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Best books to read during the coronavirus quarantine



Survive the coronavirus and survive the boredom of being locked in a long and overwhelming quarantine. These are two battles that we must successfully fight if our intention is to stay alive and sane when this horrible is over. pandemic. However, there is a way to get out of the house without being a danger to society and to yourself. Here is a list of the best books that will allow you to travel, not just this one, but all the planets.


This novel by Juan Tallón is written with enormous depth. A book that wraps your heart from the first page. The love, the loss that leads you to suffering, the family and the typical misunderstanding of the youth. A story told from various mouths, each one with its own particular way of seeing things.

Of everything visible and invisible

De Lucía Etxebarría, a novel that recounts the love life of Ruth, a film director with Juan, a poet from Bilbao. Fresh, fun and with a direct and quirky female character, just a story not to be missed.

The mystery of the dodo

Child researcher accompanied by a dodo

book cover The Mystery of the Dodo

One of the best books for young people, under the hand of Sofía Rhei. Count the child’s life orphan, brave and curious, James Moriarty, who would be the archenemy of Sherlock Holmes.

Dragon eyes

This time, Stephen King is the one who provides a medieval adventure novel, incredible, well written and surprising, full of heart.


Jeffrey Eugenides tells the magnificent story of Cat. A hermaphrodite boy who has lived secretly as a man and as a woman after being abandoned by his grandparents.

The 6th continent

A book by Pennac, which tells the story of the island of plastic, located in the Pacific Ocean. Strong and with a great basis of environmental awareness.

The desert of the Tartars

A famous classic written by Dino Buzzati, which tells the life of Drogo. An officer, who after his license, you are given the mission to travel to Fort Bastiani. Which, on the way you will discover, that nobody knows. A novel full of humanism, integrity and heroism.

Conversations between friends

book cover showing two friends lying on the grass

Conversations between amogos good book to read in quarantine

One of the best current books, full of relationships enigmatic and love disappointments. It is the first work of Sally Rooney


From one side of the earth to the other, passing through all facets of love and suffering. This novel tells the life of Watanabe, a woman who survived the Nagasaki nuclear bomb, and her journey with three other magnificent women.

Of steel

A spectacular book, one of those that seem to stop time and make you live only with the aim of reading it. The Italian Silvia Avallone tells the story of the evolution in the life of Anna and Francesca, who, little by little, are leaving their childhood behind. A work that shows sex and friendship, just as it is.

The bat

Superbly written, a book that marks the beginning of a crime novel saga scandinavian wonderful.


Absolutely raw and Awesome, tells the sad and bloody story of the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germans.

One hundred years of loneliness

Read a hundred years of solitude

One hundred years of loneliness

An all-time classic and one of the best books written by the hand of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Tell a fictional story in a town called Macondo, from the Buen día family for 7 generations. A masterpiece, full of characters and peculiar and imperishable circumstances.

The gypsy bride

A crime novel by Carmen Mola, as mysterious as addictive. It has a second part called: The purple network.

The summer my mother had green eyes

Written by Romanian Tatiana Tubileac, a work full of grudges, hatred and bitterness. But in contrast, he also makes a fantastic approach to topics like love and forgiveness.


Not just by war wounds, we mean blood and dead tissue. Also to the wounds of the soul. This is the first a novel by Carmen Laforet, which tells of the suffocating emptiness that remains after a battle.

Ender’s Game

A classic science fiction Orson Scott Card, bringing the fabulous history of an alien war. Where they mobilize and train Earth children, in order to successfully fight this powerful battle.


A brutal apocalyptic novel and one of the best books of this genre, full of emotions and tension from the first page. Two survivors of a world devastated by causes unknown. A boy, a man and their struggle to stay alive in that dark place. Each one running away from the cannibals, each one running away from the other.

Princes of maine

John irving Extensive, reflects with his writing strong truths in relation to rights, abortion and life.

Their children after them

A fresh and realistic story, showing the stage of youth in a decadent autonomous society. Reflecting their interests, sexual desires, loves and moments of anger.

Red april

A superb cop, perfectly worded, done just right to grab the reader right from the start. Serial killers, horrible crimes, deaths and a region inhabited by ghosts.

Mud skies

read in quarantine Mud skies

Mud skies

The writer better known as Chacón, portrays in her work a pastor suspected of three crimes. A novel difficult to understand, but mysterious and hard, situated between the past and the present.

The girls

Emma Cline gives life to Evie, a shy girl in the middle of adolescence. This is taken to a farm owned by Charlie Manson, just in the same summer that Sharon Tate is murdered.

Nothing opposes the night

Delphine de Vigan brings to paper the story of her own family, torn apart by abuse and psychological problems.

Essay on Blindness

A marvelous work by José Saramago, one of his best books, full of truths and with a high content of what human fragility means. The reflection typical of selfishness and the classic struggle of the strongest, in order to survive in a dirty and corrupt society. It tells the story of a man who, at a traffic light, loses his sight and becomes a scum to everyone except a woman.

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