Anna Wintour warns fashion will never be the same again

Anna Wintour, known editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, stated that fashion will change fundamentally after the coronavirus outbreak. She said also that the industry would have to re-think what it represents.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell interviewed the magazine editor for her No Filter with Naomi YouTube series. In said interview, Anna mentions that she thinks that values in society will shift as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis.

Specially referring to the waste levels and excess in the fashion industry. These aspects, according to her, will need to be reconsidered.  This is because the coronavirus situation in the world has definitely put a strain on many purses.

Thousands of people are not working and therefore many are not getting paid.  When we looked back at our past expenses, we might reconsider most of the unnecessary purchases we’ve made and their actual value now vs. the current needs in this situation.  

Fashion and sustainability

The Vogue magazine editor also remarked on the necessity to reevaluate the levels of consumption and execs that we, as buyers, have been spoiling ourselves on.

There also needs to be a new approach on sustainability within the industry. More of an emphasis on it. As well as in creativity and craftsmanship.

This also calls for a new way to think for consumers. In which we pace ourselves to enjoy things more instead of always be after the next new product out there. Buy gifts for special dates and things to purchase with this approach.

Anna Wintour also said that now there is little or no time to look and think and enjoy fashion. And also, that what people should expect now is to see a Fashion Month much more scale-down. The current situation has shown that the industry needs to focus on more fashion’s actual artistry. Meaning far less lavish fashion shows.

Anna Wintour at fashion show.
Anna Wintour sitting front row at a fashion show

Vogue’s initiative.

She express these ideas when she was talking about the initiative A Common Thread   by Vogue x CFDA. This initiative’s goal is to raise funds and awareness on behave of those people in the fashion industry that have been affected negatively by the coronavirus pandemic.

She also added that because of this event we are understanding that it is not enough to talk and think that we need to change. Now it is a matter of having to change and going to do it.

2020 Met Gala.

The famous editor also spoke about the cancelation of this year’s Met Gala. She explained that the organizers and herself did what they had to do in the best interest of the health of all those involved in the process and the event itself.

Anna Wintour at 2019 Met Gala
Anna Wintour photographed during 2019 Met Gala

Also, the editor supported the way most of the population behaved in maintaining self-isolation and wearing facemasks when they have to go out. She said that by doing this, people are taking care of their families, their communities, and their friends.  And even though this is a terrible time, the pandemic has got people closer to one another

Anna Wintour’s advice on moving forward.

When supermodel Naomi Campbell asked Anna for her advice on moving forward, the editor answered in a few words. Saying to people to wear their masks and listen to the advice of the doctors since ultimately, they have the knowledge.

During her time quarantined, Anna told Naomi that she had started running as a way to release stress. She is also staying at her Hamptons house with some members of her family. Her son is a doctor. He contracted the virus when he was working in a New York hospital.

The virus really does not make exceptions. Old, young, doctors, regular hardworking people. The editor is currently 70 years old, so she is in the vulnerable group.

A different way to live life according to Anna Wintour

For her, this time is certainly a very different day of living life. The most significant difference is that time merges and one loses the sense of the days passing. Also, the sense of accomplishment from regular working hours.

Anna Wintour said she tries to keep in touch with her colleagues. They are all well and healthy but she misses that people interaction. So far Vogue magazine is still publishing forward. Its next issue will be coming soon.

However, the Met Gala, Anna Wintour’s other baby was cancelled. While the MET announced that their doors will remain closed until July. Once this decision was issued there really was no other option but to cancel the event.

Another looked forward event.

For Anna Wintour, another looked forward event is November’s Presidential Election. She encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden. The editor said that the candidate is a person you can trust.

In addition, she spoke also of the need for people to go vote. Especially young people. Saying that there is a need to find someone trustworthy, experienced, and honest. For her, the man is Joe Biden Vice President Biden.

Anna’s known private personality has been private during the pandemic.

She is famously known for been a private person. However, these are not normal times. So people tend to act a little differently. Many famous personalities have spoken up to help raise awareness and support for people affected by the virus.

Anna has also been penning stories on the magazine’s website and even sharing anecdotes and pictures from her time in lockdown. The things she is most grateful for during this trying period; and also asking people to wear their facemasks in public.

She announced that her son had contracted the virus.

Anna Wintour also announced that her son Charlie, who is a doctor, contracted the coronavirus in a New York hospital where he had been working with patients there.  She explained it in a video on Vogue’s Instagram account. Her son is a 35-year-old, father of two children. The doctor was ‘quite ill’ according to his mother and currently at home under quarantining.

The Instagram announcement came on April 6th. In addition, she said that when her son is recuperated, he will return to the ICU at the hospital where he was working.

She also said how proud she is of her son and how grateful she feels towards all health workers and first responders who work very hard to contain the spread of the virus.

New York, where Anna’s son contracted the virus is the biggest epicenter of the virus in North America and in the World. This virus has already infected more than 2 million people worldwide.

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