New Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus. Can you become infected again?

The General Director of the World Organization of Health (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday afternoon that infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19 emerged in China could still infect others after... Read more »

Sterility in women. Scientists identify triggers fertility problems.

Spanish and Chinese scientists open the door to the extension of fertile age by discovering the mechanisms that cause the ovaries premature aging Read more »

Two new drugs for migraine to be used in Spain

Public health in Spain includes from this week two new medications for people with headaches that have not worked conventional treatments. Read more »

Smoking tobacco could increase the risk of developing depression and schizophrenia

New research from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) establishes a relationship between smoking and the possibility of having an impact on people's mental health. Read more »

New subtype of HIV appears after almost two decades

The finding is important because scientists need to know what strains of the virus are circulating to ensure that the tests used to detect the disease are effective. In addition, the study... Read more »

Dutch scientists develop the first artificial uterus

There are a lot of risks in the birth of a premature baby, in fact, from 15 million babies born yearly worldwide, almost 1 million die after. Premature births are those which... Read more »

What types of transplants there are?

Transplants are very necessary. Thanks to them, many lives are saved and today there are many transplants, many of which we may not even know. There are many types of transplants that... Read more »

The details of the food of Leo Messi and Barcelona

The nutritionist of Barcelona has told about her daily work with the first team, how food can prevent injuries, and how Messi and other colleagues have discovered the benefits of turmeric. Read more »

Insomnia can seriously affect your health

We have all spent some night with our eyes wide open, counting sheep or cracks in the wall, unable to sleep while the rest of the neighborhood sleeps soundly ... or so... Read more »

Red and processed meat is not as harmful as previously thought, says study

Reducing the consumption of beef steak, sausages and any other form of red or processed meat is, for most people, a waste of time. This is at least what a report says... Read more »