Google will invest 3,000 million euros in data centers in Europe and reinforces its commitment to renewables

The Mountain View giant faces an important expansionary movement that will involve the investment of a total of 3,000 million dollars in Europe over the next two years, a huge amount for many companies, but a “minutia” for a company of the caliber of Google. To get an idea of the importance of this type of action, it is enough to remember that so far Google has invested about 15,000 million euros in data centers in Europe, and has generated about 13,000 jobs. The company also has other data centers located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Investment in Europe and in renewables…

Pichai explained in the official announcement how Google will invest an additional 600 million euros next year in its data center in Hamina, Finland, which will make the total investment in that center to 2,000 million euros. For Pichai this data center represents an important engine of growth and opportunities. It also serves as a model of sustainability and energy efficiency for all their data centers.

Google data centers are critical when offering their extensive catalog of web services, and that investment will theoretically improve that infrastructure and have more room for maneuver for Google service users in Europe to access these platforms in a faster and more efficient way. These facilities are nonetheless large energy consumers, which makes the second part of the Google ad important. The launch of 10 renewable energy projects will cause Google to create infrastructure worth nearly 1,000 million euros in the European Union, Pichai said.

The recent purchase of renewable energy that Pichai himself announced, 1,600 MW – will “increase our global portfolio of agreements on solar and wind energy by more than 40% to 5,500 MW, equivalent to the capacity of one million solar roofs”. This effort is part of Google’s goal of achieving zero emissions by 2030, a trend that other big techs are also pursuing. Amazon did it recently for example with the announcement of the purchase of a fleet of 100,000 electric vehicles.

According to the executive, the company will produce 800 MW of renewable energy in Europe, a very ambitious goal that has been possible after the closure of a series of agreements that group a total of ten new projects: five solar energy fields in Denmark, two wind power facilities in Sweden, two in Finland and another in Belgium.

The announcement comes with Google and other major technology involved in a series of investigations by the European Union and countries such as France, which reached a recent agreement with the company to pay 965 million euros in unpaid taxes. The company has tried to take measures to avoid future sanctions against accusations of anticompetitive practices that came out very expensive a year ago.

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