Find the fragrance that you will use for the rest of your life

Imagine that you want to choose only one perfume to use always. The problem is that choosing one fragrance is almost impossible. There are millions in the market, they all smell delicious and have super nice bottles. But, you don’t have to worry, because Guerlain did all the work for you and will help you achieve it in 15 minutes. How it sounds. In Mexico, in the Boutique Parfumeur de Guerlain (the one in El Palacio de Hierro Perisur) they have a whole team of experts that will help you find your signature scent. All this is done based on your personality, tastes and olfactory preferences. So that you do not arrive totally lost, we tell you the step by step.

A little about you …

First of all, they will ask about you and your past. From the place you like best in your home to your favorite food. All this is to discover your olfactory memory and the aromas that have always fascinated you and represent you.

Select the family of notes

You start with 4 basic notes and order them depending on how much you liked them. From this they take you to a wall where there are more than 50 notes. But don’t worry, because the expert already has a number of specific options for you to smell and reorder depending on how much you liked them.

Narrow the options

The expert will tell you about the notes you selected and will show you the perfumes of the house that not only go with your personality, but also with your tastes and olfactory memory. Once again, you reduce the number of options depending on which one you like the most until you reach the final one.

Customize every detail

When you have finally found the fragrance of your life, you can select the color of the bottle you prefer, record it with your initials (or a message you like) and even change the bar, taking personalization to the maximum.

Fill in

You do not need to remember the name every time you go to buy your fragrance, since all the data is in the system. But we definitely recommend you take the empty bottle to refill it and reduce the environmental impact of the product. That’s right, Guerlain is eco-friendly.

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