Unusual Sports.

Unusual sports in the world. Top 22 list

These sports are not part of Tokyo 2020 for sure, but they are so strange and curious that it is worth knowing them. Do not miss them!. They may have appeared from... Read more »

Apocalypse signs explained by science.

The end of the world is always personal, in many times it is social and only once literal. It is interesting how the irrefutable experience that everything is born to decay is... Read more »

Xolos, the companions in the world of the dead

The Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico is one of the festivals that best show the cultural syncretism of the country. A half pre-Hispanic ritual, half Catholic that invites the deceased... Read more »

Invasive species that are causing damage in Latin America (Part II)

Latin America remains an appetizing target for a large number of invasive species that find in the area all the conditions to develop, impose, and displace local species. Here we show you... Read more »

Invasive species that are causing damage in Latin America (Part I)

The impact of invasive species is worsening in Latin America, Aníbal Pauchard, founder and director of the Laboratory of Biological Invasions (LIB, for its Spanish acronym), a joint initiative of the Faculty... Read more »

The longest nonstop flight took place from New York to Sydney, Australia

On October 18, an aircraft of the Australian airline Qantas made the longest commercial flight in history, departing from New York City and landing in Sydney. The distance of this non-stop crossing... Read more »

Rarest primate in the world and the only one with six fingers

Recently scientists have discovered something that for years was at plain sight. Only at Madagascar lives a lemur, the aye-aye, one of the oddest primates in the world, and now it seems... Read more »

The strange organism without brain but able to learn

A zoo in Paris, France, exhibited a mysterious new organism called «blob» and resembles the protagonist of a 1958 horror film, which portrays an alien mass that consumes human beings to grow.... Read more »

Does playing video games help you get a better job?

The video game industry is no longer what it was: a minor issue, of a few, and only for the little ones. Today it is more powerful than that of cinema and... Read more »

First season of Som Dona, the first hotel «only for women»

Turn your getaway or your vacation into a unique and different experience from everything you know at the Som Dona Hotel, the first hotel exclusively for women from 14 years old in... Read more »