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Iphone 12 features that will surprise you this 2020



The query in Google “iphone 12 features”Shows 66 million results, showing the great expectation surrounding the launch of the new series of Apple phones.

This is striking considering that the market is still hot with sales of the latest models of the “bitten apple”, the iPhone SE, XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

In fact, thousands of young and not so young people in Spain have run to buy the iPhone SE 2020 model, which combines power and a good price.

But now everyone wants to see in him iPhone 12 features that differentiate it or not from its more successful predecessors.

How is the new design of the iPhone 2020?

In recent days, the models or “mockups” of the four models of the iPhone 2020 which will hit the market this fall.

The models allow to appreciate in the iPhone 12 features
new ones that stand out from the 11 series and its predecessor X series.

What’s more, these changes promise to be the biggest in the iPhone series since the Model X launch in 2017.

At first glance, it is discovered that two models correspond by size to what has been called the mid-range or “entry”.

The other two, larger in size, would correspond to the “Pro” versions intended for the most bulky pockets.

Iphone 12 features like those of an iPad Pro

The models of the new Apple mobiles allow you to see in the iPhone 12 features design very much in the style of the latest iPad Pro.

This includes straight edges with rounded corners, a metal frame, and a set of 4 rear cameras grouped together in a noticeably protruding circular base mount.

For many, it is a design that breaks with traditional styling, as it gives these new mobiles an aggressive look.

In addition, it is clear that Apple abandoned the rounded sides introduced in its line of mobiles since the appearance of the iPhone 6 in 2014.

The iPhone 2020 family brings us a little brother

The analysis of the images of the iPhone 12 models allows us to affirm that three of its versions will have screens similar to those of the 11 series.

This means that they will come in sizes from 6.1 to 6.7 inches diagonally.

But now a smaller model with a 5.4-inch screen is added, which is also supposed to be the one with the lowest price and power.

In any case, the 4 versions of the iPhone 2020 They will use OLED screen technology, called by Apple as “Super Retina Display.”

This guarantees excellent resolution, colors and brightness in all environmental conditions.

The iPhone 12 could appeal to gamers

Another rumor points to the iPhone 12 or new iPhone 2020 it will use the same ProMotion technology found in the iPad Pro.

This technology will increase the speed of redrawing the screen with respect to current models, which is ideal when playing multimedia or enjoying a video game.

For example, the iPad Pro boasts a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

This would place the iPhone 12 not far from the more expensive and new Lenovo Legion, made especially for gamers, which will be released this year.

New position for the SIM card

We can also see in the iPhone 12 features new such as changing the location of the SIM card tray.

Now this tray will be on the left side, below the volume buttons.

In the most recent model, the iPhone 11, the SIM card is inserted into a tray located on the right side, where the power button is located.

Apple premieres the Notch “drop” in the new iPhone 2020

new iPhone 2020

The iPhone 12 brings a smaller notch than that of the X and 11 series

Apple kept the design of clean fronts, without buttons of any kind or borders on the screen of its 11 series.

However, the four new models of the iPhone 2020 they will have a “notch” at the top of the screen smaller than usual.

There the front camera and the FaceID biometric unlocking system will be placed.

This tiny “drop” style notch would demonstrate that Apple managed to reduce its TrueDepth suite to a single lens, saving valuable space on the front of the computer.

How are the Rear cameras?

We see in the images of the models of the iPhone 12 features
new in the set of rear cameras.

The Pro models of the iPhone 12 will feature a 3-sensor system, the two smaller models will use only 2 optics.

But he highlights that the sensors will be mounted on a much more “protruding” base than those of the 11 series.

It is not yet clear what type of sensors and lenses both optical assemblies will use but there is talk that they could incorporate LIAR technology.

A not so punctual launch

Sources close to Apple indicate that their plans are to launch the iPhone 2020 to the market at the end of September.

For that, they must start production of the series at the end of June, something that the Covid-19 outbreak has made difficult.

Much of the components are manufactured in China and this country saw its industry and the movement of international cargo paralyzed by the pandemic.

Therefore, it is certain that the production of the new model will start between the end of July and the beginning of August.

This implies that we will have to wait until the end of October to be able to get hold of one of these new iPhone 12 models.

Technical speculation, in the absence of official information

Technical speculation, in the absence of official information

The 12 series will incorporate 5G connectivity in all its models

In the absence of official information on the technical specifications of the iPhone 2020 It only remains to mention what is speculated and rumored.

All four models are assumed to have the ability to connect to 5G networks, although Apple has said it is in no rush to use it in all its new models.

It is also assumed that they will have the latest A14 processor, developed directly in Cupertino, California.

In addition, it is believed that they will have the new iOS 14 system, the latest version for mobile phones, due out in September.

What is not known is what materials it will use on the outside, although it is estimated that the expensive models will use a metallic body and the mid-range ones will use acrylic.

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Latest advances in artificial intelligence 2020




What is artificial intelligence?

Some have asked this question, but there is always a bit of uncertainty about the answer. However, it is a tool that has emerged to improve life on the planet.

Therefore, we can define it as a scientific field of informatics focused on the design of programs and mechanisms. With what objective? Show behaviors that are considered smart. In other words, machines that analyze like human beings.

Currently there have been many advances in which artificial intelligence is involved. If you want to know the latest on this topic, do not leave without reading this post. There is so much evolution in it that it covers many areas in which you surely move constantly.

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AI in everyday life

artificial intelligence

AI in everyday life

First, let’s talk about simple chores around the house. These can be run with just a smartphone and without being physically at home. Applications of artificial intelligence have been able to engage human capabilities.

The design of digital equipment capable of interconnecting provides an effective experience for users. One of the companies that already implements AI is Samsung. He has set himself the challenge of linking the devices he sells every year and making them smarter.

How does artificial intelligence manifest itself in everyday life?

Very simple and easy to recognize. A clear example is when the refrigerator is able to recommend a recipe based on the ingredients it contains. Or when the oven defines temperature and cooking time for a food according to its preparation. All of them great advances in AI.

Artificial intelligence in robotics


Artificial intelligence in robotics

AI has taken great relevance in the advances of robotics. Multi-year innovations show amazing results. It is already possible for robots to perform small household tasks such as cleaning or cooking something specific. There is still a long way to go, but the future is promising.

Dr. Daniel Lee, an expert in this field, highlights an important point. He comments that the first thing is to provide the necessary intelligence for robots to perceive the environment. The next thing is that they are able to make agile decisions in any type of situation.

Lastly, they need to be dexterous to execute actions. Of course, it is very difficult to foresee the contingencies to which they may be exposed. Therefore, the safest way is for robots to know as humans do. Sounds strange right?

One of the robotics and artificial intelligence centers is said to have developed a neural network. This generates the trajectories of movements for a robot arm with camera images. With this, they could learn to move, touch and grasp present objects that are part of everyday life.

Role of AI in communications


AI in communications

AI has made technology smarter in all aspects. On the other hand, communications have been modernized in recent times. With the appearance of the 5G speed allows platforms to be interconnected in real time.

How can we relate both elements?

Many key applications in artificial intelligence that are used in daily life have been greatly improved. With the increase in performance characteristics of 5G, the picture is shown from another point of view.

We can also add the data sources that are stored in the cloud. This advancement in communications technology has improved security, processing, and load reduction. In addition to generating savings in storage costs.

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Latest Advances in AI in Medicine

AI in medicine

AI in medicine

In medicine we can appreciate the impact of minimal artificial intelligence in two important respects. The first in the diagnosis of doctors and the second in the design of drugs.

Some time ago, American and Chinese researchers developed a system to detect common diseases in infants. To do this, they collected and processed more than 1.3 million records of about 600 thousand patients.

On the other hand, Dr Kang Zhang created his own platform for detecting blindness due to diabetes based on medical images. Therefore, experts say that doctors will not be able to make any diagnosis without using artificial intelligence.

In drug design, chemists and pharmacists rely on molecular properties. They then synthesize the many variables and then check the drugs and their effects. However, AI can vary this expensive and arduous process.

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Artificial intelligence on the way to the future

way to the future

Artificial intelligence on the way to the future

In 2020 we have seen a glimpse of the great advances that artificial intelligence has made. But the reality is this: we are still far from reaching the development that is looming. Other trends that have been worked on and that will improve in 2021 they are:

  • More automated processes in robotics.
  • Text processing (search and analyze).
  • Identification of persons or biometrics.
  • Security or cybersecurity operations.
  • Quality control and management in processes.
  • Predictive analytics as a marketing tool.
  • The internet in connected infrastructures.
  • Artificial intelligence in the digital twins.

artificial intelligence internet technology

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Roomba i7 and its incredible benefits for the home




Robot vacuum cleaners have become popular very quickly since the first prototype in the year. Efficiency and autonomy are elements that have been perfected over time and there is hardly any need to get your hands dirty with housework anymore. The latest in current technology is the Roomba i7, capable not only of cleaning the house, but of empty your tank automatically. Here are some aspects related to this robot.

Here we bring you the latest advances in artificial intelligence 2020

Technical specifications

Roomba i7 1

Technical specifications

The idea of clean yourself it is very tempting. The high-end of autonomous robots and vacuum cleaners is very difficult. Perhaps the most significant detail of the brand is the presence of artificial intelligence. In addition, it uses high-efficiency materials capable of leaving the floor more polished. It is also smart in the face of obstacles on the road.

It was thought to be cunning and fast at the same time. Its skills go much further and it can recognize your house and detect existing dirt. The Roomba i7’s testing ground was a 70-square-meter room, full of hairs on the floor, slippery tiles, shaggy carpets with some dirt and dirt and grass.

Its base is striking and with more volume. As you already know, the most significant thing is the ability you have to empty your tank on your own. It can draw smart maps and its camera is more developed than its predecessor. It is integrated into a set of sensors, so it has more and more precision in capturing information from your home and adapting to the environment is simple.

Smart sensors

The Roomba i7 has a soft touch sensor, which is responsible for making approaches to walls and objects. The optician is dedicated to understanding the charging base and is nothing more than the RCON. Infrared is used to measure the distance to obstacles and ground tracking is similar in operation to optical mouses. The cliff sensor is used to keep track of the presence of steps.

Artificial intelligence

Roomba i7 2

Artificial intelligence

This comes integrated into the processor. It is in charge of making maps and differentiating one space from another. In this way you choose which place to clean and which not. It is possible that he “learns” what your house is like and that each cleaning is easier. It is important that you turn on all the lights in the house and clear the floor to make your process better. If you decide to take it straight out of the box and throw it in to do its homework, it will take several cleaning cycles to figure everything out.

All the information that is captured is sent directly to the SoC, which is where the artificial intelligence algorithms are processed and executed in the Roomba i7. Final decisions can be related to:

  • Draw of obstacles.
  • Route optimization.
  • Recognition of dirty areas.

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High-quality rubber and filter brushes

One of the main features of the Roomba i7 is its brushes. In this case they are the Aeroforce. They are two rubber brushes that adapt to the surfaces, to always be in contact with the carpets or the floor. The result of removing dirt is special and the risks of entanglement are minimal.

Have a suction power that is 10 times higher than the predecessor range. Its central bristle roller is capable of removing a greater amount of grass, hair and dirt in a general way. If you place it on a very thick carpet that you previously cleaned with a sled, I will tell you that the Roomba i7 has been found to make it more shiny.

This filter is highly efficient and more easily retains particles such as pollen and mites, so the exposure to these allergens is less with each cleaning. If you are allergic, throwing away the tank was a problem, but with the Roomba i7 it is no longer difficult.

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Visual location

Roomba i7 3

Roomba i7

It is necessary that the Roomba i7 operate under a certain amount of light. It is not only necessary during cleaning, but also at the initial examination. For this, the camera is used to have a reference to the location of the object and operate based on it. It is advisable to train the Roomba i7 several hours a day in order to adapt to the variations.

future internet technology

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20% more efficient and with new sizes




LG Display is a manufacturer of OLED panels for some of the major TV brands:

  • LG Electronic.
  • Sony.
  • Panasonic.
  • Philips.
  • Vizio.

This company announced that a new season of generating OLED technologies would begin. Its smaller format started at 48 inches and now from 42 and it is possible that 20 and 30 inches will join. The public is still not very clear, but it is what LG Display proposed that it plans to do. Reportedly these new more compact sizes oriented in the sector gaming, so it should not take long for a new generation to emerge for players.

No official announcements have been made yet regarding the new size televisions, but the company intends to strengthen the high-end production line. In addition, he said that he will make a new OLED panel available to the public that could reach 83 inches, and one of the things that worry the most is the price it will have.

You have to know everything about the Roomba i7 and its incredible benefits for the home

New generation of more efficient OLED panels

New generation of OLED panels 2

New generation of OLED panels

The next generation will come under the name OLED evo. Is based on the novelty of the materials used and the layer, which will give you 20% more efficiency. Regarding some details, the brightness will increase and the power consumption will be decreased. Initially, the improvements will arrive in the televisions of the superior ranges and then gradually to the rest, although no official dates have been given.

One of the main characteristics of the company is that it has managed to double its production of OLED panels, exceeding 4.5 million in 2020. This could lead to lower prices for monitors and televisions, although the cost is not yet known. final.

Organic panels

The new types of panels will be organic and geared towards professional players. It is a strategy to bring OLED image quality closer to monitors. They will have a 4K resolution, even being a screen that does not exceed 31 inches. The native contrast would be 1 million to one.

Video and photography editing services are also considered, for which optimum image quality is needed. I can tell you that it covers 99% of the DCI-P3 color space and 99% of the Adobe RGB. They are also KVM-capable, making it easy to control multiple computers simultaneously.

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More options with the new generation of OLED panels

New generation of OLED panels

More options

LG Display makes available to users a largest inch variation to choose from within OLED televisions. They are of the following measures:

  • 42 inches.
  • 48 inches.
  • 55 inches.
  • 65 inches.
  • 77 inches.
  • 83 inches.
  • 88 inches.

One of the main bets of OLED televisions lies in the flexible panels. They offer a better ability to switch between the concept of curved and flat depending on what the user requires. As the company explained, it is aimed at gamers.

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Not just the OLED panel

New generation of OLED 3 panels

LG A9 processor

The new generation of OLED panels is not accompanied by a better monitor, but also by hardware. I’m talking about the implementation of LG A9 processor in its fourth generation. It is capable of improving the image in relation to the initial source, and allows a re-scaling up to 8K content to increase the image quality.

It has artificial intelligence capabilities, which not only affects the image quality but also groups the Al Sound Pro. This system is capable of converting stereo audio into surround sound to increase the experience. In addition, it detects the volume of each channel and adjusts it automatically, thus normalizing the sound of the sessions.

This processor has built-in enhanced smart functions and is compatible with:

  • Magic Remote.
  • Google Assistant.
  • Alexa.
  • It has an area to receive NFC signals.

The new generation of OLED panels reported by LG not only encompasses impressive new enhancements to make the user experience unforgettable, but also the possibilities of reaching more of them with your offerings. Now an OLED panel can be almost portable and offers better versatility when it comes to image and sound quality.

technology screen

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