Adobe presents extremely useful tools for video and audio

Modern image editing tools make it incredibly easy to modify a person’s image, sometimes to make it look more attractive by removing imperfections, other times to ridicule it or directly to present it in fake news. For better or worse, Adobe, one of the leading suppliers of editing software, has been one of the most important actors in an era of questionably real images. About Face seeks to remedy that.

This year’s edition of the Adobe Max conference has hosted the presentation of an especially interesting ‘sneak’: a feature called «About Face», capable of detecting (using machine learning) if the face of a photograph has been manipulated somehow by graphic editing. That is, the creators of Adobe Photoshop let us know now when a face has been ‘photoshoped’.

Simply apply ‘About Face’ to the image, and the tool will estimate the probability that such manipulation has been carried out, a very easy process to carry out today thanks to multiple kinds of software. ‘About Face’ is not fixed so much on the face as a whole (as a facial identification algorithm could do) as on individual pixels, thus providing a heat map of probably altered areas of the image. If we are lucky, the tool can even try to reverse the manipulation; it is especially useful when it has been done using the ‘Liquify’ filter of Adobe Photoshop.

The progressive increase in fakes and deepfakes, especially as a means for the dissemination of hoaxes through social media, and the influence this is having on the reputation of those affected, as well as on the public debate, is encouraging large companies to invest in new technologies capable of automating the detection of this kind of manipulation. In the case of deepfakes it is more complicated, because technology evolves rapidly, but with traditional fakes, which are often the product of the use of Photoshop, tools such as ‘About Face’ can be remarkably useful.

Other Artificial Intelligence applications presented in Adobe Max

Adobe Max 2019 has also allowed to publicize other ‘sneaks’ based on the use of artificial intelligence. All In: Have you ever had the problem of wanting to take a group photo without being forced to stay out of it? Well, this tool allows just that: take a photo in which you do not appear and add you from another photo taken in the same area, without noticing the ‘photoshoping’ process.

Sound Seek / Awesome Audio: Do you have audio clips where you just say «aahhh», «uhm» and repetitive sounds like that? Well, the ‘Sound Seek’ tool also uses machine learning to delete them with just one click. If the problem is ambient noise or the presence of echo, ‘Awesome Audio’ will clean the fragment to obtain a professional sound.

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