«Joker»: where are the famous stairs of the movie?

Appearing on a movie or television screen can achieve the instant fame of a place hitherto unknown to most. The shooting locations of «Game of Thrones» or the famous blue door of «Notting Hill» (1999), which thousands of tourists continue to make it an essential destination on their visits to London, are well aware. Well, the blissful stairs of this scene are in the High Bridge neighborhood, in the Bronx of New York, specifically between W167 Street and Shakespeare Avenue.

The Bronx, the place where hip hop was born, is now an alternative tourist destination. It is the home of the Yankees baseball team and the famous zoo in New York City. There is even a tour called «New York Contrasts», where they take you to the Yankee Stadium; to Grand Concourse Avenue, with buildings of art deco architecture; as well as to the South Bronx area, where High Bridge is located precisely and, of course, the Joker stairs. South Bronx is worth appreciating the variety and creativity of its graffiti. The tour lasts four hours.

The enormous success of «Joker», which has already raised more than 740 million dollars (665 million euros) worldwide, is making one of its outdoor scenarios already part of posture tourism: long stairs located in the New York. As can be seen in this video shared on Twitter, the area has been filled with visitors who want to take a photo on them to share on their social networks.

The Gotham City of Batman comics has always had a lot of New York, so the American city has been the setting that sets this film by Todd Phillips, in charge of telling the origin of the great enemy of the superhero. In one of the most commented scenes is the one that shows Arthur Fleck, the character played by Joaquin Phoenix, descending these stairs with a jerky dance and already become Joker. Its symbolic load is one of the metaphors of the film, since Fleck uploads them to the beginning of the footage, when he is still a confused citizen who does not find his place in society.

Tags like #jokerstairs or #jokerstairsdancing have become popular in networks like Instagram. Users share their videos on the famous staircase, whose vertical layout is especially convenient for publications on this social network. Some of them come disguised as the character, makeup included. Meanwhile, the residents of the area are surprised by the sudden fame of this point in New York so far bland. «People used to run away from this site», says one of them. People in the area prefer to use other stairs, being less steep, they explained.

Inspired by a 50’s star

Joker’s particular way of moving is the result of the choreographic work of Phoenix. The actor has assured in several interviews to have been inspired by the choreography that the comedian and dancer Ray Bolger performed on television in 1957 from the song «The Old Soft Shoe». «I watched the video. There is a strange arrogance in his movements that I stole from him. He makes that gesture with his chin … Choreographer Michael Arnold showed me a lot of videos and I concentrated on imitating that. That’s the Joker, right?», the actor told the Associated Press during one of his promotional interviews.

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