Unusual business name

Business name. 3 factors to determine how unusual should it be.

When people think about business or company names most of them think it should be an unusual name or brand. Usually, this is done using words in a foreign language, by combining... Read more »
Retired nurse banned from flying next to dying sister

Retired nurse fails criteria to fly to Australia to care for dying sister.

Gail Baker is a woman living in Australia. On March 10th she was diagnosed with sudden advanced ovarian cancer. She is dying in an Australian Hospital and her dying request and wishes... Read more »
NFL 2020 virtual draft

NFL 2020 draft. Results and analysis.

The NFL held the first virtual round ever of its yearly draft. The NFL 2020 draft had to be carried out this way due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Because of this,... Read more »
Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

Deadly tornado in Oklahoma due to sever weather.

A deadly tornado in Oklahoma caused the death of several people on April 22nd. This was one of nine tornados that were being suspected by The National Weather Service. This disaster was... Read more »
Anna Wintour wearing facemask

Anna Wintour warns fashion will never be the same again

Anna Wintour, known editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, stated that fashion will change fundamentally after the coronavirus outbreak. She said also that the industry would have to re-think what it represents. Supermodel Naomi... Read more »
Disney World and Disneyland theme parks

Disney World and Disneyland closed until next year.

There is a strong possibility that Disney World, Disneyland and other theme parks owned by the company oversees won’t reopen its doors until early next year. This information was provided by John... Read more »
New Samsung app Hand Wash

New Samsung app to Remind Users to Wash Hands

As more and more specialists insist on the importance to wash hand to help control the spread of the disease, is no wonder that app developers come up with creative apps to... Read more »
Mystery Burning object flies over UK

Burning object flies over UK skies, leaving smoke trail

A quite large and mysterious burning object flies over the UK skies. The appeared flamming and left a smoke trail that lasted 20 minutes according to media reports.The strange object was seen... Read more »