Burning object flies over UK skies, leaving smoke trail

A quite large and mysterious burning object flies over the UK skies. The appeared flamming and left a smoke trail that lasted 20 minutes according to media reports.

The strange object was seen moving in a spiral over the sky at about 8 pm in Cambridgeshire according to a report by Metro newspaper.

The man that spotted it was Gerry Underwood of 55 years old. He told the newspaper that it looked very similar to a chemtrail, sort of like a short and shiny cloud. The man also said that the cloud moved slowly and that he was sure it was not a meteorite. Since meteorite trails usually disappear in seconds.

He discarded the object to be a shooting star because they have seen several of those and it didn’t look alike either. This new object according to him was moving very slowly and in a spiral.

Another strange fact is that the cloud was glowing in a strange orange color and flames came out of it on the back of the cloud.

Garry was able to take some pictures of the burning object flying over the Uk while it was dropping through the sky. In those pictures, a huge trail is visible behind it. He stood watching it on the sky for 10 to 20 minutes approximately as it faded slowly and eventually disappear completely.

A scientific explanation for the Cambridge burning mystery.

Experts from the National Space Academy offer a scientific explanation for the Cambridgeshire mystery.

The explanation is that the object was probably a contrail from a jet flying at a high altitude. Nobody would have imagined it since most flights are canceled.

The mysterious orange light came from the setting sun. As the sun set the light was shining over the contrail on a low angle and the light looked orange; thus, much of the contrail looked completely light up.

What exactly is a contrail?

A contrail is referred to as the line-shaped clouds that are left behind aircraft as they pass through the sky. It is formed basically of ice crystals.

However, many people ask why the object was moving. The experts also answer this saying that it was actually the sunlight that was moving as the sun finally set. It moved from one side to the other of the contrail making it look as if it was moving away.

Burning object flies over UK on the news
Burning object flies over the UK make it to the news

The spiraling is the consequence of winds in high altitude. They cause disturbs and turbulence

It was all a cargo plane

 Actually, it was confirmed that a cargo plane flew 34000 feet above only a few minutes before the pictures got taken. This scenario will cause this kind of effect.

Because most planes are not flying now and the skies are clearer it is normal that this effect caught the attention of the locals.  

According to Mr. Underwood, the size of the object was the most surprising part of the whole situation. He lives in Stretham in Cambridgeshire, on a canal boat. He says that they all have seen strange things on the river but this sighting is definitely a first for them.

Not the first strange object sighting in Cambridgeshire.

The county has had a few spotting over the last year. For example, in November 2019 another mysterious flying object fell from the sky and a man saw it on his way to work.  

The man’s name is Spencer Jackson. He is a 52years old local.  According to Jackson, this object was also unlike anything he ever saw and can’t explain it.

He says it was not a plane or a meteor; although it was large; and it fell to the ground at an angle from 10 to 4 clockface.    He looked on YouTube but has not found anything similar.  

2020’s Atronomy events.

If you are a fan of astronomy and enjoy rare sights on the sky, here are some events that will happen this year.

From February to May each month there will be a supermoon. Four Supermoons in a row. Even though to many of us this supermoon might seem like a normal full moon it is a rare event.

Meteor showers

From April 22-23 and again from May 6-7 there will be two close meteor shower. Even though the first one passed already, we have one more two weeks from now. This one is one of the best meteor showers for 2020. It will be best seen on the Southern Hemisphere. We will be able to see up to 60 shooting stars/h

Meteor shower on the night sky
Geminid meteor shower

Another will come on Aug. 12-13. This time is The Perseid meteor shower, one of the top 3 of the year. We will be able to see up to 100 meteors/ h.

The last meteor shower of the year will be on Dec. 13. There won’t be a moon on the sky that night so it will be perfect for stargazing. You’ll see up to 150 meteors per hour so make sure to be away from city lights.

Lunar eclipse on a special date for North America.

North America will be so fortunate as to spot from its location 2 Lunar eclipses. This fourth of July is one of them, just after sunset. The second one will be on November 29th until early hours of November 30th.

Strange blue moon on Halloween

This astronomic event occurs every 2 to 3 years. However, it is uncommon that it happens on Halloween night. After Oct. 31, 2020, the next Halloween blue moon will be in 2039.

The only total solar eclipse in 2020

This year there will be only one total solar eclipse. It will be on December 14. These few days (Dec. 13 and 14) are very busy for astronomy geeks.

Rare objects on the sky
Total solar eclipse

After an intense meteor shower, this total eclipse will make the day seem like night. The eclipse will be visible in those areas that witnessed the 2019 solar eclipse.

Jupiter and Saturn over the summer sky.

Around the middle of July, these two planets will be shining next to each other all season. They will be visible even without astrological instruments. Jupiter from July 14th and Saturn from July 20th.

These two planets will enter what is known as Super conjunction by december 21st. They will appear very close in the sky. Closer than the last known record in the 17th Century.

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