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Dracula, castles and a cursed forest: these are the charms of Transylvania

In addition to the stories of vampires, UFOs and ghosts, explore the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and cities and castles that are World Heritage. The very land of Dracula is a historical region located in the central part of Romania.



Visually, it is as mysterious as you could imagine: sheltered by the rugged terrain of the Carpathian Mountains, it is populated by dense forests, ancient castles and medieval settlements. It is very culturally rich because, throughout the centuries, it belonged to the Roman, Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empire; it also has a Saxon heritage. Ironically, Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, never traveled to Transylvania. However, it was widely documented in the British Museum about this region.

Bran Castle

It is located in the city of Bran. It is called «Dracula’s Castle» because this fortress, founded in 1377, was the main inspiration for Bram Stoker to create the location of his novel. It is built on a cliff, facing a nearby valley. Currently receives tourists. It has a small multimedia exhibition and every year a Halloween party is held inside.

Peles Castle

Located in Sinaia, it is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe thanks to its neo-Renaissance architecture and its 160 themed rooms that remind of a fairy tale. It was also the first in the continent to have electricity. It was built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, on the orders of Charles I, the first Romanian king. It was a summer residence until 1948, and currently works as a museum.

The real life Dracula

Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Draculea, is believed to be the historical figure who inspired Bram Stoker to create Count Dracula. Born in Transylvania, he was a ruler of the former principality of Wallachia (now part of Moldova) between 1456 and 1462. He became famous for the cruel way he punished his enemies: impalement. The name «Draculea» means «son of the dragon», and it was assigned because his father, Vlad Dracul, belonged to a military and religious group called the Dragon Order.


Founded in the twelfth century, it is the hometown of Vlad Tepes. It is famous for its excellent state of conservation and its fantastic appearance: it has pastel colored houses, cobbled alleys, walls and towers that used to protect the limits of the settlement. Unesco designated it a World Heritage Site in 1999.

Hunyad Castle

It is the largest medieval castle in Transylvania and dates back to 1440. It has everything you could expect from a fortress of its kind: large towers, dungeons, a stone bridge at the entrance and even a well where prisoners were thrown into bears. It is believed that Vlad Tepes was locked up in Hunyad for seven years. It is in the city of Hunedoara and receives visitors.

Dracula’s real home

If you are a big fan of Dracula, you may find it disappointing to know that the most famous castles in Transylvania do not have a very close relationship with the historical character that inspired the creation of this vampire. But there is Poenari Castle, which did belong and was the residence of Vlad Tepes. It dates from the 13th century. It is outside Transylvania, two hours from Bucharest. It is currently closed to the public and will reopen in the summer of 2022.

The damn forest

Aliens, ghosts, disappearances and even «lost time» experiences are part of the legends about the Hoia-Baciu forest. This 250-hectare plot, on the outskirts of Cluj-Napoca (two hours from Sighisoara), has become an attraction for paranormal fans since the 1960’s, when important UFO sightings were reportedly recorded. Hoia-Baciu Project is a tour operator that takes guided tours through the forest, day and night.

Underground fun

Two hours from Sighisoara is Turda, a salt mine that was exploited from the Ancient Age until the last century. Today you can visit descending more than 100 meters below the earth. In its depths a small amusement park with ferris wheel and boat tours. It is interesting for the opportunity to observe the enormous size of the cave and how it has been modeled by the minerals inside. There is also a spa with hot springs.

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Visit Santorini, the most beautiful island in Greece




Greece is an ideal country to go on an adventure. Santorini, a Greek island, is located in the Aegean SeaIt has many exclusive landscapes, despite being small.

If you want to discover everything about this gem before vacationing, read on.

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What makes Santorini a dream island?

the most beautiful island in Greece 4

Santorini a dream island

Before deciding on a trip to this magical city, know the reasons why your visit will be an unforgettable experience, these are:

Dazzling sunsets

Considered some paintings made by famous artists, where the warm colors of the sky blend with the white of the houses and streets, along with the navy blue.

If you are a lover of photography, I assure you that you will take exclusive photos to post on your Instagram. In any place, with the combination of the tones of the sky, filters will not be necessary.

Exquisite gastronomy

Characterized by marine dishes. They use many varieties of cheeses such as feta, in addition to olive oil and vegetables. You will find the original beers there, such as Donkey.

To your chefs they like to mix different flavorsTo achieve sensations in their diners, they link salads with meat for example. In most restaurants you will eat the typical greek and of course, their local dishes.

Unique architecture

Their white houses have blue roofs. They are lined up and have small streets. Each one, without exception, overlooks the sea. The only place in the world that has them is the most beautiful island in Greece.

Its prehistoric style has attracted many archeology lovers. Everything volcanic in reddish color, the sky and blue waters, make anyone fall in love.

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How to get there and where to stay on the most beautiful island in Greece?

the most beautiful island in Greece 3

You must get to Athens

You plan to go to Santorini, but you don’t know where to sleep. How is the trip supposed to be? I have the answers you are looking for, just keep reading:

Ways to get there

Depending on where you are, there is the option you need. Via plane is useful, in case of living far away, you just have to get to Athens.

In Santorini, believe it or not, there is an airport, located in ThiraIt serves both the military and the civilian. The moment you land in Greece you can take a flight to the capital (Fira).

By sea, riding ferries, you get to the island. These are like public transport, they are usually cheap. There are the expensive options, like yachts.


They exist from hotels, AirBnb and even hostels, each one for different types of travelers. Spending the night on the most beautiful island in Greece will be expensive.

Everything is depending on where you are, when the view is the boilers, the price goes up. Famous and inexpensive hotels can be found in Oia, in case you are looking for a movie star experience.

As an example of hotels with good service are: the Prekas Apartments on Imerovigli, for its good quality price and the Villa Voula on Perissa.

Santorini’s iconic places

the most beautiful island in Greece 2

Oia boasts views of the Aegean Sea

It has very picturesque villages, despite its small size. Do not stop looking at any of the ones that I am going to present to you:

The capital

Fira, goes along the edge of the caldera to the church of Agíos Minás. Built in the 18th century. It has become a Thira charm. Its shape is elongated and its buildings have an oriental aspect.

In her the old port stands out Skála Firón. To get there you have to get on a cable car. In it you will enjoy the whole city, or you can walk 588 steps there.

Oia, iconic place

It overlooks the Aegean Sea. In her you will enjoy beautiful sunsets from its castle, the best preserved.

There is also the Alexander ‘s Boutique Hotel, to stay like a celebrity. What’s more to highlight the port of Ammoudi Armeni, under Oia, chosen to dine at the fisherman’s tavern.

Kamari and Akrotiri beaches

A town with Sea and Mountain landscapes. With its beach, known as the busiest on the Island, with dark, shallow sands, volcanic stones. If you want to take your children to bathe, choose this one.

The Red Beach or Akrotiri, is quiet, with fine red sand. Right next to him is the White beach, which makes an interesting combination between the sands and the big white rocks. What’s more Santorini lighthouseYou can get there by ferry or car.

The rocky Vothonas

It is very close to Fira. After the capital you can take a walk around here. It was built between volcanic rocks. The houses are cave houses. It is defined by the tranquility of each part you travel.

The Wine Museum found in a cave under the ground. In it you will enjoy stories about the island, the elaboration of these and a tasting.

Activities you have to do during your visit to the most beautiful island in Greece

the most beautiful island in Greece 1

You can visit Akrotiri

If you are looking for entertainment on this island but you don’t even know where to go. I give you ideas of what to do during your stay:

Go exploring

Rent a motorcycle or car and create a route everywhere. You can join a tourist agency. This will be in charge of guiding you through a whole route, while they tell curiosities.

Visit the different portsAmong them are Puerto de Amoudi and Puerto Viejo de Fira. Go hiking between Oia and Fira, don’t forget your water bottle and sports clothes.

Take a dip

The most beautiful island in Greece includes iconic beaches such as: La Vlychada, Perivolos Y Perissa. There is to choose and cool off for a while. They present a reality different from any ordinary beach.

There are also the hot springs, with temperatures not so hot that they relax you, like in a spa.

Enjoy prehistoric Akrotiri

Did you know that it was preserved by the effects of a volcanic eruption? Tour this Bronze Age settlement, travel back in time and learn how it happened.

Everything is in perfect condition: ceramics, furniture, buildings. Many consider that it could be the lost Atlantis. Do you want to check it yourself? Well, go ahead and go.

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Taste the oldest wines in the world

It has been proven that the wineries worked there, for the first time, around the year 1200 a. C.

Visit the traditional village of Megalochori. There they will show you the entire wine-making process in its beginnings. They will also tell you the whole story in their Boutari winery. You will taste their wines with the best sunset, the perfect atmosphere!

Greece tourism travel

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Croatia a destination for enterprising tourists




Ancient cities, majestic beaches and multiple business opportunities. A country with these characteristics offers many reasons to visit it. If there is one that meets these expectations, it is the Balkan republic that this post talks about.

Not surprisingly, Croatia is currently considered an almost perfect tourist destination. Not only for those who seek to visit new places, but also for those who want to see the world and invest in it.

What to do in Croatia? Why go to this nation to look for business opportunities? Below you will find all the answers.

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Why do business tourism in Croatia?

Croatia a destination for tourists 1


First of all, you should know that this country emerged after the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. Of all the nations founded back then, it is the second with greater economic development and purchasing power. Only surpassed by Slovenia.

But what makes Croatia a destination for enterprising tourists? Firstly, the measures it has taken since joining the European Union. This Balkan community has implemented various plans to attract foreign investment.

Coupled with this, facilities have been created for those interested in using their capital in the country. An Investment and Competitiveness Promotion Agency was even founded.

Croatia is currently ranked 58th in the Doing Business; the ranking of the 190 most suitable countries to conceive businesses.

Most of the foreign investors are in the following sectors:

  • Wholesale trade
  • Retail commerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Real estate activities
  • Financial intermediation.

What to take into account when doing business in this country?

Croatia a destination for tourists 2

Be punctual

There is no doubt that Croatia is a destination for tourists with entrepreneurial ideas, but it has its own characteristics.

If you travel to said republic to know it and incidentally to establish commercial relations, these recommendations will serve you well. They are provided by its Institute of Foreign Trade. Which are? The following:

  • It is advisable to maintain fluid and constant communication with potential Croatian clients. This will keep their interest in your company alive. You can do it through personal visits or trying to meet them at a trade fair in the sector, for example.
  • If you are meeting with a client, even remotely and digitally, be punctual. Croatian businessmen tend to be very respectful of the work schedule and the organization of your time. If it is strictly necessary to postpone the meeting, notify as far in advance as possible.

Also, keep in mind that canceling an appointment is very frowned upon in the country. It can affect the image of your company.

  • Do not think that the market in this country is the same as in other nations. It has an economic development superior to most. Therefore, it also has higher demands in terms of quality and technology.
  • Croatian is the official language. However, you will be able to conduct most business transactions in English. Many businessmen also speak German and Italian, due to the special relationships they have with those countries.
  • How to carry out personal relationships? It is a Catholic country, with a Central European culture. That makes its inhabitants have customs similar to those of the rest of western countries.

Of course, they are characterized by being quite reserved. Try not to guide the conversation to very personal topics, unless they lead it to that themselves.

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Croatia as a tourist destination

Croatia a destination for tourists 3

There are historic cities, churches, lakes and even castles

This country has been climbing rapidly in the list of the most frequented by European visitors. What has made Croatia a destination for tourists of all kinds? Among other things, its gastronomy, its medieval cities and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

If it is your intention to start a business in this region, the usual flow of foreigners will be of great help. Depending on your type of business, these travelers can be a potential customer sector.

And do not worry, the arrival of tourists is not a thing of a fad that will pass. They assure you, for example, their six declared World Heritage sites by Unesco. Among them, there are historical cities, churches, lakes and even castles.

In addition, it has a coastline worthy of postcards, full of beaches and cliffs of great natural beauty. The sand on its beaches is not as fine as in the Caribbean. However, the water is very crystal clear and anyone wants it.

There are also more than a thousand islands or islets to visit that are part of the country. All of these resources justify the claim that Croatia is a top-notch tourist destination.

The animals that have been decorated by the army are truly incredible

Main tourist spots in Croatia

Croatia a destination for tourists 4

Plitvice Lakes National Park

If you are looking specific sites to visit or where to invest, you will find them in this section.

Although we can call Croatia a destination for tourists in general, it has several sites of greater relevance. For example, their cities with the highest influx of visitors they are Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and Zadar.

What are the islands with the most tourist potential? There are many, but the following three are very good options:

  • Island of Brac.
  • Mljet.
  • Dugi Otok.

Croatia also boasts a nature that is very rich in vegetation and fauna. For this reason, the country has several national and natural parks of great importance. Among the main ones are:

  • Krka National Park.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park.
  • Mljet National Park.
  • Telascica Natural Park.

Finally, you must know some of the most important beaches. Their names are:

  • Red Island Beach.
  • Cvrerni Otoc beach.
  • Sv Marak beach.
  • Vela Luka Beach.

travel business tips

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Meet Japan and its people –




Made up of 6852 islands located in East Asia stands the land of the rising sun. Its population, of more than 126 million people, shares customs that make Japan a unique country.

Dreamy natural landscapes, a world of exotic flavors, the friendliness of the people: all this and more you can discover if you dare to get to know Japan.

I invite you to do a curious fact: did you know that its name literally means: “the origin of the sun”? Hence its name so bombastic.

tour of one of the most developed countries in the world, its culture, customs and other curious facts.

Do not leave it for later, visit from here to Mongolia and its customs, a trip to Asia

Discover its climate and nature

Get to know Japan 1

Spring in japan

Japan has a mild and pleasant climate, with the four well-defined seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. During the spring its famous cherry blossoms or sakura offer the viewer an image difficult to forget.

In summer it is possible to sunbathe on its beaches and in autumn to enjoy the vibrant red, yellow and orange colors of the fallen leaves. In winter the Japanese perform the sapporo snow festival. Huge ice sculptures are exhibited at this celebration which are illuminated at night.

In the Japanese territory there are several active volcanoes and hot springs centers. Hundreds of bathers come to enjoy the benefits of its medicinal waters.

The country’s inhabitants value nature in an extraordinary way. Even their religion teaches that God is present in everything: mountains and waterfalls. This prevents people from polluting the environment. In fact, there is a holiday of respect for nature: the Miduri No Hi.

What are the cities of Japan like?

Meet Japan 2

Heavily populated cities

The big cities of Japan are very populated. More than 12 million people live in Tokyo alone.

Despite this, the country’s capital is considered one of the safest cities on the planet. There is no theft on the streets, you can even leave a valuable belongings like your computer or mobile in a public place, walk away and when you return it will still be there.

People circulate in an organized way, the Japanese do not get ahead in a row. They never speak aloud and the mobiles go in silence. Respect for others, first and foremost.

All over japan the streets are spotlessly clean. It is customary to keep the garbage in its own bags until it can be disposed of in an appropriate place. The same goes for bathrooms and other public places. Scent for clothes and wet hand towels are dispensed.

It is common to see young people dressed in what might be Victorian-era costumes on the streets. These girls are known to follow the style lolita. Its fashion concept recreates vintage-style outfits, added to the tenderness and beauty that kawaii style represents. This is one of the most picturesque features that is sure to catch your eye.

Other fascinating characters that you can find in Japan are the geisha. These women, contrary to popular belief, have nothing to do with the sex trade.

They are great connoisseurs of traditional Japanese arts such as songs, dances and the tea ceremony. It is common to see them dressed in traditional colored kimonos. Their hairstyles are elaborate and their face is flawlessly white.

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Get to know what the Japanese really are like

Meet Japan 3

The Japanese are very hard-working

In ancient times Japan was in constant war with its Chinese and Korean neighbors. Today, the Japanese are polite and kind people.

They have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, averaging 87 years. It is estimated that in that country there is nothing more and nothing less than 50 thousand people who pass 100 years.

The Japanese are very hard-working and efficient. Most take only five to nine days of vacation. They keep a strict discipline and they show pride in a job well done.

They generally have a low level of English. However, that does not prevent them from being hospitable and attentive to foreign visitors, especially if they are Westerners.

Despite being very measured in their day-to-day lives, the Japanese are uninhibited when they drink sake. It is an alcoholic drink of national production.

Superstitions and beliefs of Japan

Get to know Japan 3

Sticking chopsticks in food is prohibited

The list of popular beliefs about luck would seem endless. These are some of the most interesting:

  • They never write their Name in red because that is considered calling death.
  • At all costs I will avoid numbers 4 and 9 because they bring misfortune. For this reason, hospitals do not have room number 4 and many buildings go from the third to the fifth floor.
  • Is frowned upon wear tattoos. If these are large or very flashy they can cause terror as they are associated with Yakuza, the feared Japanese mafia.
  • The Japanese avoid look a black cat or a crow in the eye.
  • It is also prohibited stick chopsticks in food

There are several stalls on the street where good luck charms are sold. Both nationals and foreigners acquire them, either to ward off everything bad or as a unique memory.

Something amazing, these are the animals that have been decorated by the army

What kinds of food can you enjoy in Japan?



There is a wide range of gastronomic offers. These range from delicious traditional dishes prepared in street stalls until fancy restaurants. Food is pretty cheap. For a more than reasonable price you can enjoy preparations based on noodles, fish, vegetables among others.

The sushi It may be the most representative dish, it is a rice ball with a piece of fish or shellfish. It is wrapped with nori seaweed and can be accompanied by sesame or a spicy paste known as wasabi.

Another very popular dish with an infinity of variations is the ramen. It is a noodle soup. To this you can add meat broth, eggs, legumes, shrimp and many other garnishes.

Meat is quite expensive and fruits too. Despite this, katsudon, a delicacy of traditional cuisine, is worth a try. It consists of a breaded pork chop that is served in a bowl with rice and garnish.

There are also fast food restaurants that have nothing to do with Burger King or McDonald ‘s. They offer recipes japanese. There are more than five million vending machines that sell cool drinks and take away meals.

Culture places travel

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