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How to do a deep facial cleansing: techniques and treatments



A deep facial cleansing restores health to your skin by eliminating impurities that daily washing cannot remove.

Among these difficult-to-remove impurities we have blackheads, comedones, dead skin and others that make the skin lose shine, freshness and youth.

The pores are the area that should be attended the most in a facial cleansing, since it depends on them that the skin can expel waste, fat and pollutants that have entered the layers of the epidermis by the action of the environment.

A skin cleansing helps skin breathe again and at the same time stimulates blood circulation and the production of reticulin, elastin and collagen, which are substances that maintain the flexibility, resistance and softness of the epidermis.

In addition, clean skin absorbs better the nourishing and moisturizing products you use to stop the effects of aging, such as wrinkles, or to keep it fresh in very dry or saline places, such as beach areas.

Why should I get a deep facial cleansing?

The deep facial cleansing is different than basic superficial cleansing that you apply daily when bathing in the morning and removing make-up in the afternoon or evening.

If you want to keep your face flawless, skin cleansing should be done once a month and leave it in the hands of a specialist who knows how to apply the best techniques and products to unclog pores and remove dead cells.

But what if you don’t have time to go to a specialist? Well, don’t worry, you can also do a deep facial cleaning at home, following a few simple steps.

But before continuing, if you are over 35 you should consider applying a daily skin and hair care routine for mature women, which will help you look young for a long time.

Steps to doing a professional-level skin cleanse

Steps to doing a professional-level skin cleanse

Try to do a deep cleaning once a month

The first step to a deep facial is completely remove any trace of makeup or dirt of your face.

For this you must use a liquid or gel cleanser adapted to your skin type, which you will then remove with plenty of water.

Once this is done, we will go to the process of exfoliation to remove dead cells and blackheads using an exfoliating product, which you should rub gently.

This product usually contains small metallic or mineral particles with abrasive qualities, which when rubbed against the skin, detach the dead skin and soften imperfections, giving it a softer and smoother appearance.

He scrub for deep facial cleansing should only be used on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, applying it with gentle but continuous circular massages.

The Great Skin Cleansing Trick: Use A Steamer!

Your skin cleansing will be more complete when you move to the vaporization phase, one of the tricks professionals use to ensure a deep facial cleansing.

The objective is to apply steam so that the pores open to the maximum and expel the impurities contained in the deep layers of the skin.

In addition, the open pores will help the hydrating and nourishing products that you will use later to penetrate better.

This vaporization usually requires the use of equipment that heats water mixed with extracts such as lavender and eucalyptus and “releases” the steam on your face.

In recent times the facial ozone therapy, using equipment that combines steam and ozone for a better skin cleansing.

Extract pimples and comedones

Now that your pores are fully open from vaporization, we move on to the stage of deep facial cleansing where we will eliminate comedones, pimples and blackheads.

Undoubtedly, this is the key point of any deep facial cleansing process and even the “cleanest” skin can have many impurities contained in the pores.

Apply gentle pressure with your fingers to the areas around the blackhead, forcing it out of the pore, and wipe it up right away with a disposable towel.

It is important that you use disposable gloves and towels when removing blackheads and cleaning them, as these are usually high in bacteria.

The mask, the ally of a beautiful skin

Once your pores have been freed of all types of fat, blackheads or any deep dirt, a mask should be applied.

Its objective is to provide the skin with minerals and vitamins that stimulate cell regeneration, hydration and good blood circulation.

These masks are available for each type of skin and once applied they are left to act for 20 minutes and then they are removed with warm water.

If you prefer you can remove the mask using chamomile extract in the water to deflate the skin and refresh it.

You should also be careful when buying the mask, as not all beauty products are always safe and you must make sure that it is harmful to your skin.

Tone and hydrate your skin

skin cleansing products

Regularly use moisturizers tailored to your skin type

It is certain that after removing the mask, you will feel that your skin has been very clean but is a bit sensitive and your pores are still very open.

To correct thisYou should use a tonic that helps close the pores and return the natural PH to the skin.

This toner is usually a liquid product that is applied with a cotton ball with a gentle massage all over the face.

Then we go to final stage of deep facial cleansing, in which you will hydrate your face with a cream to restore elasticity and avoid any possible dryness due to exfoliation and the application of the toner.

There are all kinds of moisturizers, but try to use one suitable for your skin type, that is, for dry, oily or normal skin, depending on your case.

Remember that each type of skin has its own moisture characteristics and you should use products that do not alter your natural chemical balance.

Tips for everyday life

You can buy pore sealing equipment, which uses ultrasound pulses to close the pores and stimulate the muscles under the skin.

This has a “tightening effect” and decongestant on the blood vessels.

Also, remember that it is useless to deeply clean your skin if you are going to neglect it later by exposing yourself to the Sun and natural elements without any type of protection.

Remember to use sunscreen when going outside, especially during the summer, and clean your face in the morning and at night, without exception.

You should also review your diet to eliminate excessively greasy foods, such as butter and certain dairy products or with excess sugar, which affect the appearance of blackheads and acne.

Hydration is another point that you should not neglect. Try to drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water a day and use moisturizers on your face and body.

Of course, as we mentioned before, the ideal is get a deep skin cleanse once a month.

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The tips you need to start running in 2021




Staying in shape is a very common concern in people today. It not only helps you in health but in creating and building impressive internal strength and endurance. Therefore, starting to run in this new year 2021 that begins should be one of your priorities. It is a very complete exercise that gives great results on your body. Here are some tips to start running.

We show you everything about going for a run. How to make it a habit?

Starts off soft

start running 1

Starts off soft

You may be a beginner on the subject and cannot take long walks or all in one session. An excellent idea is to divide them into short periods in which walk and run alternately so you can catch your breath a little. After you’ve been doing this routine for a while, you can increase your running periods and decrease your walking periods.

At the beginning an appropriate time is to run 2 minutes and walk the same amount of time. Slowly increase your running time by 1 minute at a time. Keep going until you no longer need to downshift and you can do it without stopping. A good tip to start running is to do it naturally and not have high expectations from the first time.

Progressively increase the pace

Starting a racing routine requires a adaptation period by the body. If you start too fast, your stress levels and demands go up too high. So a good advice to start running is to do it slowly in an increasing direction. A beginner’s mistake is to do it very fast at the beginning, and this is paid within a few minutes.

The most common thing when this happens to you is a great discouragement. It is not for less, but it is because you did not do it in the correct way. What I suggest is that you do your first runs at a moderate pace. If you don’t know how much it is, I tell you that it is the step in which you can have a conversation. If you see your strength going down, keep the same rhythm, it’s a matter of getting used to your new lifestyle. The results will be seen in the long term.

We present the benefits of running for health

Recovery of the body

start running 2

Body recovery

If your first race was excellent and you are ready to do another one, be careful. Your body needs to recover and rest. There are new demands cardiovascular to which your body is not adapted and your muscles suffer a new fatigue shock. Make a training program that also packs in recovery time. This is good for newbies and large number of injuries are avoided.

Short steps

To start running is to take on a sport that is very demanding. It is clear that you probably do not have the proper technique to do it and that the trot you have is a bit rough and you use more energy than you should. Over time your body becomes coordinated to perform better with each sequence of movements as the distance progresses. A good tip is to do it in a relaxed way and with short and easy steps.

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The right surface

start running 3

The right surface

A common question is where to start running. That depends on the type of training:

  • On the highway. It is the best to run faster, but x the hardness is possible there are twisting machines. This is because the pavement does not absorb much the impact of the steps. It is only recommended for those who are light and in good shape.
  • Park or forest. It’s a bit soft, but it provides adequate cushioning. The danger of injury is increased by the presence of roots, stones and certain irregularities, so you must be careful with that.
  • Sand. It is ideal for training your muscles, because you have to lift your feet. It can be a strain on your body if you are a beginner or have never done it this way.
  • Tartan. It is the synthetic surface of professional athletic tracks. This surface is elastic, but has the disadvantage that it makes the Achilles tendon work a lot.
  • Treadmill. One of the great advantages is that you can have one at home. It provides good cushioning, but be careful, as it is the ground below you that is moving.

athletics racing sports

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Extreme glacier surfing on ice, don’t miss it




Surfing is one of the best known sports worldwide and it is classified within the category of extreme sports. Not everyone can practice it as mastering it is so difficult that it takes years of experience and discipline. This sport It is carried out in the marine waters with the help of the strong wavesAlthough a group of young people did extreme glacier surfing on ice. If you want to know what it is and how it all happened, don’t miss this post.

We invite you to know the tips you need to start running in 2021

What is surfing?

Extreme glacier surfing 3


Surfing is a fairly old water sport. Its origins date back more than 500 years to the Polynesia Island. Years later these customs moved to Hawaii where it became popular. In the beginning, surfing was practiced without a board, only using the body, which made it even more extreme. Once introduced in America the table was incorporated.

The surfboards were solid wood so that it could resist the strong blows of the waves. In the 60s, surfing began to become popular in other countries of the world such as Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and in some Asian countries.

How is surfing practiced and what are its main techniques?

Main techniques

Main techniques

Surfing is a fairly complex sport in itself and has several variants depending on the type of board, techniques and maneuvers. For example, depending on the type of table, it can be classified into:

  • Short board: It is also known as a shortboard. The short boards range in size from 1.5 meters to 2 meters. Although apparently they are easier to maneuver on big waves, They lose a bit of balance and stability relative to other types of boards. This type of board is recommended to be used especially in large waves since in small and medium waves, as there is not so much speed, the practitioner tends to lose balance on it more easily. Regarding buoyancy, it loses a bit of points, although, as in the previous case, in big waves the difference is not noticeable.
  • Medium board: It is also known as a funboard. Its dimensions can vary between 2 meters and 2 with 75 cm. They are the most common in the world since they are used most frequently. Skills and maneuvers are easy to do regardless of the size of the wave, in this regard medium boards are quite flexible. For beginners, medium boards are the most recommended as it is the perfect fusion of stability and maneuverability.
  • Long boards: Above 2.75 meters, surfboards are classified as long. They can also be known in some countries as a longboard; its meaning in English. They are the most current tables and They are off-road, they pass all kinds of waves regardless of its size or aggressiveness.

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Top surfing skills

Top surfing skills

Top surfing skills

This sport has a series of basic skills on the board that not everyone can fully master. Here we show you some of it:

  • Stand: Standing on the board is the first and the most important of all movements. Once you get the hang of this, everything else will be a little less complicated.
  • The Duck: Doing the duck move is not entirely easy. Consists in sink the back of the board to propel yourself forward and reach a higher speed.
  • Riding the wave: One of the most popular maneuvers in surfing is riding the wave. Only the experienced ones manage to do it since it is dangerous for the amateurs.

Extreme glacier surfing

Extreme Glacier Surf 2

Extreme glacier surfing

Another of the apparent modalities of this sport is extreme glacier surfing. Although not official, a group of intrepid young men seem to enjoy it quite a bit. This really is very dangerous and those who practice it say that it has been the most exciting and scary experience of their life.

Learn more about asphalt sledding, a sport only for the most daring

How do you practice glacier ice surfing?

Extreme glacier surfing 6

Glacier surfing on ice

Although there are no gigantic waves to ride at the poles, landslides of glaciers often do occur. The avalanches of ice and snow that they produce are very similar to those of the sea. A few years ago this was just a fantasy and at the same time crazy, although it came true for the two best surfers in the world in 2007.

They became the first men to practice this extreme sport and perhaps their feat can never be surpassed with heights of 7 meters like them. In statements they made to the press, they indicated that they would never do it again since the water was extremely cold and huge blocks of ice were constantly falling beside him that could have struck him to death.

Amazing huh? Would you dare to practice glacier surfing?

extreme sport sports exercise

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Unique rivalry between soccer and badminton in Asian countries




Sport is a physical activity spread throughout the world as a profession, entertainment for the public or as a personal hobby. There are many types of sport, some being more popular than others. In Asia, for example, table tennis, badminton, soccer, and martial arts are popular.

Lately there has been a certain rivalry between football and badminton in terms of fame and notoriety in the Asian giant, since more and more people practice each of these sports.

Find out here the tips you need to start running in 2021

Rivalry between soccer and badminton. Qualities of each sport




Badminton is a sport that emerged in India. It was originally named after the city where it began to be played: Poona (located in the western state of Maharashtra). In 1873 it began to circulate in England. It was until 2015 as a non-regulated sport due to the lack of regulations. From then on his practice began on the rise.

To practice it requires the use of a racket and a projectile with inserted feathers (called shuttlecock, feather or cock). Players must hit the shuttlecock with their rackets so that it crosses the net and reaches their opponent. The projectile can only be hit once and the point ends when it hits the ground.

Asia has excellent badminton players (Yu Yang, Du Jing, Lin Dan and Chen Long, etc). Europe has also begun to have them, with the Spanish Carolina Marín standing out.

Some records in Badminton

Badminton is currently considered the fastest racket sport in the world. Some of his records in speed are:

  • Men’s double, fastest finish (332 km / h): Fu Haifeng (China)
  • Men’s individual, fastest finish (298 km / h): Kenneth Jonassen (Denmark)
  • Women’s individual, fastest finish (257 km / h): Huang Sui (China)




Soccer emerged in the Middle Ages, in the British Isles and surrounding areas. It is a sport that is played with a spherical ball, where two teams compete to fit it into their opponent’s goal.

The first official match was played between Scotland and England in 1872. The boom that began to take time later led to the creation of the FIFA (International Football Federation) on May 21, 1904.

Specifically in Asia, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) was founded in 1954 and its cup is the second oldest continental football competition in the world. China and Japan have been the powers that have wanted to grow in this sense, drawing on major European leagues (mainly Spanish League).

Numerous star footballers and coaches have been recruited by the Asian giant, specifically China, who have determined to turn their Super League into one of the most powerful and popular in the world.

As a result of all this, soccer in Asia has become a powerful investment in sports fame and many players have begun to stand out (Example: Son Heung Min)

Some records in football

Soccer is considered by many to be the “beautiful sport” par excellence due to its magnificent players:

  • Most international goals (109): Ali Daei
  • Most Active Player with the Most Ballon d’Or (6): Lionel Messi
  • All-time top scorer in the Champions League (135): Cristiano Ronaldo

We show you the 10 funniest soccer goals

Rivalry between soccer and badminton. Requirements of each sport

rivalry between Soccer and Badminton 1

Soccer vs. badminton

Both soccer and badminton are sports of a lot of effort and dedication. Among some of the requirements that each of these sports needs, we have:

  • Soccer requires traveling long distances; badminton demands moving agile and fast in all directions
  • Soccer takes the coordination of 11 players; badminton requires two or one skill
  • Soccer demands skills with the ball and speed and dexterity on the part of the player; badminton requires good reflexes and excellent shooting precision and strength, as well as aerobic endurance.
  • Soccer mostly localizes the strength in the legs; badminton confines it primarily to the hands
  • Both sports demand optimal physical conditions on the part of the athlete and speed and endurance.

Rivalry between soccer and badminton. Mix of skills from these sports

Sepak Takraw is a sport that has recently taken a high profile in Asia. Combine skills from various sports, such as volleyball, martial arts, soccer, and badminton. The used ball can only be touched using only the feet, knees, chest and head. It requires great precision, skill, flexibility, good reflexes and quick response.

Advantages of practicing soccer

rivalry between Soccer and Badminton 2

Encourage teamwork

Among the many benefits of playing soccer we can mention:

  • Improves aerobic capacity
  • Improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength
  • Increases cognitive function of the brain
  • Reduce body fat
  • Improve coordination
  • Encourage teamwork

Advantages of practicing badminton

rivalry between Soccer and Badminton 1

It teaches you to generate quick responses

Badminton generates great benefits such as:

  • Tones the muscles of the body
  • It teaches you to generate quick responses
  • Improve reflexes
  • Increase coordination and agility in your body
  • Encourage teamwork and self-confidence

Both soccer and badminton are popular, eye-catching sports that generate multiple benefits for human health.

Soccer is a very widespread sport and followed by the whole world (with more than 1002 million practitioners), however, badminton, although it is more typical and popular in Asia, has reached a considerable number of practitioners worldwide ( more than 200 million practitioners). Both sports are surpassed by swimming, which remains the most practiced sport in the world (more than 1500 million practitioners).

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