Tom Hanks and wife

Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has reached Hollywood. Two high-profile patients are now confirmed to have the virus. Academy Award winner Tom Hanks confirmed himself that he and his wife have the dreaded virus.... Read more »

«My poetry is for the poor»: Ernesto Cardenal said

«My poetry is for the poor», said Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal, during the tribute made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Latin American meeting «Mexico to extremisms:... Read more »

Marion Cotillard speaks of her new film and more

The actress premieres «Little lies to be together», a portrait of a group of friends who meet again after eight years and share fears, frustrations, deceptions and, also, love. Read more »

Continuous session of jazz by women

The American pianist Myra Melford and the English saxophonist Nubya Garcia offered two concerts in Madrid. Last Friday night, within the program of the International Jazz Festival of Madrid, two risky and... Read more »

Leonardo Da Vinci arrives at the Louvre in a magnificent exhibition

The most expensive painting in the world does not appear in the exhibition that the Parisian museum consecrates to the painter on the 500th anniversary of his death. After ten years of... Read more »

Dubuffet, a barbarian in art

The French painter promoted with his Art Brut a new way of facing creation and culture. Jean Dubuffet (Le Havre, 1901-Paris, 1985), is one of the most controversial creators of the twentieth... Read more »

Alicia Alonso, last diva of classical ballet dies

The ballet dancer Alicia Alonso, the last great ballet diva, died in a hospital in Havana where she had entered due to a drop in blood pressure from which she could not... Read more »

The Prado shows the origin of emoticons

The drawing patterns that inspire WhatsApp faces with different expressions date back more than three centuries, according to the curator of the exhibition «The paper master. Primer to learn to draw from... Read more »

International Balloon Festival León 2019, everything you need to know

The Mexico's largest balloon festival is preparing to celebrate its eleventh edition. Enjoy more than 200 air balloons in the air, camping areaa, concerts and more activities at the International Balloon Festival... Read more »

“Joker”: People choose sides because of the movie

While the United States prepares for the arrival in theaters this weekend of Joker, one of the films of the year, the combination of the Batman universe with a certain poetization of... Read more »