Formula 1 Grand Prix in China threatened by Coronavirus crisis.

Formula 1 China

The Chinese Grand Prix is a round track which is part of Formula One World Championship. Currently, it is held at the Shanghai International Circuit, Jiading, Shanghai. The original design belongs to Hermann Tilke. Completed in 2004 it held the title of the most expensive Formula One circuit facility. It cost US$240 million. In 2009, Abu Dhabi took this title and became the most expensive at US$6 billion.

The length of the track is 5.451 km. This facility features one of the trickiest corner combinations on the Formula One calendar. It is only comparable to that of Istanbul Park’s turn 8; also designed by Tilke.

Turns 1 and 2 are one of the most difficult combinations and very demanding. They are 270-degree, right-handed corner combination that requires considerable speed; in addition, they require a significant radius increase as the corner progresses

Today’s Situation of the Chinese Grand Prix

The suspension of the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix, almost immediately after he Indoor Athletics World Championship suspension, highlights the importance of the crisis.

Formula 1 couldn’t admit the threat that hits Shanghai, 800 kilometers east of Wuhan. Because of this, authorities canceled the Chinese GP, fourth test in the World Cup 2020. The 44,000 cases diagnosed with the coronavirus, include almost 1,100 deaths. This crisis eventually convinced Liberty Media, to now solve the puzzle of its tight 2020 calendar.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the F 1 accepted yesterday the promoters of the Chinese Grand Prix request. They aim to ensure the health and integrity of all involved, which remains their main concern. A compelling argument to postpone a grand prize that added 16 consecutive editions since its incorporation in 2004. “Fitting the race will now be a challenge, ” admitted Chase Carey, Liberty Leader. He remains overwhelmed by the rush just one month before the start of the World Championship. This is taking place next March 15 in Melbourne Australia. Not even the power of seduction of the Great Motoring Circus has been able to impose itself on sanitary preventions. Unfortunately they require a postponed appointment initially scheduled for April 19, 2020.

 “We are still waiting”

A few days ago, the virus had also hit the Indoor Athletics World Cup. This event was due to start on March 13, 2020 in Nanjing; and now got postponed for the next year 2021. A tremendous setback for this star sport of the Games, which starts on July 24, 2020, in Tokyo.

At this stage, it is impossible to rule out any incident or problem in this matter, which is more serious in the Olympic event. ” For the moment, the Games safe“; the vice president of the IOC, said as much during an event in the city of Barcelona . So far only the winter games got suspended but they are still waiting to see how the situation unfolds.

On the side of the Olympic certamen, is important to mention the problems experienced during the Asian Champions League. Also, the fact that the China Golf Open transferred to Indonesia. The Ski World Cup changed its venue and the Tour of Hainan during the UCI ProSeries cancellation is another example.

Chinese Grand Prix canceled
Chinese Grand Prix canceled

Since Bahrain 2011

In the motor world, the Sanya GP, which is an appointment of the Electric Formula scheduled for March 21, 2020; was also canceled. However, the 10 major awards in the outstanding electrical category up until July don’t resemble the urgencies of Formula 1; which in 2020 had predicted a record 22 Grand Prix.

Nine years after the Arab Spring uprisings erased the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix; ​​Liberty must face a demanding challenge that will test its organizational and logistical reflexes as an Organizing Company. And the relocation of Shanghai is a tremendous headache in the middle of the 2020 Formula 1 calendar.

Eliminating April 19 implies a four-weekend void between the Gran Prix of Vietnam; which opens in Hanoi on April 5, and the Grand Prix of Holland. Its expected return to the World Cup will take place on 5 May in Zandvoort. The inevitable overload will move to the second half of the world championship. After the return of the Belgium Grand Prix holiday are no less than nine races in 14 weeks. The escudery, already refused to truncate the August holidays; and also does not want to hear about a World Cup closing in December, after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Vietnam faces the same fate.

The Vietnamese capital city Hanoi is very close to the China-Vietnam border. Because of this, the Vietnamese Grand Prix might face the same fate. Said event, is scheduled to take place two weeks before the event in China.

Te date for the first edition of the Grand Prix in Vietnam is April 5. And, for now, it is expected to continue its due course. However, if the coronavirus persists in affecting China’s neighboring countries the F1 panel will have to make a decision.

Authorities are actively monitoring the situation as it develops. For now, they don’t anticipate any significant impact on the April event.

A recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China has left 567 dead and over 28,000 infected. Because of these numbers, Chinese President Xi Jinping calls it a “devil virus”. This virus has also spread to several other countries including neighboring Vietnam.

Today authorities in Vietnam confirmed two new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total cases in the country to 12.

For many fans, this means that the Grand Prix in Hanoi could follow suit of the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. This event is already in serious danger of being canceled.

Ross Brawn, F1 motorsport chief is optimistic that the event in China could be carried out yet he admitted that the situation was very difficult.

Grand Prix 2020 seriously affected by Coronavirus psychosis.

March 15 is the date on which the great circus should start. The first race should be in Australia. This epidemic outburst raises the possibility of suspending the first three races. They are set to be in Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam. This situation postpones the Start of the championship until May 3 in the Dutch GP. The risk of contagion has set a red flag on everyone involved in the championship. The Chinese GP in Shanghai is already postponed without a date.

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