Di María was the executioner of Real Madrid and shone in the PSG win

When the draw determined that Real Madrid and PSG fell into the same group and that they opened their participation in the Champions League, nobody talked about Ángel Di María. The expectation of the soccer world at that time pointed the flashes to the other side. Neymar starred in a novel in which he flirted with Barcelona and Madrid and ended up being disgusted in France. And Fideo was listed as a possible currency of exchange before a shining transfer.

The Spaniards throbbed the premiere of Eden Hazard, their star signing. Or the return of James Rodriguez. And the society that formed Bale and Benzema again. On the other side, without Mbappé due to injury and with Neymar in the stalls for suspension, the eyes were on Mauro Icardi who started out. Even the presence of Keylor Navas in the PSG arc after his enormous cycle at Real Madrid gave more than talk.

But it was Di María the man. The one who again put his seal when nobody expected it. In the game of the stars, Fideo nailed a double in the first half. And he showed all his repertoire. He used the left lane as a starting point but, unlike his usual matches in the National Team, he appeared loose from the center, floating on the attack front. So he shouted the two goals. The 1-0 with a quick definition, top scorer, with a dry left-footed shot to the first post after a center to the heart of the area. Di María pulled the diagonal, went to look for the space that Icardi had left when pivoting, and was lethal.

The 2-0 was in a position similar to the goal he did to France in the World Cup, in the role of hitch, facing the Courtois arc, he controlled his left foot and took a perfect whip that stuck against the left post. Goals changed the stage completely. Until the bombshell of De María at half an hour of play the match was even with a Real Madrid that tried to progress in the field with neatness but became predictable, slow. He could not exploit Bale’s speed or Hazard’s ability, well neutralized by local defenders.

The PSG was much more direct. And there Di María was the best interpreter. For the second half Icardi’s exit freed Fideo even more, who could be seen as a center forward according to how the attack was brewing. So he had a new goal chance, he went hand in hand with Courtois, stung it and went just up. Already with the Madrid played, on the close of the 90 minutes, came the goal by Thomas Meunier who settled the story.

“Di María can play in any position. He moves very well, with a good shot and is fast”, said once Zinedine Zidane when Fideo was still dressed in white. This time it was his executioner and he did not hide his happiness at the time of shouting the goals. The football world speaks of Di María, the secondary actor whom nobody bet and put on the hero costume.

With information from: https://www.espn.com

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