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Best foods in the world. You will not believe



The 20 best foods in the world

Know about the best foods, the tastiest foods, and the places where they are they manufacture, is an incessant search. Today we bring you the 20 best foods in the world

Masala Dosa, India

This is a spicy mashed potato mix that is dipped in Coconut Chutney, Ketchup, and Lentils. It’s crispy and it’s overflowing with rice. It is one of the most fantastic meals for a breakfast.

French fry, UK

Even today it is not known where the potato was born. Some say it was invented in 1853 in New York, but the first known recipe for French fries appears in a cookbook by Englishman William Kitchiner in 1817.

It is one of the most child-friendly foods and that is why it has become a delicacy very popular. Not even caviar has reached the fame that French fries have on the market.

Tacos, Mexico

It consists of a fresh handmade tortilla that is filled with small pieces of grilled meat. It is fried in oil and sea salt and then topped with sauces, onion, guacamole, and cilantro. It is perfect for a lunch, breakfast or dinner.

Ketchup, United States

It was created by the American Malcolm Gladwell and was classified as a perfect food. It is one of the main dressings that are accompanied with french fries, hamburgers and other dishes.

Chili Crab, Singapore

Impossible for you to leave Singapore without trying the meat specialty. It consists of a spicy and sloppy dish made of crab.

Although there are dozens of ways to prepare this animal, this is one of the main ones when it comes to preparing crab. Between his ingredients there is the hot chile sauce and tomato sauce, as well as black pepper and baked cheese.

Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan

Ohmi gyu beef steak, Japan

Ohmi gyu beef steak

Another of the best foods in the world is Wagyu beef. This comes from the famous Takara Ranch, which has been recognized by the Imperial Palace of Japan as one of the largest Bookings of meat that have been conserved in these last 400 years.

It is nicknamed as the Roll Royce of beef. It is served on a plate in the style Sashimi, drizzling Kaffir lime and sea salt in conjunction with green tea. This fat in the meat and changes its texture as it melts and leaves a subtle but classic flavor at the same time.

Lechón, Philippines

This is the National dish of the Philippines. It consists of a whole young pig that is simmered for several hours. This produces a tender and crispy meat. It is prepared on various special occasions throughout the year.

Fajitas, Mexico

It consists of pieces of meat cooked on the grill, along with portions of onion, cream, sauce, a warm flour tortilla and pepper. All this makes the palate a wonder to taste each piece of the omelette.

Lasagna, Italy

In the second most famous Italian food after pizza. Among its ingredients are tomato sauce, minced meat and different layers of pasta that make lasagna a dish with a beautiful texture and delicious al palate.

Croissant, France

It consists of a pile of raspberry jam that is spread on a topping of Butter and fried. It is a greasy and sweet meal but excellent to accompany a good cup of coffee for a delicious breakfast.

Arepas, Venezuela

It consists of a corn dough pie that can be painted with any ingredient delicious like pulled chicken, crispy pork skin, beef, cheese, tomato, and avocado.


Lobster is one of the dishes that most chefs prepare in famous restaurants. The best way to prepare lobster is the boil it and serve with a portion of solid butter and a lemon wedge. It is ideal to share a delicious meal in moments of relaxation with your friends.

Pastel de nata, Portugal

According to legend, Portuguese monks after having used egg whites to starch their religious clothes, they used the leftover yolks to make cakes. And supposedly this is the cake that you commonly know today as pastel de nata.

Donuts, United States

These calorie balls taste like no other. They are wheels of fried doughs that are worldwide known and manufactured in the United States.

Ice cream

No matter how satisfied you are after a meal, there is always room for plenty of ice cream filled with marshmallows, nuts and chocolate sauce. Regardless of your diet, you always want to see the melted bottom of your glass of that cold and sweet food that you like so much.

Hamburger, germany



Today people spend more than $ 20 billion each year on a chain of restaurants dedicated to hamburgers. Even if you know the company McDonald’sThey are not offering the best burgers in the world.

But despite this, it is one of the most famous in the world. This combination of meat, bread and salad is so good, what entire countries have devastated its ecosystems just to produce more cows and meet the demand for hamburgers.

Sushi, Japan

When it is apparently just a mixture of raw fish and rice, it is the best way to combine these elements and is considered among the best foods in the world. It makes it one of the world’s favorite foods. Brands gigantic such as Sony, Yamaha, Nikon and Toyota may have been created by people who love this Japanese delicacy.

Chocolate, Mexico

It was one of the drinks that the Mayans consumed and even the subject of films such as those made by Lasse Hallström. Thanks to this creamy sweet and bittersweet the day of Valentine’s Day not just cards and flowers and Easter is more than just a boring religious event.

Neapolitan pizza, Italy

The best pizza was and will continue to be simply Neapolitan pizza. Is a invention which is now protected by its own commercial firm.

Consists in sea salt, wheat flour and the use of three types of fresh tomatoes in addition to a hand rolled dough. It is recommended to cook it in a wood oven and if you want you can add some other ingredients such as olive oil and basil.

Massaman curry, Thailand

This is the most famous sauce in the world and it is made up of sweet, spicy and salty flavors. It is a dressing for almost anything, hence its fame. This sauce is well known and its use has spread throughout the world.

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