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Keep hamburger with fries for 24 years; scary result goes viral



In the United States, a video has gone viral showing what happens when a woman save a hamburger with potatoes for 24 years.

This video was uploaded to the TikTok network and went viral because of the way it shows us what a hamburger bought almost two and a half decades ago looks like today.

User Aly Sherb (aly.sherb) filmed her grandmother “presenting on camera” a take-out hamburger and fries she bought in 1996.

Back then most people didn’t care about harmful consequences of fast foods in the population.

Is burger kept for 24 years It was in its original bag, inside a box kept in Aly’s grandmother’s closet.

The old woman details the contents, starting with the paper bag that had an advertisement for the NASCAR car races printed on it and the date of purchase.

He then shows the package of crisps before moving on to show the breads and meat to reveal their status on camera.

You sure think that if someone save a hamburger with potatoes for 24 years I would find it rotten. Well, in this case, it didn’t happen like that!

Keep a hamburger with potatoes 24 years How does it look today?

Keep a hamburger with potatoes 24 years How does it look today?

No one would say that this burger was made 24 years ago

Aly Sherb’s grandmother explained that after buying the order she returned home and there she forgot the package, which for unclear reasons ended up in a box.

After 24 years, this box came to light during a routine cleaning. And there the burger saved for 24 years!

«The fries look like they fell under a seat a month ago and never went bad,» the woman explained.

For its part, the hamburger shows a whole loaf without signs of having cracked or crumbled despite being so many years old.

“The meat has never rotted, and it has not even broken. Everything is completely intact, ”he added.

In reality, no one would believe the story of someone who save a hamburger with potatoes for 24 years, if it weren’t for the date printed on your bag!

The video of the hamburger kept for 24 years goes viral

This video went viral and has received more than 500 thousand “likes” after only 5 days of being published on TikTok.

But it is not the first time that someone save a hamburger with potatoes for years and then the sample almost intact.

In 2013, a young man in the United States revealed images of a hamburger that he had bought seven years earlier, when he was just a teenager, and that still looked edible.

And more famous was the case of the Icelandic Hjortur Smarason, who in October 2009 bought the last hamburger with fries sold by a McDonald ‘store in his country.

Minutes later the chain closed its doors in Iceland forever, affected by several years of economic crisis and low sales.

But Smarason didn’t buy this latest burger as a souvenir, but to see if it was true that McDonald’s products never spoiled.

This is how for three years Smarason save a hamburger with potatoes in its original bag in your home garage.

Seeing that it still looked good, he showed it in various museums in his country, until it ended up in a Thykkvibaer shelter.

The last MacDonald’s burger in Iceland today it is exposed to the public enclosed in a glass case.

In any case, the burger kept for 24 years by grandma from Aly holds, so far, the record for seniority.

McDonald’s justifies the durability of its meals

McDonald's justifies the durability of its meals

The durability of McDonalds’s meals arouses suspicion

The case of the grandmother who keeps a hamburger with potatoes McDonald’s for 24 years and remains pristine sparked many conspiracy theories.

We see this in many of the 12,500 comments received so far on Aly Sherb’s video, with accusations against McDonald’s for the alleged use of chemical preservatives in their meals.

Some claim that these additives are responsible for making hamburgers and potatoes look fresh «like a corpse embalmed in an airtight glass urn would.»

Unfortunately, it seems that there are not many options for most fast food lovers, as it is claimed that the vegan fast food is not that healthy as we could believe.

In 2013 the company tried to overcome unhealthy rumors against its products by claiming that its hamburgers can go bad «like any other» in a humid environment.

«If the environment is dry, the hamburger can dry out and it will take time to decompose,» McDonald’s said.

However, what explanation can this American company give the excellent preservation of a hamburger stored for 24 years?

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