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Cats show affection in different ways. Discover them



14 amazing ways your cat shows affection

The biggest argument for self-proclaimed «cat haters» is that cats, unlike their dog counterparts, are more distant and less likely to love their dogs. owners. Cats have different ways of showing the love they feel towards their owners.

How do cats show affection?

They don’t react with the excitement of a dog, but they can run up to you and rub your tail. When are you going to take a mouse dead? Well when they feel the need to tell you «I love you.» When you know how to recognize how cats show their affection, you will see that the feline still loves you.

1. Slow flashing

Don’t be afraid if your cat lover is watching you. While it may seem like a threatening move, this is really your way of showing him that you love him. If you blink slowly while the animal looks at you, you will be showing him that you love him and he is sure to your side.

2. Back it up in the face

You may not be overly grateful when you see your cat’s back, but it’s another chance for him to show you his love.

3. The tail curls when you are close

A cat’s tail can tell you a lot when it is around you. If the feline approaches you with a “straight tail with a weak curve at the end,” they indicate that they are approaching. friendly, which is a position that is often seen exhibiting among other cat-friendly or human-friendly friends that they like.

4. They surround you with the tail

Cat at the feet of its owner

Cat at the feet of its owner

If you’ve ever been involved in your cat lover’s tail, don’t take that moment to worry. Instead, be grateful – they show you love! If your cat feels comfortable around you, he is showing a sincere and full friendship trust.

5. They break you

In case your cat bites, it is a sign that he loves you. When a cat really cares about someone, it can show it through soft “bits of love,” explains Lynn Maria Thompson, author of the CEO by The Feline. They usually do this with your hand when you iron them, as an indication that they don’t want you to remove your hand.

6. Pee on things as you go

We understand that going back to random urine masses doesn’t necessarily sound like a good time. But In the grand scheme of things, your cat just tried to show you that they consider you a member of the family. As Thompson explains, cats will «mark the boundaries of their territory» while urinating there.

When you leave them alone in the home , they pee on things believing that the «smell of the familiar pee» will bring you home again.

7. They kneaded you

When kitties knead you, it is because they show that they really need you. This moment is demonstrated by pushing with the front legs, alternately between left and right.

And although this sounds painful, the cats they do it gently to those they really love. They do this when they breastfeed, and doing so reminds them of a time when they felt true happiness.

8. They give you dead animals.

What is the cat equivalent of giving you a bouquet of roses? He gives you his loot, says Emily Parker, manager of cathological content. This is because food in nature is a «precious commodity» and most of the cat’s time is spent hunting. It is a sign that they take care of you, almost as they said: “Do not worry for dinner tonight, I have it covered. «

9. They always seem to be around, especially when you’re sick

If when you are sick your cat approaches you and stays by your side, you should know that this can be a good sign that you are someone to whom they love.

10. You get hit on the head

Cat hitting his owner's head

Cat hitting his owner’s head

When they touch you with their head it is the last one they are offering you all their affection, They say, I love you, I need you, I will be here if you need me and I will take care of your home that is also mine. This touch of their heads makes their aroma remain impregnated and among all the cats you are marked as their «human«.

11. They caress you with their legs

The motif of a cat is often related to an attempt to enhance its scent. When cats rub their cheeks because they have scent glands in their cheeks and they try to give it pheromones.

12. Be close to you

What does your cat want when it is around you? They are hungry? You want to be alone Maybe. But have you ever thought that they might try to tell you they love? As Thompson explains, a cat purr has «healing properties.» Then, as they change, they are likely to be happy and especially happy to be around you.

13. They show you their stomach

Noses explain that cats will only expose their stomachs to someone they trust. But don’t necessarily look for a pet, as usually it’s just the appearance and you risk getting scratched. But if your cat really loves you, Naser says they can let you rub their stomach.

14. They lick you

The cats.  Cat licking its owner

Cat licking its owner

Cats have a lot of power in their tongues. As Megan Maxwell, a certified applied animal behavior specialist, explained to PetMD, if he licks you, a number of things are happening with this gesture. They crave your attention, have a desire to play, or need you to give them any kind of affection with your hand.

But they can also try to clear you, this is a very natural way to show that they are bonding with you. In addition to all this, it is often to lick «A sign that a cat is calm» around him, which means that he is loved.

In general, although cats do not look anything like dogs, which on the other hand have ways of giving darlings Much more expressive, they are pets capable of loving you for life and staying by your side until their death.

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