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Collagen mask with «tightening effect» to eliminate wrinkles

Skin care is very important at any age because as we age we require different care and products. According to specialists, the areas where wrinkles come out most and betray our age is around the eyes, mouth and neck, although they can also be marked on the brow, especially if we have a habit of frowning.



Whether we want to accept it or not, after the age of 30, one of the first signs of aging is the appearance of premature wrinkles on the face, due to a decrease in collagen in the skin, whether due to factors such as: not getting enough rest, undergoing a lot of stress, eating very processed foods or having the habit of smoking; luckily, this collagen mask with «tensor effect» will help us fight wrinkles to have a face of envy.

How to make a collagen mask to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate wrinkles?

You will need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of honey
  • A collagen perlite or capsule (you can find it in any pharmacy)
  • A cup of water
  • Three tablespoons of rice
  • A spoonful of milk
  • A clean container to prepare your mask

Preparation Mode:

In a clean pot, boil the three tablespoons of rice with half a cup of water, it will take approximately two to three minutes for the boil to break, then strain the rice and save the rice water.

Pour water into rice

Subsequently, in the container that you use for your mask, mix the honey with the tablespoon of milk until it is well incorporated and then add the rice that you strained and that is already cooked, stir well until creating a homogeneous mixture and in case it dries, you can add some rice water, in the end, incorporate the perl or collagen capsule and stir very well.

Once you have the mixture ready, place the mask on the areas of your body where you want to eliminate wrinkles such as on the face, neck and hands. Let it act for 15 to 20 minutes while you relax and consent a bit, finally remove it with warm water and you will notice how your skin feels more hydrated and soft, apply it for two weeks and you will notice how those lines of expression gradually fade away.

Benefits of using the collagen mask on your skin

Because of the excellent properties that the ingredients of this powerful mask contain, it helps you regenerate the cells of your skin and at the same time moisturizes it, so that you are encouraged to prepare it, I tell you how each of these ingredients will help you improve the appearance of your skin.

Collagen: they contain an amino acid called lysine, which attacks the sagging skin, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, eliminates acne, among other benefits. Some foods that are rich in lysine are: nuts, eggs, sardines, chicken, lentils, Parmesan cheese and cod.

Rice: rice is rich in vitamin B, which helps us regenerate the skin and keep it soft, linoleic acid to hydrate it, folic acid, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium. In addition, rice is one of the favorite ingredients in beauty products for skin care because it removes stains, is a natural scrub and curbs the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Honey: honey also contains many essential vitamins and nutrients that will allow us to maintain beautiful skin, is moisturizing, exfoliating, helps regenerate the skin and decreases the appearance of acne.

Milk: by having vitamin A and lactic acid, it will help us to have a smooth and nourished skin so that it looks healthy, on the other hand, lactic acid is excellent to keep the skin moisturized and prevent dryness.

Now that you know how to make this fabulous collagen mask to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate wrinkles, we recommend that you at least apply it twice a week to notice the results faster, we are sure you’ll love it and it will be your best ally so that the natural aging of the skin does not hit you so much.

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What is the best hair removal method and why




For everyone showing off is essential, showing off thin and hairless legs is essential especially if you are a woman. Although it is not only the legs that are waxed, but also other parts of the body, such as the armpits, are usually waxed. Choosing the best technique to do it is also your own decision, depending on which one you prefer. Since there are many and varied. You can do it with a razor, wax, intense light or electric and laser epilator, some of these are a bit painful, so choose the best one for you. In this article you will find what you need to know about these techniques and help you decide a bit.

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Waxing method

best hair removal method 2


This method is one of the most used and versatile since it can be performed on any part of the body, from the face to the feet. This technique or method removes hair for approximately one month or three weeks. You can apply cold wax in bands or rollers, although most prefer hot wax.

  • This method lasts for a long time and is very economical if you do it yourself. Its prolonged use weakens hair growth.
  • Against this it is very painful, and cannot be done by people with sensitive skin. It requires patience due to its long duration.

Shaver or razor hair removal method

best hair removal method 1

Hair removal with a razor or razor

This is another popular and long-standing method. The blade gets you out of trouble when you don’t have the patience or time to wax in another way. In addition, it is a good companion since it can accompany you anywhere and touch up if you need it if you have any hair. You can choose it with the number of blades you prefer and make sure it is sharp so as not to leave irritations.

  • This method is easy to wax, it does not hurt at all and it is very fast.
  • Against it is the short duration, since the hair comes out again in three days, it also causes ingrown hairs and pimples on the skin.

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Hair removal method with electric epilator

best hair removal method 3

Epilation with electric epilator

If you want to finish the hair from the roots, this method is ideal since it does not jerk as with wax. There are many models of these epilators that facilitate epilation in each area, caring for and protecting the skin. Some include accessories for sensitive areas and can be used wirelessly on wet skin.

  • This method lasts three weeks, it is totally painless and the more you use it, the less it will hurt. If you have a beach vacation planned, this device is the best option and you can easily transport it.
  • Against this it can cause ingrown hairs and needs to peels on the skin before using it.

Laser hair removal method

best hair removal method 4

Laser hair removal

If you want to forget about hairs for a long time, that is for several months, laser hair removal is the method you are looking for. This attacks the growth of the hairs with a light source, due to its complexity it must be carried out by a specialist or doctor in a specific way after analyzing the characteristics of each person.

  • This method is carried out by means of a light that penetrates the hair follicle, turning it into heat, reaching a temperature so high that it eliminates the hair completely. It is not considered painful, but in some people because of the threshold they require it turns out to be annoying.
  • Against this method, it does not work the same for all people, if you have blonde, white, gray or red hair, it will not be very effective. In this type of person the sessions are repeated until the desired objective is achieved. You should not sunbathe or use self-tanners before starting the treatment.

Be very careful with these clean beauty products they are not always safe.

Electrolysis hair removal method

electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal

This method ends hair permanently. It consists of inserting a needle into the hairline and permanently destroying the cell that allows hair to grow back. Being so complicated, it sometimes takes anesthesia and it is usually very painful if it is not applied.

  • This method is effective anywhere on the body and removes hair completely.
  • Its disadvantage is that it can cause scars and requires several sessions to achieve the result.

Well, you already know the hair removal methods that are usually performed, choosing the best one for you is your decision. You can look for the least expensive, the least painful, or simply the fastest. Choose well so that you can show off a body without hair.

Beauty tips skincare personal care

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The 10 most useful beauty tips for men




Not only women need to maintain take care of your skin and following more useful beauty tips for men is a good idea. With the seasons, the strategy to stay online is varied and the male sex should not be exempt from it. In this article I am going to give you 10 of those tips that you should keep in mind.

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Night cleaning

Night cleaning

One of the best recommendations regarding the routines to follow is to do a night cleaning on the face. If you cannot do it this way, in one of the first hours of the morning you could also do it. Ideally, apply a cream or gel mixed with water so that it is not too thick, so you should only take a small portion in your hand.

According to scholars of the subject, you should spread the cream all over the face, neck and décolleté. The massage you have to do rounded shape. After applying the cream, take a little water to dilute the emulsion and continue the massage. But one of the most important things to know is that the skin needs to be clean before starting the process.

When removing the excess, you must do it in the manner advised by the experts. It can be very comfortable and pleasant to do it with your hands and a little water. It is advisable to do it with a wet towel of water at the same time and gently remove the remains of cream from the face. It is essential that no one else uses it, so it is a personal utensil that you must wash with a certain frequency.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

It is important that you be very careful when choosing the products with which you will stay hydrated. There are creams that all they do is cover your pores and prevent natural perspiration. Choose some derivatives that have the same effect of keeping the skin fresh, but that do not have adverse reactions. It also ensures that they provide nutrients to the skin.

Go to the gym

most useful beauty tips for men 3

Go to the gym

Many are the studies that support the idea that doing physical exercises contributes to the health of your skin. Not everyone can be wrong and I advise you to try it and you will realize how true it is. Going outside and doing any type of activity in the gym helps you lose a few kilos that you have in excess. This can also be one of the most useful beauty tips for men.

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Sign up for specialized barbers

Sign up in specialized barber shops

Sign up in specialized barber shops

One thing that is very fashionable today is the use of a beard. Heat is the reason why many men take it off or even neglect it, but never do that. One of the most useful beauty tips for men is that sign up at a specialized barber shop. That makes you have a lot of style and increase your beauty standards.

Take care of the eyebrows

Take care of the eyebrows

Take care of the eyebrows

Almost all men pluck their eyebrows, but most have no idea how to do it. The norm that has been seen is that men grow thick and straight eyebrows. But it is true that not everyone looks good like this. If that is your case, it is better that you go to a stylist to give you his expert opinion. They were able to tell you with certainty which one suits you best.

The bare foot

The bare foot

The bare foot

The feet are parts of the body that many men are sometimes ashamed to have in poor condition. One of the main causes is that you wear closed shoes all the time and that imprisons the foot until the mushrooms come out. If this is your case, go to a specialist to guide you in this regard.

Manicures and pedicures

Manicures and pedicures

Manicures and pedicures

If you already know that you must pay attention to all parts of your body, do not leave anything untouched. An important detail is well-groomed hands and nails speak a lot about you. It is not necessary that you go to any specific place, just having them cared for and arranged is enough.

Be fashionable

Be fashionable

Be fashionable

Looking dated is not one of the most useful beauty tips for men. Choosing your look properly is essential. Is synonymous with masculinity and style. It is also important that you accompany all this with a good perfume that is suitable for your skin.

Take care of the eyes

Take care of the eyes

Take care of the eyes

Taking care of your eyes is important. Since we are not women, it is not so important that you pay too much attention or use many products or anything like that. What I do advise you is that protect them from the sun with glasses, if they hit you, and that from time to time, if it is cold, put something on it to help you.

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Everything in moderation

most useful beauty tips for men 4

Everything in moderation

It is important that, if you do treatments of any kind, you use them in a moderate way. This is because a excessive use of creams and gel on the skin can weaken the cells, since you accustom them to giving them the care that they should do themselves.

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5 beauty gifts that will always make you look good




If the birthday of your wife, mother, sister or any female that you have to give is approaching, a good option is undoubtedly makeup, every woman loves to be given beauty products. Makeup highlights the beauty of each one and makes them feel powerful and beautiful, but what makeup to buy to make them look good. In this article you will find 5 of the beauty gifts that you cannot miss to be charming.

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Makeup base

beauty gifts

Makeup base

If you want a makeup to have good results, the essential thing is to apply before, a good base that fixes it and highlights beautiful skin. There are many good quality brands and products, but if you want to look natural and last for the whole day, try the base of Chanel L ‘essence de Teint. East It is a light and fresh product and it fixes on the skin as if it were a canvas. Remember that well-cared and hydrated skin highlights the beauty of any woman.

Lipstick kit

beauty gifts 2

Lipstick kit

What would be of women without lipsticks, I think these are the best when it comes to highlighting beauty. Well-delineated lips with a color that highlight them are irresistible. Brands like Guerlain, are dedicated to creating charming beauty products and lipsticks could not be missing, this brand made a kit with lipsticks in beautiful colors that will make the smile stand out with perfect lips.

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Compact, mattifying and illuminating powders

beauty gifts 3

Compact powders

Powders undoubtedly help to highlight your personality and the characteristic features of the face. There are compact powders that vary in 8 or more tones depending on the color of the skin, there are also highlighters and mattifiers, the latter is very useful for every woman because in addition to being able to be used on any skin color, they eliminate the shine that can be created throughout the day. Carolina Herrera is a brand that knows a lot about makeup and beauty for women and its powders are the best option.

Makeup box for faces and lips

Makeup Chest

Makeup Chest

If receiving a lipstick, makeup palette or illuminating powder is a perfect gift, as will one that includes all three. Dior has created a makeup box that contains a palette of 4 shades of blush and highlighters to highlight the mold of the face and could not miss a lip balm that makes lips look hydrated and natural. This whole set is complemented by a black toiletry bag in the style of Dior.

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Palette of shades

Palette of shades

Palette of shades

The eyeshadow palette could not be missing from this list of beauty gifts, which would be a makeup without the colorful shadows to highlight the most beautiful of the face, the eyes. YSL’s new limited edition palette features 4 shades of shadow, 4 eye and cheek highlighters, and 2 shades of natural blush, so don’t hesitate to give it away. They say that women’s eyes are the window to the soul so always show them beautiful.

These are some of the beauty gifts that you can give to any woman, she will surely love them.

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