Beachy hair, the new color technique to give volume and light to your hair

In French «balayage» means «to sweep» and that is exactly what we want to achieve, gain a natural and bright look by sweeping different shades of color in your hair. To use this technique means to light the hair with several shades of lighter colors than the one you have. We must choose from one to three or more shades lighter than your base so you can stay as natural and elegant as you could.

The balayage allows you to work a hair contouring look, playing with several shades, at least three, and bringing the brightest reflections to the contour of the oval of your face, so you highlight those parts you want to show better or improve. There is a new color technique that you can try if you like the balayage style. The Beachy Hair created by Jessica Galván, plays with the light contrasts of your hair to give it greater dimension but with a very natural effect.

The idea is to use colors that fade from dark to light so that the light creates dimensions through different shades. For example, if you want to transform your brown hair into blonde hair gradually, the way to do it would be to work the color with tones and semitones that give volume and life to what would be a natural blond.

How Beachy Hair works and what benefits it can give to your appearance…

According to Jessica Galván, Beachy, California or Balayage styles are options that allow it to be played with the most different and intense solar ranges. These techniques focus on contrasts and blurring so it can be applied on Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads. You can even use the technique if you want to try more daring tones with roses.

Jessica has trained the stylists of the aesthetics Silvia Galván to be able to implement it within her color design services. This technique, if used properly, can make the hair look brighter, can give a younger appearance and also does not mistreat the scalp so much, however it never hurts to give extra care.

Are you thinking of making a change of look?

Jessica has worked with different celebrities, from Belinda and Sira Pevida, to Yuri. If you are looking for a change of look you can see on their Instagram the styles that you like the most. There are different ways to design light reflections, it also depends on the skin tone you have and obvious, what you are looking for. Ask your stylist which design suits you best and don’t be afraid of change.

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