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Cheapest Chinese cell phones in this 2020 You will surely want them all!



In these times when social distance is so important, you can get the cheapest chinese cell phones without leaving home, using any of the multiple electronic sales platforms.

But something important is that although they are cheaper than their Korean or American equivalents, these Chinese mobiles stand out for their power
and technological advantages.

The main beneficiary of this Chinese trend to produce better mobiles at a lower price is the consumer, who no longer has to suffer to have a team of excellent features in their hands.

The availability of high technology, cheaper labor, and lower production and distribution costs allow Chinese manufacturers to produce models for all tastes, from low-end to top-of-the-line.

For this reason, you do not always have to wait to collect to buy top-of-the-line Chinese phones like the new Lenovo Legion designed for gamers.

In any case, it is always better to do some research before buying any of the mobile phones made in China, to make sure that they are equipment with good features and quality.

Let’s see then some cheapest chinese cell phone models
(and of good quality) that you can buy in 2020.

Vernee M6, the most affordable of low-priced Chinese mobiles

This is one of the Chinese mobiles perfect for those on a budget, as it offers good performance for an average price of 130 euros.

It has a 5.7-inch screen and 4GB of RAM, in addition to 64GB of storage.

It is equipped with a respectable 1.5Mhz 8-core MediaTek MT6750C processor, capable of meeting the demands of video games and multimedia content.

But it also has two cameras manufactured by Sony, a 13-megapixel rear and an 8-megapixel front.

As for the battery, it has good autonomy thanks to its 3,300 mAh cells and a state-of-the-art fast charging system.

Finally, we can highlight its eight-core processor and 1.5 GHz speed, providing good fluidity in the system.

Redmi Note 7, roars like a high-end team

Redmi Note 7, roars like a high-end team

The Redmi Note 7 offers a power similar to a high-end mobile

Another mid-range Xiaomi model that acts and behaves like a high-end mobile, but it barely costs about 200 euros on online portals.

It competes very well with other more expensive brands, thanks to its powerful 2GHz Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

It has a huge 6.3-inch screen with the modern IPS imaging technology, ideal for watching videos or playing games without any restrictions.

If you like photography, this team brings a rear camera with dual 4.8 and 5 megapixel sensors, which combine to get images of impressive quality.

Another advantage of this equipment is its powerful 4,000 mAh battery designed for long life.

Powerful Chinese phones: the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Xiaomi is the Chinese manufacturer that has shown the most innovation in its products and competes directly with the giant Huawei

This model stands out among the cheapest chinese cell phones but very good, since Amazon can be found on sale for just 160 euros.

It is powered by a 2.0 GHz 8-core Snapdragon 625 processor and comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

It also has a 12 megapixel main camera system capable of recording video at 30 frames per second.

It also incorporates a secondary 5 megapixel camera with very good image quality.

The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is among the chinese mobiles with better batterya, because yours is 4,000 mAh capacity.

The Umidigi F1 emerges among the cheapest Chinese cell phones

Although little known in the West, Umidigi that manufactures excellent cell phones since 2012 and it has mid-range models at a very good price.

One of these is the Umidigi F1, which is sold on Amazon for less than 180 euros.

It has a large 6.3-inch diagonal screen and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P60 MT6771 processor, which places it between the cheaper Chinese cell phones but with more power.

It has 4 GB of RAM and stands out for its respectable 128 GB of internal storage.

Its photographic system is made up of a 16 megapixel main camera and an 8 MP secondary camera.

Was designed to balance price and power and for this it comes with a 4,150 mAh battery and fast charging system.

Xiaomi MI A2, power at an affordable price

Xiaomi MI A2, power at an affordable price

A great camera and maximum power for less than 170 euros

Another model of the great Chinese company that has been designed for those who want power at an affordable price, as it can be purchased online for about 170 euros.

It has an excellent main camera with 20 megapixels of resolution and a secondary camera of 12 MP that place it among the cheaper chinese cell phones with better photographic system.

Thanks to this system you have nothing to envy Xiaomi models with better camera located in higher ranges.

Its processor is a Snapdragon 660 at 2.2 Ghz speed that works perfectly in combination with its 4G RAM memory and its internal storage of 64 GB.

The screen of this equipment is 5.9 inches diagonal, which combined with a 3,100 mAh battery gives it excellent autonomy between charges.

Xiaomi MI 8 Lite, the favorite of photographers

Finally we will tell you about the Xiaomi MI 8 Lite, a model designed for photography and video lovers, thanks to its 6.26-inch screen and its 10-megapixel camera system.

Like the cheapest chinese phones from Xiaomi, stands out for its power thanks to its 2.2 Ghz speed Snapdragon 660 processor, supported by 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage capacity.

This combination of screen, memory and processor allows you to watch multimedia content fluently or play demanding games.

The 10 MP rear camera can record video in 4K resolution and its screen uses IPS technology.

It also incorporates a USB-C port, fingerprint reader and a large 3,350 mAh capacity battery.

The best thing is that you can buy this powerful equipment for less than 190 euros on Amazon!

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Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube




The news that Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube behind the Mixer platform closure has brought a stir to the world of videogamers.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the largest producers of streaming video game content and has millions of followers.

Following Microsoft’s announcement that it will shut down the Mixer platform, Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube as a solution that nobody knows if it will be temporary or permanent.

ANDFortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube and takes millions of “Ninja” followers by surprise

Fans rejoice that their favorite gamer found a new home after the surprise closure of Mixer.

In fact, it was Ninja himself who announced the platform change through atweet posted early on Wednesday June 8.

His first streaming broadcast on YouTube consisted of a Fortnite session with gamers Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman and Courage.

What stands out is that it is the first time Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube.

Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTubeBut how did Ninja get off the Mixer platform?

What has caused this situation was not the fault of Ninja, but of the American technology giant Microsoft, which surprisingly announced the definitive closure of its Mixer video game streaming platform.

Microsoft insisted that as of July 22, 2020 there will be no Mixer and all live content broadcast on old accounts will be automatically redirected to Facebook Gaming.

The American giant admitted that Mixer did not achieve any significant success competing with giants like Twitch, YouTube and even the newest Facebook Gaming.

At the same time, the company gave two options to some live content generators who had formed exclusive contracts with Mixer.

This includes both Blevins and other well-known streamers such as Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler.

All of them were given the option to move to Facebook Gaming or to switch to another platform.

Will Ninja return to Twitch?

Will Ninja return to Twitch?

Will Ninja return to his old home on Amazon Twitch?

While Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube, mushos wondered if powerful rival platform Twitch took advantage of Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube and is offering an “olive branch” to gamers who want to return to their ranks. .

But for now it’s unclear if Ninja signed an exclusive deal with YouTube to stay on that platform like he did with Mixer or if it’s just a temporary fix.

There is also no new material from Ninja seen on the Twitch network, indicating that he is not planning to return to his old home or will only do so if he is offered a financially attractive deal.

Ninja marked the boom in “exclusive” contracts

While Fortnite streamer Ninja streamed on YouTube it’s known that “Ninja” Blevins made headlines when he pulled out of Twitch, owned by Amazon, to sign with Microsoft Mixer the exclusivity of the transmission of its contents.

This created a stir in the multimedia industry, prompting platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube to rush to sign similar exclusive contracts with your best talents.

Something that is surprising is that the Ninja lost many followers by leaving Twitch, but thanks to his great talent as a gamer and long career he managed to maintain and increase his prestige.

The gains made in the settlement with Microsoft offset any potential losses.

In fact, Microsoft was very insistent on hiring Ninja as part of a project to attract more video game content generators to Mixer.

Let’s remember that Mixer was cataloged at the time as “the Twitch version of the Microsoft company”

In any case, the move ended up being a wasted effort and now Ninja seeks to save his future by migrating to YouTube, a platform with which he never had a relationship.

The Ninja character comes to Fortnite

While the Fortnite streamer Ninja is streamed on YouTube, it should be remembered that during the time he broadcast content for Mixer he became the first streamer to get his own “skin” for Fortnite.

This skin or “skin” was available for purchase by Fortnite players between January 16 and 19, 2020.

“Occurred. It’s official, we finally have a Ninja skin. In the game. in Fortnite. We did it!” Blevins announced at the time.

The player also highlighted that the skin “looks like me” while showing an avatar with a face and hair very similar to his.

The avatar or skin has spiky blue hair, a blue jacket with a hood, and black pants.

In addition, users can choose it in four variations, as well as purchase additional options, such as a double katana kit.

Ninja opened the doors to famous skins in Fortnite

Ninja opened the doors to famous skins in Fortnite

DJ Marshmello also has his skin in Fortnite

The Fortnite streamer Ninja is broadcast on YouTube and if there are any doubts about Ninja’s popularity in the Fortinite world, we will tell you that he was the one who opened the doors for the appearance of “skins” based on celebrities of the real world.

Following the release of the Ninja Skin, Epic Games announced that this was the first of many collaborations aimed at bringing real-world personalities to the Fortnite game.

This would be part of the launch of their line of skins called “Icon Series”.

Among the personalities that came to life in Fortnite are DJ Marshmello and musician Major Lazer, as well as famous gamers Loserfruit and TheGrefg.

Epic Games noted that future skins
could be related to gaming, music and entertainment personalities.

Adidas and its Ninja accessories line

Ninja’s stint at Mixer also brought him another beneficial deal, in this case with German giant Adidas.

On December 31, 2019, the German company launched a sneaker designed in collaboration with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

It was about a model called “Nite Jogger”, in blue with the name Ninja in yellow on the inner sides and the traditional Adidas stripes on the outer side of each shoe.

It also highlights that the inside of the left shoe is printed with the Ninja logo.

This collaborative product was launched with the phrase “Time In” as its advertising slogan.

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I work online in 2020. The best jobs from home




Get work online in 2020 It is something very easy thanks to the enormous advance in technology, which allows us to do at home what a few years ago was only possible in an office.

Who seek work online in 2020 They are usually people who prefer to have a flexible schedule.

To this is added that in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the entire planet, working from home is a necessity for many.

However, it also has disadvantages, such as permanent distancing from co-workers, occasional demotivation, and lack of direct contact with bosses, if you have any.

Something that we want to highlight when talking about internet work in 2020 is that today the options are very numerous.

Blogger, the easiest job online

The creation of blogs or personal pages is not only an activity that will allow you to express your thoughts or experiences.

Many people they live off the publicity associated with their blogs and the more they visit they receive the more income they receive from advertisers.

He blogger can write what he likes the most and earn money for doing it.

You also do not need special training, although it is always recommended master the use of SEO standards so that your content stands out better on the web and receives more visits (and money).

Freelancer, the king of online jobs

Being a Freenlancer is considered to be one of the best jobs you can get and resembles what a freelancer would be.

The freelancer puts his skills and knowledge at the service of those who wish to hire him to prepare content, do projects, review academic material or develop software.

You can also carry out graphic design work, text translation or content writing services, among many possibilities.

In return, you will be paid a fee for your services and earn points that will raise your reputation.

It usually requires registration in portals such as Freelancer, Upwork or many other sites where professionals from all branches and people or companies that need their services for something specific converge.

An advantage is that you can choose who to work for and the schedule you will use, but you should also consider that customers may have strict delivery times.

Teach online, educate others with your work online

If you have teaching skills, you can get a job online giving online lessons in any area of ​​knowledge where you have experience.

This includes everything from mathematics, chemistry, physics, language, cooking or any area where you have advanced knowledge.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this activity has had a great rebound, as many schools switched to online mode to avoid contagion among his students.

From fun online Physical Education classes to complicated chemistry or math lessons, everything is possible online.

An advantage is that you are not required to be a certified teacher
to teach online, except if you want to offer your services on platforms related to primary or secondary education institutions.

Manage the networks of others as a Community manager

Manage the networks of others as a Community manager

Managing others’ social networks is a good online job opportunity

The Community Manager occupation has grown a lot in recent years, favored by the expansion of social networks.

This is one of the internet jobs in 2020 most recommended, it is only required that you master the use of social networks and communication and marketing principles.

Depending on how many social media accounts you manage and the number of clients, you can get big income.

Your function will be mainly to plan content to renew social networks daily, manage calendars and develop the image of the brand or client on the networks.

Become an online consultant

If you are an expert in any area, you can offer your services to companies to give them opinions and advice to help them increase their productivity and income.

This is one of the most recommended online jobs if you have a long professional experience.

The only thing that will be asked of you is that you provide opinions and recommendations to those responsible for the company about problems that they will share with you.

The Online consultants can work for public or private companies in specialized sectors such as technology, business, finance or medicine, among others.

Customer Service Representative

Working online as a Customer Service representative is another option that has grown a lot in recent years.

You would do the same job as an office representative, but from the comfort of your home using the internet in this case.

The main functions are to process customer orders, answer their questions and process complaints about the company’s services and products who hired you.

You would do this over the phone or in online chats. Therefore, only communication and problem-solving skills are required.

We warn you that it’s a job that can be stressful and it requires a lot of organization on your part.

Program and develop software from your home

Program and develop software from your home

Thousands of companies are looking for someone to do their programs

Writing computer programs is one of the most lucrative online jobs for those who prefer not to leave home.

This activity includes the development of web platforms, developing software or creating databases, among many possibilities.

You can start this work online by dedicating yourself to a single area and expanding the variety as you consolidate and become more successful.

Of course, you will do better as long as you master greater number of languages ​​and programming tools.

Excellent Internet Job: Website Designer

It is closely related to the previous topic, but this type of work from the network is more focused on the creative part of web pages.

Your role will be translate into a web page the wishes and vision of the client about your company and the content you want to show the public.

For this you must have creative skills and command of the most used programs for the creation of written content, photography and drawings.

You should also be proficient in scripting languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

In addition, you will be required to know how to use website creation platforms, such as WordPress.

Graphic designer, the master of digital creativity

If you have artistic qualities and a command of computer design, you can work as a graphic designer online.

Your work will be create visual content for advertising companies
or to improve the content of other people’s web page projects.

All work is done on a computer and you can even do it collaboratively with other designers, making it the ideal work to do from home.

Data transcriber, an ant job

The data writer is dedicated to entering or updating the information in a database quickly and efficiently.

This involves a wide variety of possibilities, ranging from typing to transcribing audio or updating large number tables.

This type of online work involves transcriptions of sound recordings or digital documents, so it is important that you write fast.

It is usually usually pay by the hour or quantity of material processed.

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Most recognized famous gamers in the world The list here!




YouTube has become the springboard for many famous gamers, what earn millions for posting videos in which they show their skills and knowledge about the latest games.

If you have a channel on YouTube, you will know that you can make good money if you have many followers who see your content, and we talk about large quantities.

Well we will talk about famous gamers what have millions of subscribers on YouTube and that thanks to this platform they have become stars at the level of film and TV artists.

In just 15 years, this platform became the largest source of information and fun for the world, with millions of videovlogs, musicals, movies and content in all the languages ​​that exist.

Even stars from other platforms know it, like the famous streamer Ninja who moved to YouTube due to the closure of Mixer.

We are going to introduce you to famous gamers that top the list in the category of content generators about video games and how they became YouTube stars.

Meet the oldest of the most popular gamers, PewDiePie

For many it is PewDiePie is king among popular gamers of Youtube because it was the first to reach more than 100 million subscribers.

PewDiePie was born in Sweden and his real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and he introduces himself as a comedian and videogamer.

He began participating in YouTube gaming groups in 2010, while studying at Chalmers University of Technology,

PewDiePie created a trend in content creation by combining the theme of video games, tricks, skills and releases, with jokes and humor, attracting an audience eager to see something different.

In fact, in 2014 it was already the largest YouTube video game channel
and despite the competition, today it is the second largest channel in followers worldwide.

PlayGerman, a South American among the most famous gamers

Now we will talk about a particular case among famous gamers, a YouTube comedian who later moved on to the world of video games.

This is the Chilean German Garmendia, whose video game channel “JuegaGerman” has no more and no less than 40.4 million followers!

Garmendia entered YouTube in 2011 with the channel “HolaSoyGerman” in which she told jokes and made parodies of everyday situations, quickly capturing a large audience.

Later he created the channel “JuegaGerman” dedicated to talking about video games and tricks, which turned out to be more successful than the first.

In 2015 YouTube awarded him two “Diamond Play Button” awards
for having added 57 million subscribers between its two channels.

It seems that changing jobs is useful in this world, as happened to a Mexican grandfather turned gastronomic Youtuber after losing his job due to the pandemic.

ElrubiusOMG, the greatest Spanish exponent among famous gamers

Now we will talk about a Spanish that stands out among famous gamers, “El Rubius”, known on YouTube as elrubiusOMG.

His real name is Rubén Doblas Gundersen and he came to YouTube in 2011, where he became popular for his tips, challenges, and demonstrations of skill with fashion games.

In 2012 it was already the YouTube vlogger with the most followers in Spain and in 2015 it was first content creator to reach 10 million subscribers in this country.

Currently his account is followed by 38.1 million followers and he has published a total of 822 videos since its inception.

El Salvador also has recognized gamers: Fernanfloo

This gamer hails from El Salvador, his name is Luis Fernando Flores and he is one of the most popular gamers on YouTube, with 37.1 million subscribers.

further is one of the stars of the Twitch platform, which broadcasts multimedia content about games.

He entered YouTube in 2011 and by 2016 he had already reached the 10 million subscriber mark, which, as we see, has not stopped increasing.

One particularity that helped him gain so many followers is that knows how to combine his incredible skill as a player with a top-of-the-line sense of humor.

Most popular gamers from Spain, Vegetta777

Most popular gamers from Spain, Vegetta777

YouTube has many famous Spanish-speaking gamers

We will now talk about another star of Spanish origin, Vegetta777, whose real name is Samuel de Luque.

Vegetta777 has 30.4 million followers and is known for an RPG of his own.

In addition, his fans say they have a lot of fun with his obsession with the theme of unicorns and for his intense emotional outbursts on every vlog he uploads.

He has also been very skillful in serving his audience, as he ranks among the most popular gamers by generate content for both Spanish and English speakers.

Before continuing, did you know that many artists are fans of video games?

They will surely also follow some of the youtubers in this article!

RezenDeevil: a son of Brazil among the most popular gamers

Could not miss a representative of Brazil in this list of famous YouTube gamers and in this case it is RezenDeevil.

His real name is Pedro Afonso Rezende Posso and this YouTube content generator is a star in the Amazon giant.

RezenDeevil is one of the most followed Portuguese-speaking vloggers, with 27.4 million subscribers.

In 2016 he was awarded the “Brazilian Kids Choice” award for being the favorite of children and young people in his country on the internet.

RezenDeevil specializes in games, but stands out for touching other topics in his vlogs, such as relationships, studies, family and others in a very fun way.

Meet vloger Markiplier

American Mark Edward Fischbach is another of YouTube’s top famous gamers, with 26.2 million followers.

I entered YouTube in 2012 with the Markiplier channel and is known for his great passion for online gaming.

However, he has known how to adapt to changes in the tastes of his followers.

At first he used to upload content about games and then he expanded to content where he answers questions from the public.

It is also very productive, because Markiplier has been uploading a daily vlog for years continuously.

The closing of the top of the most popular gamers, VanossGaming

The closing of the top of the most popular gamers, VanossGaming

The mixture of humor and games is a good hook for these youtubers

Finally we will talk about the Canadian Evan Flog, known as VanossGaming.

It only came to YouTube in 2015, long after most of the great vloggers dedicated to the subject of videogames.

He started talking only about games and information about the new titles that were coming on the market but then VanossGaming decided to start a new modality, playing online against other famous YouTubers.

This gave his channel a different touch and was very well received by critics and the public, which earned him increasing his fan cut to 11 million followers in 2015.

At that time it was already among the 25 channels with the most followers in the entire YouTube network, outperforming big news and celebrity channels.

It currently has 25.1 million subscribers and the best of all is that has not changed his style of entertaining the public taking on other celebrities on every vlog he posts.

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