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Discover here how to combine the patterns of the moment



The new trend this summer is combine patterns in ways that attract attention and break with the monotony that the spring style left.

This trend is called Mix & Match and the objective is to combine in an attractive and striking way totally different fabric designs.

However, combining the patterns of the moment is not always easy
for all.

But as the experts say, the art only refines with practice, so the best way to master Mix & Match is by daring to change the way you dress.

However, we will help you put this trend into practice by talking to you about the proposals for combinations of patterns that most fashionistas recommend this summer.

And to close, we will talk about a way to enhance the result, playing with the colors of the fabrics in the different pieces of your wardrobe.

Of course, the Mix & Match must be accompanied by nails and eyes that stand out and for your hands: beautiful styles of decorated nails you can do at home.

Proposal 1: combine floral prints and Vichy squares

combine floral prints and gingham checks

Brighten up your Vichy shirt with a floral skirt or trousers

A blouse with gingham prints goes perfectly with a midi skirt or flower-patterned trousers.

For experts, this is the way to combine patterns
more trendy you will find this summer.

The design of the flowers contrasts with the symmetrical lines of the Vichy paintings, but in an elegant and different way that attracts the eyes of men and women.

This scheme is also ideal for playing with the colors of the fabrics, mixing for example blue blouses with white skirts or pants.

Another perfect color combination for this look is with white and pink garments, using small Vichy squares and large flowers.

Proposal 2: Tie dye garments and zebra prints

Don’t be scared, the stamping on Animal Print is still valid and the zebra stripe pattern is perfect for a killer Mix & Match look.

The black-white mix of this pattern will look good with any colorful garment you put next to it.

And that means that you can wear it with a tie dye garment, a very popular print style in the 60s that for many abuses color, in a good way.

An example of this style is an outlook composed of a long, short-sleeved t-shirt with a rainbow tie dye effect and a skirt or bell-boot trousers with a zebra animal print.

Proposal 3 to combine the patterns of the moment: Stains and polka dots

the patterns of the moment: Stains and polka dots

Spice up your leopard skirt with a polka dot Mix & Match

Another way to combine patterns that will leave anyone who sees you with their mouths open, is wearing leopard skin-style garments, in conjunction with polka dot designs.

Both styles are characterized by stains. In one case they are large, irregular and of mixed colors between brown, black and white.

In the polka dot pattern, its motifs are defined, symmetrical and generally monochrome.

But even if they seem different in shape, the truth is that moles and animal skin spots match perfectly.

You can put on a blouse with a square neckline and long sleeves printed in leopard Animal Print and take out of the closet that beautiful wide skirt with black polka dots that you had saved.

You will certainly achieve combine the patterns of the moment
successfully if you choose this technique, as the black and white of the skirt will match everything you wear, and the leopard design will be no exception.

Further, you can use it at all hours of the day and is excellent for formal events at the end of the day, especially accompanied by a perfect evening makeup.

Now combine the prints with their complementary colors

As we said at the beginning, the Mix & Match trend not only seeks
combine patterns
of different design, but also to create striking mixes based on their colors.

In this case, the trick to achieve a different Mix & Match look is combine patterns using the complementary color technique.

It is therefore convenient to review your old texts that talked about the chromatic circle to see what these colors are.

Can’t find them? well we will tell you. Complementary colors are those that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blue and its complement orange. or red and its complement, green.

But a combination of complementary colors that cannot be missed is yellow and violet, which is also a high-contrast mix that is harmonious to the eye.

An example of this combination would be a floral print shirt (or the type you want) in bright yellow, accompanied by a straight cut skirt or trousers in a purple tone.

If you want to play with fire, you can choose a garment with floral designs and the other with small squares or lines.

In this case, you must take care that only one garment stands out in sight
and that both prints do not end up “fighting” to attract attention.

As you can see, it is very simple combine the patterns of the moment and look different and fashionable.

There is no excuse for you to be the center of attention on these days of the outdoors and sunshine!

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The 10 most useful beauty tips for men




Not only women need to maintain take care of your skin and following more useful beauty tips for men is a good idea. With the seasons, the strategy to stay online is varied and the male sex should not be exempt from it. In this article I am going to give you 10 of those tips that you should keep in mind.

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Night cleaning

Night cleaning

One of the best recommendations regarding the routines to follow is to do a night cleaning on the face. If you cannot do it this way, in one of the first hours of the morning you could also do it. Ideally, apply a cream or gel mixed with water so that it is not too thick, so you should only take a small portion in your hand.

According to scholars of the subject, you should spread the cream all over the face, neck and décolleté. The massage you have to do rounded shape. After applying the cream, take a little water to dilute the emulsion and continue the massage. But one of the most important things to know is that the skin needs to be clean before starting the process.

When removing the excess, you must do it in the manner advised by the experts. It can be very comfortable and pleasant to do it with your hands and a little water. It is advisable to do it with a wet towel of water at the same time and gently remove the remains of cream from the face. It is essential that no one else uses it, so it is a personal utensil that you must wash with a certain frequency.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

It is important that you be very careful when choosing the products with which you will stay hydrated. There are creams that all they do is cover your pores and prevent natural perspiration. Choose some derivatives that have the same effect of keeping the skin fresh, but that do not have adverse reactions. It also ensures that they provide nutrients to the skin.

Go to the gym

most useful beauty tips for men 3

Go to the gym

Many are the studies that support the idea that doing physical exercises contributes to the health of your skin. Not everyone can be wrong and I advise you to try it and you will realize how true it is. Going outside and doing any type of activity in the gym helps you lose a few kilos that you have in excess. This can also be one of the most useful beauty tips for men.

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Sign up for specialized barbers

Sign up in specialized barber shops

Sign up in specialized barber shops

One thing that is very fashionable today is the use of a beard. Heat is the reason why many men take it off or even neglect it, but never do that. One of the most useful beauty tips for men is that sign up at a specialized barber shop. That makes you have a lot of style and increase your beauty standards.

Take care of the eyebrows

Take care of the eyebrows

Take care of the eyebrows

Almost all men pluck their eyebrows, but most have no idea how to do it. The norm that has been seen is that men grow thick and straight eyebrows. But it is true that not everyone looks good like this. If that is your case, it is better that you go to a stylist to give you his expert opinion. They were able to tell you with certainty which one suits you best.

The bare foot

The bare foot

The bare foot

The feet are parts of the body that many men are sometimes ashamed to have in poor condition. One of the main causes is that you wear closed shoes all the time and that imprisons the foot until the mushrooms come out. If this is your case, go to a specialist to guide you in this regard.

Manicures and pedicures

Manicures and pedicures

Manicures and pedicures

If you already know that you must pay attention to all parts of your body, do not leave anything untouched. An important detail is well-groomed hands and nails speak a lot about you. It is not necessary that you go to any specific place, just having them cared for and arranged is enough.

Be fashionable

Be fashionable

Be fashionable

Looking dated is not one of the most useful beauty tips for men. Choosing your look properly is essential. Is synonymous with masculinity and style. It is also important that you accompany all this with a good perfume that is suitable for your skin.

Take care of the eyes

Take care of the eyes

Take care of the eyes

Taking care of your eyes is important. Since we are not women, it is not so important that you pay too much attention or use many products or anything like that. What I do advise you is that protect them from the sun with glasses, if they hit you, and that from time to time, if it is cold, put something on it to help you.

You won’t believe it, this chip feeds on sweat and analyzes your health

Everything in moderation

most useful beauty tips for men 4

Everything in moderation

It is important that, if you do treatments of any kind, you use them in a moderate way. This is because a excessive use of creams and gel on the skin can weaken the cells, since you accustom them to giving them the care that they should do themselves.

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5 beauty gifts that will always make you look good




If the birthday of your wife, mother, sister or any female that you have to give is approaching, a good option is undoubtedly makeup, every woman loves to be given beauty products. Makeup highlights the beauty of each one and makes them feel powerful and beautiful, but what makeup to buy to make them look good. In this article you will find 5 of the beauty gifts that you cannot miss to be charming.

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Makeup base

beauty gifts

Makeup base

If you want a makeup to have good results, the essential thing is to apply before, a good base that fixes it and highlights beautiful skin. There are many good quality brands and products, but if you want to look natural and last for the whole day, try the base of Chanel L ‘essence de Teint. East It is a light and fresh product and it fixes on the skin as if it were a canvas. Remember that well-cared and hydrated skin highlights the beauty of any woman.

Lipstick kit

beauty gifts 2

Lipstick kit

What would be of women without lipsticks, I think these are the best when it comes to highlighting beauty. Well-delineated lips with a color that highlight them are irresistible. Brands like Guerlain, are dedicated to creating charming beauty products and lipsticks could not be missing, this brand made a kit with lipsticks in beautiful colors that will make the smile stand out with perfect lips.

You won’t believe the 10 most useful beauty tips for men

Compact, mattifying and illuminating powders

beauty gifts 3

Compact powders

Powders undoubtedly help to highlight your personality and the characteristic features of the face. There are compact powders that vary in 8 or more tones depending on the color of the skin, there are also highlighters and mattifiers, the latter is very useful for every woman because in addition to being able to be used on any skin color, they eliminate the shine that can be created throughout the day. Carolina Herrera is a brand that knows a lot about makeup and beauty for women and its powders are the best option.

Makeup box for faces and lips

Makeup Chest

Makeup Chest

If receiving a lipstick, makeup palette or illuminating powder is a perfect gift, as will one that includes all three. Dior has created a makeup box that contains a palette of 4 shades of blush and highlighters to highlight the mold of the face and could not miss a lip balm that makes lips look hydrated and natural. This whole set is complemented by a black toiletry bag in the style of Dior.

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Palette of shades

Palette of shades

Palette of shades

The eyeshadow palette could not be missing from this list of beauty gifts, which would be a makeup without the colorful shadows to highlight the most beautiful of the face, the eyes. YSL’s new limited edition palette features 4 shades of shadow, 4 eye and cheek highlighters, and 2 shades of natural blush, so don’t hesitate to give it away. They say that women’s eyes are the window to the soul so always show them beautiful.

These are some of the beauty gifts that you can give to any woman, she will surely love them.

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Effective infusions that will help you sleep easily




Sleep is a biological necessity to restore the psychological and physical functions that allow good performance. Although it seems strange, it is an enigma of scientific research.

While we sleep our body is active. Great changes happen in the body such as: heart rate, hormone secretion, etc.

What happens when it is difficult to fall asleep?

A deterioration in performance, both physical and intellectual, is clearly shown. Reflexes decrease and the possibility of suffering from psychiatric disorders increases. Even reaching neurological disorders and epileptic seizures.

In these cases we have available effective infusions that will help you sleep easily. Would you like to know what they are so that you can try them when you have difficulty sleeping? Continue reading this article.

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Infusions to sleep easily

Problems that cause insomnia are very common today. Stress, the fast pace of life, plans, projects, among others. All of this causes sleep disturbances that can lead to more serious problems.

Would you like to enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep?

I invite you to prepare these effective infusions that will help you sleep easily. Before using drugs and other anxiolytics try these natural remedies. You will get good results that you can share with others who suffer from this problem.




If at any time you have difficulties with sleep caused by the stomach or poor digestion, you can use this plant. Chamomile it is a natural painkiller for stomach disorders and benefits digestive processes.

On the other hand, it has sedative, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. To make the infusion more powerful mix this ingredient with linden. It is also a pain reliever that minimizes stress on the body.

In addition, chamomile or chamomile can be used its essence in baths. It offers relief and will help you fall asleep. It relaxes your muscles and is a remedy for depression.

The Mint



This plant has a mild flavor and works great to induce sleep and relax the body. On the other hand, it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Undoubtedly, one of the effective infusions that will help you sleep easily.




Although its main benefit is the ability to avoid nausea and muscle aches as well has sedative effects. A 2013 study found evidence in patients who took ginger extract. It showed results in just one week on the quality of sleep.

The passionflower



Passionflower is a natural relaxant. An infusion of this plant it is ideal for treating insomnia. It has analgesic and relaxing effects. It can be applied in people who deal with tachycardia problems and suffer from migraine.

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The Ashwagandha



The origin of this Hindu infusion is India, where it has been taken for many centuries. Provides mind-clearing properties, minimizes stress, fatigue, and hypertension. In addition to the sedative effects to sleep better.

The herb Luisa

lemon grass

Herb Luisa

The herb Luisa it is perfect to calm the nerves thanks to its calming effect. Helps release thoughts to sleep relaxed in bed. It is not recommended in pregnant women.

The passion fruit or passion fruit

passion fruit

Passion fruit

This exotic fruit is of South American origin and is very rich in vitamins A, C and potassium. You can ingest it naturally or prepare drinks such as smoothies, soft drinks and even tea.

Its main benefit is that creates calming effects on stress and anxiety. In addition to being used as one of the infusions that will help you sleep easily.

Turmeric or turmeric

Effective infusions 4


This root has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it is antiviral, anticancer, contains antibiotic agents and fights insomnia. The mixture of this ingredient with honey, lemon and ginger is a healthy infusion and an exquisite drink.


Effective infusions 3


Jasmine is a plant that works very well in both children and adults. Helps fight headaches and muscle aches. Undoubtedly, one of the effective infusions that will help you sleep very easily.

The banana or plantain



Most likely, you’ve never heard of banana tea. I want to tell you what it is incredibly effective in treating insomnia. It is a natural remedy for those who have trouble sleeping.

Drinking this infusion relaxes the muscles and blood vessels. It will help you stay asleep longer and quickly fall asleep.




This beautiful flower called poppy has amazing results to improve frequent wakefulness problems. It contains readin in its leaves and the stems also fight colds, respiratory ailments and sore throats.

Orange blossom

orange blossom

Orange blossom

Do you want to beat insomnia?

You can not stop trying this infusion. This herb contains sedative properties that collaborate with the mind-body balance. It is one of the most recommended in people with nervous disorders due to stress.

The rosemary

Effective infusions 2


Rosemary has a characteristic aroma that is frequently used in gastronomy. But that is not all. An infusion of this plant favors the relaxation of the muscles and it will help you sleep more easily.

Effective infusion in older adults

Effective infusions 1

Effective infusion in older adults

Advanced age also makes it difficult to fall asleep. Most of the time due to illnesses and other ailments of their own. For these cases we recommend the following infusion.


500 milliliters or 2 cups of water.

5 grams or 1 teaspoon of mint leaves.

7.5 grams or 1 teaspoon of honey.

10 grams or 1 tablespoon lemon balm leaves or melissa.

20 grams or 2 tablespoons of valerian root.


Put the water in a container and put it on the fire until it boils. Then add all the ingredients except honey. Stir several times and let it rest for about 10 minutes.

Then you have to strain it and add the honey to sweeten it to your liking. Preferably, consume before going to sleep. You can keep the infusion in the fridge for a few days.

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How the infusions are prepared

Prepare the infusions

Prepare the infusions

To make, with the above plants, effective infusions that will help you sleep, you do not need many steps. The best way is consume them before going to bed.

You only need to buy these herbs in the supermarket and even ready to infuse. Though the recommendation is to prepare them in their natural form. It is common to have some of these plants in the patio of the house

What do you need for the infusion?

First, put 250 milliliters of water in a container and bring it to a boil. Then you must add the plants you want to consume. It does not matter if they are fresh or dry.

Finally, you let it rest for about 10 minutes. Before cooling, straining and drinking you can add a sweetener or a little honey. And you already have the infusion ready to enjoy in small sips.

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