal areas inhabited by man and that can weigh from 80 to 250 kilograms, cases in which wild dolphins have attacked man are very rare.

It is believed that most of these attacks correspond to confusion with potential prey, but when realizing the mistake the dolphin usually leaves the human alone.

However, in the case of captive dolphins, there is a greater number of attacks and experts point out that it corresponds to the high level of stress and a sense of threat in which these mammals live in zoos and dolphinariums.

Regardless of whether these spaces have a pleasant environment, the quality of life of these intelligent mammals is not the same as in the open sea, nor do they enjoy fresh food or the socialization they need to maintain their “sanity”.

In fact, it is known that a captive dolphin rarely exceeds 20 years of lifewhile one in the wild can easily live to be 50 years old.

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Discover the largest cat breeds in the world Discover the largest cat breeds in the world




If you have a feline as a pet, you will surely be interested in knowing the breeds of biggest cats in the world. You will be surprised how big some varieties of our favorite pet can reach.

Although it has not gone through a domestication process as long as dogs, without a doubt the common cat (Felis catus) has also managed to earn a place in our families. For many, a home cannot be complete if it does not have at least one small feline that cheers up the house with its games, or simply with its way of being.

Like dogs, there are numerous breeds of cats today. Some are the product of spontaneous crosses between specimens brought from different parts of the world by migrants.

Others, on the other hand, are the product of the intentional mixing of certain varieties, with the aim of achieving animals with a certain coat, color or size of body and legs.

Here we are not going to talk to you about world’s most developed cat that lives in Australia, but of those races that are characterized by reaching the greatest physical size.

Savannah, Cheetoh and Maine Coon: the largest cats in the world

Savannah, Cheetoh and Maine Coon: the largest cats in the world

The Maine Coon reaches 11 kilograms in weight

With an average weight of 11 kilograms, the Savannah breed holds the record among the biggest cats in the world. However, it is not a common cat but a rare variety obtained by crossing the domestic cat (Felis catus) and the serval cat (Leptailurus serval).

This gives him not only great size and physical strength, but also a beautiful spotted or marbled coat. In addition, it retains many of the wild instincts of the serval cat, so it can be very docile at times, as well as aggressive.

The trafficking of servals and their mixing with cats to sell the young is a big problem all over the world. We recently learned the sad story of a serval hit by a train in France, he is presumed to have escaped from a home.

For its part, the Cheetoh breed was born from the mixture of common spotted cats to achieve a coat similar to an ocelot (American leopard). An adult can weigh 10 kilograms of weight and is very active and elegant when walking.

And the Maine Coon closes this category, which arose in the state of Maine, United States and resembles a mix of cat and raccoon. It can weigh 11 kilos and they are capable of varying their meows and moans like no other species of cat.

More cats of 9 kilos for all tastes

Various races of the biggest cats in the world share They are located in the category of 9 kilos of weight. But the Ragdoll is famous for its long coat, docility and its curious habit of falling asleep quickly in the arms of someone who caresses them.

For its part, the Chausie cat has a wild appearance, like an American puma, with a brown coat without spots and about 9 kilos of weight. It arose from the mixture of several breeds of domestic and wild cats and it is not recommended to have it with children due to its extreme mood swings.

Forest cats

Another cat that shares the 9 kilogram category is the Norwegian Forest Cat, a yellow to light brown cat with faint tiger stripes and long, waterproof fur.

It appears in many Nordic fairy tales and is one of the most popular to mix with humans.

And speaking of ancient species among the biggest cats in the world, highlights the Siberian Forest race. This is the national cat of Russia, weighs 9 kilograms and can withstand the extreme cold of the Siberian steppe thanks to its 3 layers of waterproof fur.

The Highlander breed closes the list of 9 kilos, which reaches this weight because of its strong muscles rather than because of accumulating fat. It is distinguished by its short tail and by having the tips of his ears bent back, besides being very susceptible to stress.

World’s Largest Cat Breeds: The Elegant English Cat

biggest cats in the world

This little kitten can grow up to 8 kilos

Weighing down to 8 kilograms we have the British Shorthair breed, extremely popular in the homes of Great Britain for its good relationship with adults and children .. This breed is distinguished by its physical strength and by having more than 100 combinations of color and spots in her hair.

Another British heavyweight is the British Longhair (British longhair) which can reach 7 kilograms. Its variety of blue color is very popular and it is considered a good hunter and very suitable for living inside a house.

If you have a cat and you don’t know how to know if it “loves you”, we will tell cats show their affection in a different way, but it is easy to recognize them with some information.

What do we have in the 7 kilogram category?

Between the largest cat breeds in the world we have several that average 7 kilos in weight. And of them the monarch is the Selkirk Rex, whose curly hair gives him an appearance that many compare to a Pekingese dog.

Then we have the famous Persian cat, which in this case has varieties that weigh from 4 to 7 kilograms. Its lush, very soft coat and flattened nose distinguish it from other long-haired breeds.

And finally we will mention the famous American Bobtail, a cat that can reach 6 kilos and is characterized by a short tail similar to that of the lynx. In fact, it is related to the bobcat, with which it shares having the hind legs longer than the front ones.

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20 ideas to set up a camp at home with your children 20 ideas to set up a camp at home with your children




Keeping your children entertained during the summer is something that can be complicated, so apply a few simple ideas to set up a camp it can be your salvation.

It may happen that you did not want or could not enroll your children in a summer camp and now you can not find what to do to get the kids distracted. Or work and the economy thwarted your plans to visit the best beaches in Malaga or other beautiful places.

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the risks of leaving home are also something to consider when we talk about the health of your family.

For this reason, we will give you 20 ideas to organize a camp at home and give your children the best summer of their lives.

The infallible sport

ideas to set up a camp

Sport cannot be absent from any summer camp at home

The first of the ideas to set up a camp is to organize some sporting activity that occupies a good part of the morning or afternoon. This includes organizing morning games of soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball or any other that serves to entertain them for at least 2 or 3 hours.

If you don’t know which one to choose, you can check the list of sports that exist in the world. You will be surprised how many things can be done with a simple ball.

To complete the day and lower your adrenaline level, a great idea for a summer camp at home is with an astronomy session on top of your house or in your backyard.

Ideas for setting up a camp in your living room

Another of the top ideas to set up a camp is to organize an afternoon of cinema at home, with a selection of films for the whole family, or a marathon of episodes of your children’s favorite series. A variation can be to improvise a karaoke in your living room, in which each one will demonstrate their talents as a singer.

Spice up your summer camp at home by recording a video with your mobile or a camera that you have on hand. It can be a musical, an exercise routine, or a story based on a script created together.

If you have young children and you can’t go out with them, you will find that something as simple as building a “fortress” in your living room can be a lot of fun for them. Use cushions, sheets, pillows and anything else that can be used to create a structure to play in.

Play races and hide

summer camp at home

The game of hide and seek or “blind man” is very fun for children and adults

If you’re feeling brave and don’t mind if something breaks, don’t hesitate to organize an obstacle course, something that will amuse every child and youth in your family, and even adults who dare to participate.

And since you are at home, you can play hide and seek, another of the best ideas for setting up a camp. Both adults and children can participate and you only need a cloth to blindfold whoever is looking for the others.

To close the day with a flourish, hold a “home theater” session. The trick is to put together a scene in your house where children and adults will participate in a story, with makeup and dresses to give each character more realism.

Summer camp at home: mannuities and board games

Puppet theaters have entertained children for centuries. Create puppets using old socks or scraps of leftover fabric and create a scene with your children

Another simple but fun activity for the summer is putting together a puzzle. Ideally, it should be one of those giant “puzzles” of more than 1,000 pieces, as the whole family can participate in its assembly.

If you’re feeling creative, introduce your kids to principles of origami or origami, the ancient art of making animal figures or objects by folding a sheet of paper. Origami requires patience and precision, but the most important thing is that it also takes time so it is ideal for those long days at home.

Making paper airplanes is another tradition you can include on your to-do list. ideas for organizing a camp. To spice it up, organize a competition to see which plane can fly the furthest.

Creativity for everyone

Riddles are another traditional game that never goes out of style. Each child and adult must choose a character, object or animal and make the others guess which one it is through gestures and mime.

A joke contest is another great family activity, especially when night falls. Each member must show their comic skills and the winner will be the one who arouses the most laughs in the others with their inventiveness.

Something calmer but that will distract the little ones is to put together a book of letters. For this, you just have to draw the letters of the alphabet on sheets or a notebook and place a drawing or photograph of something that begins with each one of them.

Of course, another of the ideas to set up a camp is to create an illustrated story in which the children will take a story and represent it together with drawings or photos of the characters, places and events narrated there.

But if you want a bigger challenge, organize a poetry contest. Each child and adult will have a certain time to write their best poem and read it to others. The winner will be the one who arouses the most applause.

Other activities

If you are in winter and you don’t have ideas to set up a camp, resort to the old trick of the snowball battle. And just so you know, during the summer you can do it too, wearing rolled up socks!

Since children love colors, organize a hand painting session for them. Make sure you have plenty of paper, watercolors or easy-to-wash paints and above all keep away from furniture and walls to avoid accidents.

And finally we have the “pillow fight”, a game in which everyone can participate and where combat skills can be brought out in a very fun way.

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