Exercises vs cancer

Exercises and vigorous physical activity vs cancer

Exercises is now one more therapy against cancer for several specialists. More than 170 studies in the world already endorse the potential of physical activity as a powerful weapon of prevention and... Read more »
Moving together

Moving with your partner. Everything to consider.

Are you thinking of taking your relationship to another level? You can't do it before reading what the experts say on the subject . You have already passed the Honey Moon stage... Read more »
Cryptography for privacy

Cryptography. Safe way to Share a Secret.

I think its safe to say that we all have had a moment when we needed to talk discus a delicate matter. In these situations, we don't want to use the phone... Read more »

World wine production falls in 2019

Vinified production in 2019 decreased by 10% compared to the previous year. Although this difference of 30 million. hl seems significant, the level of production in 2019 remains at the levels observed... Read more »

Five best bars in the world in 2019

As every year, since 2011, Drinks International magazine announced, last month, the list with the 50 best bars in the world, The World´s 50 Best Bars 2019. This year, the top of... Read more »

«Joker»: where are the famous stairs of the movie?

Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, goes up and down some lonely, dirty and endless stairs at different times in the movie «Joker». It is in this place where one of the... Read more »

Some of the best wildlife photos of 2019

The annual contest was won by a Chinese photographer who captured the extraordinary moment of a confrontation between a Tibetan fox and a groundhog. Among the winning images in other categories stands... Read more »

Names of continents: a review to their origins

In general, the names of the continents as we know them today arise from historical or cultural issues. From the Greek, from conquerors, from the Romans ... With origins of the most... Read more »

How many continents there are?

How many continents are there? It seems like a simple question but the answer is much more complex ... For some there are five, for others six, others believe there are seven... Read more »

Panama Canal breaks tonnage record despite US-China dispute

The Panama Canal broke its tonnage record during fiscal year 2019, when 469 million tons passed through its waters, despite the commercial war between the United States and China, its two main... Read more »