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Do you have trouble sleeping? Learn how you can avoid insomnia in quarantine



During the confinement by Covid-19, a large number of doctors in the United States, Canada and Europe have heard the same complaint from their patients: “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep”.

Insomnia and sleep problems have become a great problem for thousands of people who, overnight, went from having a lot of daily activity to spending hours or days in their homes in confinement.

Despite the large number of videos and informational material on how to cope well with quarantine, for many it has become impossible to fall asleep in these times.

“I go to bed early, but I spend hours tossing and turning and I can not sleep”Is one of the most common complaints.

Before continuing, we invite you to learn about other sleep problems that are as harmful as insomnia: apnea and snoring and how to treat them.

I can’t sleep, how harmful is that?

For humans and animals the Sleep is as important as eating and drinking water.

During this phase, your body replenishes energy, repairs tissues damaged or worn by daytime activity or injuries, and hormonal balance is restored, among many other functions.

If your most common phrase in this quarantine is I can not sleep, or I sleep little, you should know that you are facing a bad sign for your health.

The lack of sleep leads to developing serious conditions among which obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease stand out, as well as psychotic or depressive symptoms.

Therefore, if you are one of those who say “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep”, you should address this issue as soon as possible.

I take my worries to bed and now I can’t sleep

When you lie down remove stressful thoughts from your mind or worry.

Even under confinement many people do not stop thinking about work, the debts to pay or how much they miss their family and friends, going out to the streets, walking or simply the lost freedom of going where they want when they want.

The possibility of getting sick or dying from Covid-19 has also had more than one in constant fear and stress.

Avoid the stress insomnia relaxing your mind at bedtime. Imagine a quiet scene, like a beach or your favorite park and think about the serenity that being there produces.

If you are still in a state of “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep”Get up for a short time and do something light, like reading a book or playing solitaire, but in low ambient light.

Go back to bed in half an hour or as soon as you feel sleepy.

The light of the screens, the enemy of the dream

I'm sleepy but I can not sleep

Leave your devices away from the bed when you go to sleep

A direct consequence of the quarantine is that
the use of portable devices increased considerably and televisions to “stay connected” to the rest of the world.

Surely more than once you have found yourself chatting very late at night on WhatsApp with a friend or family member and you have told them “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep”.

And it is precisely the fact that you are “glued” to your mobile or laptop one of the reasons for this difficulty.

Scientists who study sleep have long discovered that bluish light from modern screens alter the area of ​​the brain that produces the hormone melatonin, responsible for causing sleep.

Until what time can I use my devices?

Exposing yourself to bright light from devices, even three hours before bedtime, can decrease melatonin production.

Additionally, the bluish light from the devices also tricks the brain area that cycles day and night.

This measurement is important so that the brain knows when to increase the body’s activity (day) or when to decrease it to rest (night).

further keeping your attention on a screen prevents your brain from resting.

Turn off your devices 3 hours before going to bed, but if you do not have the willpower for this we invite you to follow these tips to avoid being a mobile addict and free yourself a bit from its use.

I can’t sleep and I start to exercise

Many people have taken advantage of the quarantine to get in shape with diet and exercise.

It is even normal to find people doing aerobics or lifting weights late at night with the excuse that “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep”.

But just what you need is to “train” your body and mind to adjust the maximum and minimum activity to what would be a more natural cycle.

This means maximum activity in the morning, a medium pace in the afternoon, and a total decrease in the evening.

The medical term for this is “good sleep hygiene”And is based on building a routine that your body and mind will follow automatically and that makes it easier for you to be ready at night to fall asleep quickly and soundly.

As well you should avoid mid-afternoon naps, very common in Spain, as they are considered as “dream” by the brain and alter its regulatory cycle.

Say goodbye to afternoon coffee if you want to sleep well

I'm sleepy but I can not sleep

A simple coffee in the afternoon can cause problems sleeping

If you have trouble sleeping but are a heavy coffee consumer, you should make a clear decision, no coffee from mid-afternoon.

It takes up to 6 hours for the body to metabolize caffeine of the blood, during which time it will act as a stimulant of brain activity, something that goes directly against the objective of overcoming insomnia.

If you are a heavy coffee consumer and now you complain that “I’m sleepy but I can not sleep“You will have to consider reducing or eliminating its consumption after 3 in the afternoon, if you want to sleep well.

But there is something you do not know and that is that even products like iced tea and processed chocolates contain caffeine or some kind of similar stimulant.

Does wine help you sleep?

Finally we will tell you about the famous myth of those who justify having a wine at night with the excuse that “I can not sleep”.

These people claim that a drink helps them relax their spirits and they feel that they can fall asleep faster, but they do not know that it also has a negative effect.

It is about the so-called “sleep fragmentation”, Or sleep irregularity that appears in the second half of the night cycle, approximately between 2 and 3 in the morning.

Sleep becomes light and erratic or the person wakes up fully and she cannot go back to sleep, so in the morning she will be tired and without energy.

It is advisable not to consume any type of wine or alcoholic drink at least 3 hours before going to bed so that it does not affect your sleep.

And during the day, try to do it in moderation!

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Avoid Wrist, Neck, and Back Injuries With These Tips When Working From Home




Working from home is a lifestyle that has been adopted lately, especially after Covid-19. Although it can be a comfortable habit, being in one position for many hours or performing repetitive movements throughout the day can cause us aches and pains that can turn into prolonged injuries. The wrists, neck and back are usually the parts most involved in these ailments.

Avoid injuries of this nature with these simple tips that will be addressed below, so you will know how they occur and how to avoid them.

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Wrist injuries

Avoid injuries

Wrist injuries

Our wrist is made up of bones, nerves and muscles, which work for the joint to function properly. An alteration of any of these parts provides discomfort that results in the inability to perform certain activities.

Most common wrist injuries

Among these are:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendinitis
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures

Stretching and strengthening exercises for the wrist

There are simple exercises that we can do daily to avoid wrist pain:

  • Slow, circular movements of the wrist in both directions (left and right)
  • Movements with pause to the right, left, up and down
  • Alternate finger movements keeping the wrist static

Tips to Avoid Wrist Injuries

  • When typing on the keyboard move only your fingers, keeping your wrist straight
  • Maintain a correct posture when writing, with relaxed shoulders and elbows, which will make the circulation of your arm work properly
  • Sleeping with your hands next to your body, on your back

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Neck injuries

Avoid injuries 1

Neck injuries

According to expert physiotherapists, maintaining a prolonged posture with an incline greater than 30 degrees can cause neck pain, even injuring it.

What is this about

The neck, having no bony protection (except for the part where the spinal cord begins), has a relatively thin structure that makes it susceptible to wounds and injuries. That is why keeping the weight of our head for a long time damages the cavity (causing pain, muscle tension) and sleeping or being in an uncomfortable position for a long time causes the neck muscles to contract (probability of developing torticollis)

Exercises to avoid neck injuries

There are three easy types of exercises that can decrease the tension built up in the neck muscles:

  • Rotate the head to both sides (left and right) and in both directions (up and down)
  • Perform movements in circles both to the right side and the left side.
  • With your left hand, gently press your right side of your face towards the left side of your shoulder, making a pleasant stretch without causing pain. Do the same with the right hand in the left direction. Keep your head straight at all times.

Tips to avoid neck injuries

  • Do stretching exercises
  • When writing on the computer, the screen should be at eye level
  • Avoid sudden and sudden movements
  • Don’t put a lot of weight on your shoulders
  • Sleep on your back, preferably without a pillow or with one that is not very high
  • Watch TV sitting down with the help of cushions that make your neck do not strain or exert force
  • Don’t bend your neck against your shoulder to hold the phone while talking
  • Read seated maintaining a straight posture, and if you do it lying down, do not bow your head too much

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Back injuries

Avoid injury 3

Back injuries

The posture that we maintain on a daily basis is something that directly affects the back. As it is made up of nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, if any of these is injured, intense pain is generated.

What is this about

Any of the parts that make up the back can be stressed, on all the muscles. Fractures (spondylolysis) or degenerative diseases (herniated discs) can also occur.

Back pains

There are three areas vulnerable to pain and injury:

  • Cervical area (causes cervicalgia: pain in the first 7 vertebrae in the neck)
  • Dorsal area (causes back pain: pain in the central part of the back)
  • Lumbar area (causes low back pain: Pain in the back side of the back)

Exercises to avoid spinal injuries

Strengthening the muscles of our spine can be achieved with simple stretching and strengthening exercises:

  • Move the spine with the back straight and the hands on the waist, back and forth, to the left and right
  • Touch the ground with the tips of the fingers, making a slight stretch of the entire back
  • With the back lying on the ground, raise the flexed right foot up to the chest, and little by little, bring it to the left, rotating and stretching the spine slowly. The same is done with the left foot to the right side. It is normal to feel a relaxing sound of spinal stretching
  • Keep the spine lying on the ground and raise and lower the feet without taking the spine off the ground
  • Perform face down, with your hands on your head, lifting the torso from the ground backwards, stretching the spine in a U-shape

Tips to avoid spinal injuries

  • Perform strengthening and stretching exercises regularly
  • Keep the spine straight in a correct posture, with the shoulders slightly tilted back
  • Avoid forced postures that put all the weight on the spine
  • Sit with your back on a straight surface
  • Sleeping on your back, preferably without a pillow or on your side, with a small pillow on your head and one between your legs
  • When lifting or carrying weight, do not do it with your back, but bending your legs in the form of a squat to raise it and keeping your spine straight at all times (If you do not flex, you injure yourself)
  • When carrying weight in the hands, try to balance the weight in both, to avoid overloading one, and consequently that our back leans due to the weight
  • Try not to stand for long periods of time. When doing so, make sure to alternate the weight on one foot and then on the other, moving them at all times and leaning your back to some surface
  • Avoid shoes that are flat or too high
  • Back massages before sleeping

tips exercise health

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This is what the lips of your health say




Maintaining good health is very important to human beings. Physical exercise, well-balanced diets, hydration and a number of other factors contribute to this stability.

When the body perceives something abnormal, or it is not being treated and cared for correctly, problems begin to arrive. It is vital that you learn to know your body and perceive the signals it sends you so that you understand that there is something that is not right.

In this article we will talk specifically about what the lips say about your health. Although it seems that they are only there to talk, adorn the face or kiss, it fulfills much more important functions that you will know right away.

Never ignore what the lips say

what the lips of your health say 1

Your lips must eat meat

Many times, due to the desire to eat a good diet, mistakes are made that, although they seem small, are very serious. It is not correct to focus only on vegetables and much less on carbohydrates, everything in this life must have balance.

If you don’t do it that way, the nutrient deficit will begin to reflect on your body. It has a wonderful conformation and the signs are going to show up right away.

Never ignore what the lips of your health say. Believe it or not, most of the time they are the first to start to warn about the effects that may be suffered.

So how do I know that they want to tell me that I need to eat more meat? If you ask yourself that, the answer is very easy, because you will get it just by observing them for a moment. The signals will be:

  • General dryness.
  • Cracks that may or may not bleed.
  • Small wrinkles.
  • Labial commissures with lesions that become painful especially when eating food.

Now that you know what those signs are that the lips say about your health, you have to focus on improving. The solution is not to eat all kinds of meats without stopping, prioritize those that have large amounts of:

  • Zinc.
  • Iron.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin B3.

In the event that you present all the symptoms mentioned above but you are a vegetarian, do not worry. Seek help from a professional nutritionist so that together you can create a healthy diet, able to prevent anemia, iron deficiency and other diseases.

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Diseases that your lips alert you to

Unfortunately, venereal diseases are more common today, so you have to be very careful. A carrier of any of the existing ones will begin to present many symptoms.

However, there are some that are totally ignored due to lack of knowledge perhaps or because they seem to be too insignificant. What the lips of your health say is that you may be developing a picture of Candidiasis if you begin to present:

  • Extreme increase in salivary production especially at night.
  • Accumulation of the same in the lip corners.
  • Bad smell in the oral cavity.

These manifestations, among many others, are just some of those that can be mentioned. It occurs because when our body captures some type of fungus in the mouth in general, it is natural for saliva to be produced in this way.

Something that cannot be doubted is that it is unaesthetic and shameful. It is better that you become aware of the matter and visit a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and receive treatment.

This disease we are talking about is very common in newborn babies, young children and the elderly.

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Your lips are crying out for you to relax

what the lips of your health say 3

Your lips are crying out for you to relax

The body of human beings is very complex, so much so that even the smallest parts of it warn you that something is wrong. Stress is so frequent but at the same time it is a danger to human life.

This could lead to simple infections such as acne, loss of appetite, insomnia, and so on. But if it turns into an Acute Myocardial Infarction or something like that, it will be more than fatal.

What the lips of your health say should never be ignored since this small part of our physical configuration is very wise. You will notice that you lead a life with struggles and loads of more if they appear in them:

  • Both internal and external sores, in the same mouth or its surroundings.
  • Small and multiple pimples that are usually very painful and when they explode they burn while they release a clear liquid.

Stressing out, especially in the midst of the current situation is a challenge, something very difficult. However, you cannot allow it to overtake you and affect your life at the same time as affecting your own organism. Better pay attention to what the lips of your health say.

You should know if a glass of wine a day is healthy. MYTH OR REALITY?

Other things that our lips alert us to

drink water

Drink more water if they are dry
  • Drink more water if they are dry or if even hydrating them the effect does not last long.
  • Change lipstick if you feel swelling, as you may be developing an allergy to toxic products.
  • What the lips of health say is that your immune system can be depressed in case of herpes or severe sores on them.
  • The pale or blue color is a sign of cold or as it is medically known “cyanosis”. What’s more this change in color is due to discomfort as in the case of hypoglycemia and anemia.

health prevention tips

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Reasons why it gives us a headache




Surely you have suffered from headache, It is a mild or intense discomfort, in any part of the head: scalp, neck, face or inside of it. This is a very common condition.

Causes of headache:

The causes of your headache can be multiple, but mostly are linked to bad habits or diseases. Most of these pains are related to:

  • Stress can be due to work or economic, family and other situations.
  • Dehydration is another common cause, sometimes because we are too busy we forget to drink enough water, either due to distraction or because we simply do not feel thirsty, the body needs to be hydrated to function well.
  • Another possible cause is watching too much television or spending a lot of time in front of the computer screen, it causes, not only a headache, but also dizziness and fatigue in sight.
  • Very loud music may be the reason for your headache, if you are used to playing it for long periods and more if it is listened to with headphones.
  • Vices such as alcohol and cigarettes They are also considered causes of your pain, as they are toxins to your body.


Man with headache in the dark
  • If you are used to drinking a lot of coffee and suddenly you have stopped, it can also cause this discomfort, due to the reaction of the body to stop consuming caffeine.

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  • Skipping meals does not help your health at all, it can give reactions such as headaches and fainting, if you stop eating for a long time, the pains will appear and stay.
  • Not resting enough hours, sleeping 8 hours is an important habit for your health, especially if you have had a full day, both of physical exercise and of worries.
  • If you hit your head and have pain, it’s time to visit your doctor.
  • Long trips, especially those that are all night and early morning, can cause you great pain, either from the agitation of going in a moving vehicle or from not sleeping comfortably.
  • Carrying out intense exercise can give you this discomfort, due to the effort your body is making to be able to do it.
  • If you suffer from allergies, you should consider this as the cause of your condition, since consuming foods that give you a reaction, give reason for the pains to appear.
  • Illnesses such as the flu, colds, those related to the ear or throat also cause these pains.
  • Also kidney infections, sometimes cause other discomforts, such as headaches, if you are suffering from this, it may be the cause.
  • There are other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, migraine or hormonal problems that can cause this discomfort, they need a doctor’s consultation.

Who can get headaches?

There is no defined age for this discomfort, many times they are only reactions to bad habits, carelessness or common diseases, that we saw earlier, that anyone can have. It is true that it is more common in adults and even more when age increases. It should also be considered that many times the pains can be inherited and several members of the family can have it. In addition, these can be common in people more sensitive to noise or stress.

Warning signs:

There are certain characteristics in people with this condition that can be cause for concern:

If in addition to this pain you lose sensitivity slightly, changes in your vision, sudden weakness, seizures, confusion, loss of consciousness or other similar symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately. Also, if you start to have a fever and stiff neck, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, as you may have a more serious disease or condition.



woman taking pill for headache

Treatment depends on the cause, if you go to the doctor they will ask you a series of questions and tests to detect the factor causing the pain. Usually recommended healthy and balanced diets that include lots of fruits and vegetables, also the daily consumption of enough water. Avoid alcohol consumption, eliminate cigarettes and tobacco. Do not forget the necessary meals in the day, avoiding being long periods on an empty stomach.

Do moderate physical exercise, always start by warming up and stretching the muscles, avoid constantly overloading your body. Before sleeping, do not use your mobile phone or laptop, even less with the lights off, this prevents you from sleeping badly and you do not rest, your body needs it to sleep eight hours.

Also take 5 minute breaks when you are working, especially with a keyboard or any activity that strains your eyes, massage your head every so often, doing breathing exercises helps a lot and drink infusions such as ginger tea.

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