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Find out how many sports exist in the world today



If you are fond of sports, you will surely be interested in knowing how many deportees exist today in the world.

The most popular sports are present at the Olympics, the great world games that take place every 4 years.

But before talking about how many sports are there, we must differentiate between the summer and winter olympic games.

The summer games are what we normally know as dry Olympics and on average they include 28 different sports.

These include the five most popular sports in the world due to their large number of fans.

On the other hand, when referring to how many sports are there In the winter category, we will tell you that it is about eight disciplines approved by the International Olympic Committee.

However, these amounts do not really reflect how many sports are there and are practiced in the world, as many authors point out that the figure easily exceeds 140.

Classification of existing sports

An important point before talking about how many sports exist in the world is that you must first define whatWhat is considered a sport and how can it be classified?

Various authors have proposed methods to classify games, taking into account characteristics such as individuality or team, whether they are played on land, air or water, or how the competitors interact with each other.

In 1968 Michael Bouet proposed dividing all the sports in the world into five groups, separating combat, ball, mechanical, in contact with nature and athletic sports.

But that same year another proposal emerged with only four groups, in this case differentiating the individual, team, combat and outdoor sports.

In 1975 the expert Lev Parlovich Matveev proposed a new classification of existing sports, according to the type of effort made when practicing them.

This proposal grouped sports in muscular power, organic resistance, team, combat and complex sports and polyathlons.

Six years later, Parlebás proposed a classification based on the criteria of motor action, companion-group, adversary and the medium used.

Finally, in 1984, an expansion of this system was proposed, with four large groups of sports: psychomotor, individual, oppositional and cooperation-opposition, each with a wide variety of subcategories.

Other classification criteria for existing sports

Other classification criteria for existing sports

There are several proposals to classify sports in the world

Finally, other proposals arose to group the sports of the world based on criteria such as the time in which they are practiced, that is, if they are done in summer or winter.

Another criterion was based on the number of participants, separating individual sports from team-based ones.

The third criterion was based on the place where sports are practiced, that is, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

To this is added a category that divides sports according to the way they are earn points or victory is achieved.

This includes a division between those earned by rating, voting, scoring, or by measuring time or distance.

How many sports are there at the Olympics level?

The history of the olympics It has been long in time but it does not continue in its execution, since they were abandoned for many centuries before being reactivated in 1908.

From the resumption of the Olympic Games, the number of sports present in each edition has varied, as was seen in the case of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (China), where 28 differentiated sports were competed in 37 disciplines.

For its part, in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (Brazil) the number of 28 sports was maintained, but the disciplines increased to 41.

For the Tokyo Olympics (Japan), postponed to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been raised include 33 summer sports and 8 winter sports.

The most popular summer sports

most popular summer sports

Athletics is the big star of the Olympics

This is a long list, but we clarify that we are only talking about games included in the Summer Olympics.

In real life there is many existing sports still waiting to join to these.

Athletics, marathon, triathlon and pentathlon are the first and in essence reflect the original Olympic competitions created by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago.

Ball sports such as basketball, handball, rugby and soccer are added to it, as well as volleyball in its court and beach variants.

We also have racquet sports such as badminton and tennis, as well as ball sports including baseball, field hockey, tennis, table tennis, and golf.

Contact, pedal and water sports

As for contact sports we have boxing, wrestling and Greco-Roman and the martial arts represented in judo, karate and taekwondo.

Pedal sports include cycling in its modalities of BMX, road and track, in addition to the skateboarding how wheel sport preferred by the youngest.

Added to this are water sports, including swimming, synchronized swimming, trampoline jumping and water polo.

Sailing, rowing, surfing and canoeing in whitewater and calm waters are also part of this group.

Combat and shooting sports

Combat sports include fencing in its different varieties sword, foil and others.

We must also add horse riding and sport climbing, in addition to archery and pistol and rifle shooting.

For its part, gymnastics is divided into trampoline, artistic, rhythmic gymnastics, while strength sports gather weightlifting into numerous categories and variants.

Surely you have already realized that there are many things about sports that you did not know. Read on and you won’t be disappointed.

The most popular winter sports

In this case we have the biathlon as the main sport related to athletics, followed by skiing on snow in its various modalities.

These modalities include alpine skiing, Nordic combined, cross-country, acrobatic, ski jumping and snowboarding.

Very popular in the winter Olympics are the powers of bobsleigh, luge and skeleton, an individual sledding competition.

In terms of team sports, ice hockey stands out.

Finally, the skating is also considered the king of the winter olympics, in its varieties of figure skating, speed on ice and speed on short track

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