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Discover the largest cat breeds in the world



If you have a feline as a pet, you will surely be interested in knowing the breeds of biggest cats in the world. You will be surprised how big some varieties of our favorite pet can reach.

Although it has not gone through a domestication process as long as dogs, without a doubt the common cat (Felis catus) has also managed to earn a place in our families. For many, a home cannot be complete if it does not have at least one small feline that cheers up the house with its games, or simply with its way of being.

Like dogs, there are numerous breeds of cats today. Some are the product of spontaneous crosses between specimens brought from different parts of the world by migrants.

Others, on the other hand, are the product of the intentional mixing of certain varieties, with the aim of achieving animals with a certain coat, color or size of body and legs.

Here we are not going to talk to you about world’s most developed cat that lives in Australia, but of those races that are characterized by reaching the greatest physical size.

Savannah, Cheetoh and Maine Coon: the largest cats in the world

Savannah, Cheetoh and Maine Coon: the largest cats in the world

The Maine Coon reaches 11 kilograms in weight

With an average weight of 11 kilograms, the Savannah breed holds the record among the biggest cats in the world. However, it is not a common cat but a rare variety obtained by crossing the domestic cat (Felis catus) and the serval cat (Leptailurus serval).

This gives him not only great size and physical strength, but also a beautiful spotted or marbled coat. In addition, it retains many of the wild instincts of the serval cat, so it can be very docile at times, as well as aggressive.

The trafficking of servals and their mixing with cats to sell the young is a big problem all over the world. We recently learned the sad story of a serval hit by a train in France, he is presumed to have escaped from a home.

For its part, the Cheetoh breed was born from the mixture of common spotted cats to achieve a coat similar to an ocelot (American leopard). An adult can weigh 10 kilograms in weight and is very active and graceful when walking.

And the Maine Coon closes this category, which arose in the state of Maine, United States and resembles a mix of cat and raccoon. It can weigh 11 kilos and they are capable of varying their meows and moans like no other species of cat.

More cats of 9 kilos for all tastes

Various races of the biggest cats in the world share They are located in the category of 9 kilos of weight. But the Ragdoll is famous for its long coat, docility and its curious habit of falling asleep quickly in the arms of someone who caresses them.

For its part, the Chausie cat has a wild appearance, like an American puma, with a brown coat without spots and about 9 kilos of weight. It emerged from the mixture of several breeds of domestic and wild cats and it is not recommended to have it with children due to its extreme mood swings.

Forest cats

Another cat that shares the 9 kilogram category is the Norwegian Forest Cat, a yellow to light brown cat with faint tiger stripes and long, waterproof fur.

It appears in many Nordic fairy tales and is one of the most popular to mix with humans.

And speaking of ancient species among the biggest cats in the world, highlights the Siberian Forest race. This is the national cat of Russia, it weighs 9 kilograms and can withstand the extreme cold of the Siberian steppe thanks to its 3 layers of waterproof fur.

The Highlander breed closes the list of 9 kilos, which reaches this weight because of its strong muscles rather than because of accumulating fat. It is distinguished by its short tail and by having the tips of his ears bent back, besides being very susceptible to stress.

World’s Largest Cat Breeds: The Elegant English Cat

biggest cats in the world

This little kitten can grow up to 8 kilos

Weighing down to 8 kilograms we have the British Shorthair breed, extremely popular in British households for its good relationship with adults and children. This breed is distinguished by its physical strength and by having more than 100 combinations of color and spots in her hair.

Another British heavyweight is the British Longhair (British longhair) that can reach 7 kilograms. Its variety of blue color is very popular and it is considered a good hunter and very suitable for living inside a house.

If you have a cat and you don’t know how to know if it “loves you”, we will tell you that cats show their affection in a different way, but it is easy to recognize them with some information.

What do we have in the 7 kilogram category?

Between the largest cat breeds in the world we have several that average 7 kilos in weight. And of them the monarch is the Selkirk Rex, whose curly hair gives him an appearance that many compare to a Pekingese dog.

Then we have the famous Persian cat, which in this case has varieties that weigh from 4 to 7 kilograms. Its lush, very soft coat and flattened nose distinguish it from other long-haired breeds.

And finally we will mention the famous American Bobtail, a cat that can reach 6 kilos and is characterized by a short tail similar to that of the lynx. In fact, it is related to the bobcat, with which it shares having the hind legs longer than the front ones.

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