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Best credit cards for travel



If you are a regular traveler, either for work or personal taste, you will want to know what the best credit cards for travel that you can find in the market.

A credit card is a very valuable tool when you are away from home, and in many cases having one is a mandatory requirement.

But travel cards are special, as they are designed to help you when you go away from home and to answer for you in any eventuality.

Things like renting a car, booking a first-class flight, or getting a hotel room at the last minute are easier with a good travel card.

And have one of the best credit cards for travel, guarantees that it is accepted everywhere and under favorable conditions.

¿What are credit cards for travel?

What are credit cards for travel?

Cards make it easier for you to face the cost of a trip

Unlike a common credit card, travel cards usually offer you prizes or rewards when you use them outside your city or country.

Whether they are points, discounts or refunds, the bonuses and prizes of the credit cards for travel they can add up for an upcoming outing away from home.

Points are added to you with each consumption, which you can then easily redeem through the web portal of the company that issued your card.

If you prefer, you can save these points, which will appear as a credit on your account statements.

The mBest travel credit cards allow you to transfer points or traveler miles to a member to use them in hotels or when buying air tickets.

And a great advantage of these travel cards is that they do not charge international fees, so any purchase or consumption made in another country will not be a direct blow to your pocket.

What should the best travel credit cards have?

The use of credit cards for travel It involves the payment of interest and variable fees that you must consider before purchasing one.

An important characteristic is the annual fee for the use of the card, which can be higher than in a common card.

But in return, this is offset by the discounts and facilities to pay in monthly or annual installments that you will receive.

Always check what are the «exclusive advantages» they offer you, such as preferential access to VIP lounges at airports or facilities to get hotels in high season.

And above all, we advise you to check if you offer travel insurance coverage, something that will avoid many headaches.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve card, ideal for the common traveler

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the best credit cards for travel in general, whether business, tourist or urgent.

For example, it is ideal if you want to travel to one of the safest destinations in Europe this summer.

This card offers 1 reward point for every euro spent on purchases abroad and 3 points per euro on ticket and restaurant expenses.

You also accumulate points for car rental, train or bus tickets and payment of hotel rooms.

Further gives you a welcome bonus of 50,000 points that becomes effective if you spend at least US $ 4,000 in the first three months.

Its annual interest rate is variable, ranging from 16.99% to 23.99%, and is considered excellent for those who spend an average of US $ 12,000 or more on travel each year.

American Express Gold Card, ask if yours is eat

The American Express Gold Card is considered one of the best credit cards for travel that those who care about cover your food expenses.

It offers you 35,000 reward points for an input consumption of US $ 4,000 in the first three months.

It will also give you 4 reward points for every dollar spent in restaurants and supermarkets and 3 points per dollar on flights booked with Amex Travel or directly with an airline.

All other purchases receive a 1 point award per dollar spent.

This card has an annual fee of US $ 250 and applies a variable interest rate between 15.99% and 22.99%.

If you travel to the United States and have the Gold version of American Express, you will benefit from the points earned when you buy groceries or food for more than US $ 7,000 a year.

This covers even purchases made in small grocery stores and restaurants.

American Express Platinum, takes you first class

American Express Platinum, takes you in First Class

Upgrade to first class on your flight with the American Express Platinum

This travel credit card is designed for those who like to travel in First Class on your business or pleasure flights.

Offer 5 reward points for every dollar spent on airline reservations and prepaid hotels booked with Amex Travel.

Tea gives an entry bonus of 75,000 pointss with a redemption bonus of $ 5,000 in the first three months.

Its annual fee is US $ 550 but it does not charge international fees or variable interest rates, just a late payment fee of about US $ 39.

The American Express Platinum card is ideal for you if you spend more than US $ 10,000 per year on hotels and plane tickets.

Also if you are demanding with your comfort and you like to enjoy the VIP lounges at each airport and special attention at the hotels.

One of its advantages is that it covers you with up to $ 200 for unforeseen expenses on your trip, such as checking excess luggage or food on board, using the internet and taxis.

Capital One Venture, accumulate miles and keep traveling

Perhaps it is the preferred among the best credit cards for travel for those who travel many kilometers a year.

It remains to see if it applies for a 10,000 kilometer flight to Antarctica what an Australian airline will do as a way to overcome economic losses from the pandemic.

The Capital One Venture card rewards you with 2 miles per dollar spent in stores and 5 miles for hotel payments and car rentals.

Upon receiving the card, you can spend up to US $ 3,000 in the first three months, after which you will receive a bonus of 50,000 miles.

It also has a low annual fee, of only US $ 95 (exonerated the first year) with a variable interest rate between 17.24% and 24.49%

It does not charge international fees and is perfect for those who spend between US $ 6,000 and US $ 10,000 a year and who do not exceed a consumption of US $ 7,000 per year in meals.

It also includes the TSA Precheck or Global Entry, at a cost of $ 15 to $ 20 per year, plus travel accident insurance and collision insurance for rental cars.

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