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Find out what kind of smile you have and its meaning



Each person smiles differently from others and the way they smile says a lot about their personality, as evidenced by studies on the type of smile and its meaning.

Like the eyes and hands, not only the words that come out of our mouth serve to communicate what we think and feel. Also the way we smile, or stop smiling, says a lot about our state of mind and way of feeling.

Together, our smile and facial gestures can speak louder than words that we pronounce. The problem is that most of us have not learned to read these messages.

Meet the meaning of smile and find out how many types there are. But before, you can know some funny things about laughter that will surprise you.

Meaning of distant smile and tight smile

The first is also known as the “distance” smile. It refers to one that transmits a certain joy in a situation, but without giving rise to any rapprochement or empathy with the other person.

In fact, it is accompanied by a head tilt gesture, which is not shown in front of the other person. It is not very difficult to understand that it is a fake gesture and it is even widely used by TV artists.

Know the types of smile

East type of smile and its meaning It can be defined as “smile for education”, when we want to appear courteous even if we do not feel any joy or emotion in front of a person or comment.

For its part, in a tight smile the lips stretch a lot, but remain tightly closed, without revealing the teeth. People say that is a suppressed smile, widely used at times when you want to hide the reaction to a joke or compromising situation.

For this reason, we usually use it to avoid openly showing that we are amused by something that may be a mockery to others.

Smile type and its meaning: ironic vs duchenne

Smile type and its meaning: ironic vs Duchenne

The Duchenne smile is the one that best reflects our joy

East type of smile and its meaning It is explained with the term “ironic” and consists of a gesture in which we only stretch one side of the mouth.

It is often used to silently express your dislike or even contemptuous mockery at something that you find not funny or in bad taste.

Other times we use it when talking to someone we do not like, or consider inferior, as a non-verbal way of letting them understand that we are already tired of their presence.

But in opposition we have the “Duchenne” smile denoting genuine joy or amusement before a situation or joke. Here the muscles of the corners of the lips are contracted to the maximum, showing a wide arch that reveals the entire teeth.

The cheeks also rise as the orbital muscles contract, so that the face denotes an undoubted expression of joy. This is the characteristic smile of the oldest woman in the world.

Closed-lipped smile and sarcastic smile

type of smile and its meaning

The closed-lipped smile is also called a “polite smile”

The closed-lipped smile resembles the distant smile, but in this case with the face facing the other person or group. For this reason it does not denote antipathy, but rather that you want to keep your emotions to something funny, generally for reasons of “composure” or etiquette.

We also tend to use a closed-lipped smile many times when we are alone and we remember something funny.

As for the sarcastic, this type of smile and its meaning It is more difficult to recognize, but is often used to show dislike in a “polite” way to something or someone that we do not like.

It is recognized because the lips are slightly stretched, but the rest of the face maintains a rigid expression and we “roll” our eyes, as a sign of displeasure or annoyance.

It is the most used form of non-verbal expression for tell someone “leave me alone” when we no longer want to continue talking.

The mocking smile vs the open smile

He meaning of smile mocking is easy to recognize because it is a clearer form of the sarcastic smile, raising the muscles on one side of the mouth more than the other.

Although it seems like a wide smile, the eyes and the rest of the face maintain a cold attitude, which shows that it is a mocking smile towards the other person.

But unlike this, the open smile is used to please the other person in a polite way, but without much emotion on the part of the person who does it.

The lips are stretched to the maximum and reveal the teeth, but the rest of the face remains relaxed or expressionless. Is very used by those who have to interact with the public or customers and they need to earn their trust, even if they don’t like them.

For many, it is a kind of fake smile Without bad intention.

Smile forced or “of Botox

Finally, we come to a type of smile and its meaning You will easily recognize many famous people on TV who have undergone rejuvenating treatments.

The botox paralyzes the facial muscles and therefore much of the normal expressiveness of the face is lost. When you smile, it takes a lot to show the true degree of joy you feel.

This term also applies to the smile we use when we must show “joy” at something we do not like, so we have to do more to smile in a credible way.

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States of fruits and their benefits for your health




We all love fruits, they are also very rich and full of nutrients, they are a fundamental element in any diet. It turns out that these delicacies are composed of several vitamins and minerals, on the other hand, they contain fibers that allow us to care for and strengthen the cells and tissues that our body is composed of. If you want to know how to eat fruits and in what states you should do it to obtain the benefits of these, in this article you will find the answers.

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Green state of fruits

Fruit states 1

Green state of fruits

As the first ripening cycle of each fruit is the green state, it occurs when there is little ripening. In this state, the flavor of the fruit is not at all delicious and provides almost no nutrients for health. Being unappetizing, fruits in this state could be indigestible for multiple reasons. So be careful if you eat green fruits, some can be harmful to health, make us feel bad or cause indigestion.

Ripe state of fruits

Followed by the green state, there is the ripe one, this appears when the fruit is in the middle of its ripening cycle. This is when you want to eat a fruit, because of its delicious flavor, it also provides many nutrients for health such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. The amounts of nutrients vary depending on the fruit you eat, but the truth is that it is in the best state to consume.

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Very ripe state of the fruits

Fruit states 2

Very ripe state of the fruits

Although eating the fruit when it is ripe is delicious for many to eat it very ripe, it is even more so. Due to the accumulation of fructose, the fruit acquires a more exquisite flavor, being this sweeter. It is worth noting that when the fruit is very ripe, the level of nutrients decreases considerably by pouring out the vitamins a little, provided that we compare it with the previous state. But, although it does not have as many nutrients, it is in this state when it is richest in fiber.

Which state of the fruits is the best

If you want to obtain the best benefits when consuming fruits, choosing the best state is very important. With all of the above, it is worth noting that fruits can be eaten best when they are ripe, because they provide a large amount of nutrients and their flavor is very delicious. But the most important thing is that you always include them in your diet and that their health benefits are much better.

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Health benefits of consuming fruits

Fruit states

Health benefits of consuming fruits

If we have already analyzed in what state it is better to eat fruits to obtain the greatest amount of nutrients possible, it is also important to highlight the benefits that these have for health. These are:

  • They are low in fat and calories.
  • They contain water for the hydration of the organism.
  • They are rich in fiber.
  • They are considered refreshing and natural foods.
  • They do not have cholesterol.
  • You can find them all year round.
  • They avoid obesity and being overweight.
  • They give a feeling of fullness after eating them.
  • They can accompany any type of food.
  • They help you take advantage of the nutrients in other foods.

Vitamins and nutrients in fruits

All fruit has a high amount of vitamins and nutrients, hence the importance of including them in the daily diet, but what are these:

Vitamin C

  • The vitamin C It is present in fruits such as orange, lemon and others. Almost all citrus.

Vitamin A

  • If you want to show off wonderful skin, you can find the vitamin A you need if you eat grapes and watermelons.


  • This regulates pressure and strengthens the muscles of the body, for this you must eat bananas and kiwis.


  • These are present in all fruits such as apples, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, bananas and others, they lower cholesterol and help control diabetes.

Always eat fruits your body and your health will thank you.

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What is hypoglycemia and why is its mortality so high?




Over the years, we all become witnesses to the great advances and evolution of medicine. More and more diseases and of course treatments for them are disclosed.

Some, such as cancer for example, remain a great mystery, as is the recent pathology that we know as Coronavirus. However, by paying more attention to some than to others, we tend to go unnoticed some that, however simple they may seem, are very dangerous.

Many can be mentioned, but in this article we will talk about a specific affectation of the organism, hypoglycemia. It’s more common than you think and maybe you experienced it sometime in your life and you didn’t even know it.

Hence the importance of knowing in depth everything that is related to it. That is why here you will know what hypoglycemia is, the main symptoms it manifests and why it is capable of causing death.

What is hypoglycemia?

The human body has a very meticulous design in which the sizes, quantities and more, are well detailed. That is, there are parameters that cannot be violated because otherwise the consequences could be fatal.

We would be in an emergency case, more or less serious depending on the case, if the predetermined reference values ​​will vary. Hypoglycemia is a vivid example of what was previously said.

It is defined as being an affection to the organism that is due to low blood sugar or glucose levels. You say, how can it be so serious that a little of said substance is lacking? Well the answer is simple.

This compound is the main source of energy for the human body, so being in less quantities, you will surely feel it. It is true that it is usually seen mainly in patients who suffer from Diabetes Mellitus, but no one is exempt from suffering an episode of hypoglycemia.

What is hypoglycemia and why is its mortality so high

Patient receiving first aid

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How do I know that I am in the presence of hypoglycemia?

Now that in theory you know what hypoglycemia is, I invite you to know its main symptoms. Whether you are related to health services or not, it is important that you know what a person may feel if they have any.

In addition, it may serve as a basis for analyzing and discovering if at any time you or a loved one went through this. Glucose is our primary energy source and when missing, not only will you feel weak, but other symptoms that you may experience are:

  • Altered sinus rhythm, meaning that normal heart sounds may become faster than they should and in turn irregular.
  • Prolonged fatigue
  • Paleness and many tremors.
  • Anxiety and sweating.
  • Hunger.
  • Annoyance and irritability.
  • Numbness in the lips, cheeks and tongues. It can feel like a slight tingling.

This is what happens fundamentally at the beginning of a hypoglycemic picture. It is very important to recognize these signs, because as it progresses it becomes much more dangerous for the life of the individual. This second phase is characterized by:

  • Disorientation and inability to communicate with logical words.
  • Abnormal behaviors and difficulty in performing any type of activity that you normally do without problems.
  • Severe pictures of seizures.
  • Blurred vision, visual disturbances, and even hallucinations.
  • Temporary loss of consciousness.

It is vital that you keep this information in mind so that you avoid the damage that hypoglycemia can cause to the body. Do not forget to visit your doctor if you think you are suffering from one of these episodes and especially if you do not suffer from Diabetes.

What is hypoglycemia and why is its mortality so high

Fainted man are hypoglycemic

Can hypoglycemia be a cause of death?

As time passes and a person does not come out of a state that compromises their health, there will always be risks. There are those who believe that hypoglycemia is a slight decline that occurs if we do not eat and fatigue, and it is not so rosy.

Due to the large number of symptoms that she can present, she becomes the perfect candidate to cause deaths. For example, irregular and racing heart sound could lead to an arrhythmia, suddenly killing people.

In the case of those who suffer from Mellitus diabetes mainly type I, they are prone to these attacks. If they have also been taking insulin for more than 15 years, the probability increases. Then, hypoglycemia is a threat even for patients already suffering from something dangerous.

Don’t take fainting, fatigue, or hunger as a game anymore, but rather give it the seriousness it deserves. Visit your doctor and he will recommend a treatment that is able to eliminate or at least control these dangerous episodes that can be fatal.

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How long is the body immune after recovering from COVID 19?




More than a year has passed since the news of that new disease that emerged in Asia came out. It seemed like one more of the bunch, but a few months later what we know today as COVID 19, spread throughout the world.

Managing a new pathology is very complicated. It is necessary to know how it works, what it consists of, its clinical picture and a number of fundamental things in order to find an effective cure.

Today a little more is known about it, but many things remain a mystery. There is no vaccine or specific cure for it, however, millions of people managed to overcome the coronavirus.

There were comments from the beginning such as: “It only affects the elderly”, “Such a disease does not exist.” But there was one that attracted much more attention and it must be the reason why you are here.

Will there really be a time of immunity in those who survive COVID 19? Well, if your desire is to know the answer to this question and above all to understand the explanation of why, you are in the right place.

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What does it mean to have immunity time?

immunity time

What does it mean to have immunity time?

Before knowing whether or not there is an immunity time in bodies that exceed COVID 19, you must understand what it means. Did you ever wonder how humans naturally protect themselves from possible attacks on their body?

Well the immune system is responsible for protecting us from infections, germs and therefore keeps us healthy. It is made up of many types of cells and they collaborate with different organs to fulfill their protective function.

There are many components like white blood cells that are very important. They include phagocytes, for example, and their function is to eliminate invaders. Neutronics are responsible for fighting harmful bacteria and so they all work together.

exist lymphocytes such as the B’s and T’s that are extremely important. The former can be said to be intelligent, as they detect and immobilize threats while the latter totally destroy them.

If you wonder when they come into action or under what signal, it is very easy. They invade antigens that are foreign bodies that threaten humans.

I explain you better, the B lymphocytes mentioned above make the antibodies. The T eliminate these threats, then they remain in the body and therefore can recognize them if they attack again.

Vaccines introduce these protective substances into us and this is how they prevent. That is why it is believed that there is a time of immunity after someone recovers from COVID 19 or any other illness.

Is this true about Covid-19? Is the immune system of women stronger?

Are we really immune after being cured of COVID 19?

immunity time 2

Are we really immune after being cured of COVID 19?

The only world news in this 2020 was not that of the coronavirus outbreak that hit the whole world. When it was announced that the president of the United States contracted the disease, it was a scandal.

After overcoming the disease, he made a statement in his official networks where he said he was immune. Thus began the comments that so confused people and since then several studies have been carried out to support the approach.

As we explained above the function of the immune system in the body is very important. In addition, the antibodies it produces remain in it and recognize the invading antigen that tries to attack again.

But is there really a time of immunity when someone recovers from COVID 19? In medicine, nothing is so absolute and that phrase mentioned by Donald Trump is not entirely true or false.

Several studies agreed that indeed after overcoming the coronavirus, there is some resistance to the disease. However, research from Imperial College London shows that this condition does not last forever.

It is suggested that it can be this way for months, weeks or even days. Therefore, do not trust if fortunately you were cured because you will not know when your body will stop protection.

They made tables where they placed the statistics resulting from the analyzes to check if there was such a time of immunity. It was a surprise, but in health professionals it was much higher and longer lasting.

The explanation for this is that apparently those who passed the virus more seriously or more times, have more protection. However, according to Harvard that it can only last up to 4 weeks and then it starts to wane.

Something important that you should read: COVID-19 could leave serious sequelae in the lungs

Does everyone who recover from COVID 19 develop immunity?

immunity time

Does everyone who recover from COVID 19 develop immunity?

In the United States of America, prestigious scientists joined such research to verify how great was its veracity. After several studies, they came to a conclusion that surprised many.

They analyzed Navy soldiers and to their surprise, 41% of them did not register any antibody that protected them from the coronavirus. Therefore, here is another reason not to trust yourself and to fail to comply with the sanitary measures.

There are several factors that come into play for the immunity time to be obtained. Among them are age, health condition, diseases they suffer from, the place where the sample was taken, and so on. Hence, the variation of why some yes and others no arises.

covid19 curiosities diseases health

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