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A Mayan god would have inspired Batman’s character: Camazotz, the “bat of death”

Bats are considered threatening creatures in many cultures. They are nocturnal and, therefore, associated at night, which is also often associated with death. Many common species also have a relatively strange appearance, which makes them even more disconcerting to humans. Not to mention the fact that there is a type of bat that actually sucks and feeds on blood (the vampire bat Desmodus Rotundus), which does not help much in the good image of the creature.



In the comics, Batman is the secret identity of tycoon Bruce Wayne who puts his fortune at his disposal, as well as a suit that adopts the figure of a bat to fight evil and trap villains in the city of Gotham. However, centuries before the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, in Mayan mythology – about 100 BC – there was already a being half man, half bat and it was one of the divinities of this town, particularly between The Quiche tribe that inhabited what is now Honduras and Guatemala.

In Popol Vuh, an ancient Mayan mythological text that tells the story of the creation of the world and peoples, Zotzilaha was the name of a cave inhabited by Camazotz, a monster with a humanoid body, bat’s head and nose that resembled to a flint knife. It was believed that the monster attacked its victims in the neck to decapitate them. In Popol Vuh, it is recorded that this decapitated creature of the Mayan hero Hunahpu Camazotz is also one of the four animal demons responsible for the destruction of humanity during the era of the First Sun.

In Mayan culture, the bat god Camazotz is linked to death. This creature is said that inhabited a cave called “the house of bats” in Popol Vuh. Some investigators say Camazotz was inspired by a common vampire, but some others agree that it was based on a giant vampire that probably died out sometime during the Pleistocene or Holocene periods.

Demons and bat-like monsters are common in South and Central America. Another example is the Chonchon in Peru and Chile, which is believed to have been created when a sorcerer, known as kaku, performed a magical ritual by cutting off his head and creating giant ears and death claws. The giant ears then become wings.

Giant Vampire Bats…

In 1988, a vampire fossil was discovered in the province of Mongas in Venezuela. This bat was 25% larger than the modern vampire and it was called Desmodus Draculae. It is commonly known as the giant vampire bat. Archaeological sites containing samples of this were found in Yucatan, Belize, northern Brazil and Venezuela. In 2000, a tooth of D. Draculae was found in Argentina. It is difficult to establish an exact date when D. Draculae became extinct, or if it was completely extinct. All sites dated between the upper Pleistocene and the late Holocene, about 12,000 years ago, but the most recent age found for D. Draculae is around 1650 AD. These dates make it very possible that this species of vampires has coexisted with humans in South America and Central America.

The common vampire bat, D. Rotundus, has a wingspan of 20 cm, and since D. Draculae was 25% larger, it would have required more blood and probably would have attacked larger animals and possibly even humans. It is unquestionable that an attack of a rare giant bat would result in legends of supernatural monsters. Despite the tempting fossil evidence and the strange stories about encounters with giant bats, so far there is no indisputable evidence that D. Draculae was common enough to be found by former inhabitants of South and Central America.

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2020 the best year for Spanish series




The year that just ended was full of challenges, adaptations, joys, sadness and all kinds of feelings. People being at home because of the pandemic that is hitting the world, they were eagerly looking for new things to see.

It’s not easy to create content when taking to the streets is a danger. But when it is said that 2020 was the best year for Spanish series, it is because for them this was not an obstacle.

This European country undoubtedly took the lead when it came to offering entertainment. They did not stop working and the results speak for themselves. Therefore, if you want to discover the reason for this approach, you have come to the ideal place.

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What do we know about the Spanish series?

the best year for Spanish series 1

Spanish series

Spain is a country that has us used to producing many series annually. The quality and the weave of them is totally unique and that is one of the many reasons why his creations are known worldwide.

There are several speculations about which is historically the best year for Spanish series, but something must be taken into account. In 1956, exactly on October 28, television was born in that country. Therefore, there is the beginning of all his great successes.

A year later and without waiting too long, they released their first issue which was titled “The Tele-Rodríguez”. Little by little they were advancing and in the early 80’s they began to produce much more.

Big business people realized how big their impact was being. Therefore, a before and after was marked at that time with the creation of private channels.

Everything in Spain was rapidly on the rise and the productions were increasing. They aired what is known as “Sex Matter” among many others. Moving into this century, in 2005 he premiered “El Águila Roja” which achieved great success.

Another clear example is “El Barco” and “El Internado” because the impact and acceptance they had were great. The list is endless, which if it cannot be denied that this country, especially in this regard, is worthy of admiration.

Why was 2020 the best year for Spanish series?

the best year for Spanish series 2

2020 was the best year for Spanish series

Various media outlets suggest that 2020 has passed, it was the best year for Spanish series. They took advantage of all the situation that began to live in those moments and grew in quantity and above all in quality.

Television is part of the daily routine of human beings and therefore they are always looking for new things to entertain themselves. Spain stood out for the creation of so many scripts with very good quality and above all different.

We cannot deny that they always provide excellent content, but the maturity and the productions were out of the ordinary. They sought more innovation than pleasing the smallest or oldest in the house.

But these are not the only reasons why experts say that 2020 was the best year of the Spanish series. Creativity and risky scenes must be highlighted such as those observed in “Poison” and “30 Coins”.

If anything helped people of all ages to make such a good audience possible, it was for a very good reason. They dedicated themselves to creating based on as many different formats and genres as never before and the benefits were huge.

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Effect of confinement on the Spanish series

Being at home for so long could be a bit tough for many. But fortunately a group of scriptwriters and producers got to work.

When they saw that viewers were asking for content, they had no choice but to work and develop products that the majority liked. There was nothing new to see because even the incorporation of subtitles and dubbing, they stopped.

Entertaining people is not a simple thing, you need to be in line with the time you live in. Unquestionably the platforms of Netflix, Movistar and HBO, they stood out above all with this task.

Without a doubt, 2020 can be classified as the best year for Spanish series. Well, despite the circumstance that was experienced, they learned to overcome and were issued in that country, approximately 60 new creations.

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Some of the best Spanish series of 2020

the best year for Spanish series 3

Some of the best Spanish series of 2020
  • “Crematorium”.
  • “Homeland”.
  • “Poison”.
  • “Riot gear”.
  • “30 Coins”.
  • “La Valla”.

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Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba




Love relationships between people who work hand in hand are very common. The list becomes extensive when we quote celebrities who have fallen in love with their assistants, managers, producers or collaborators in a project or job. But just as a tour or a movie comes to an end, it can also happen to love, and Natalia and Daniel know it very well.

After 5 years of marriage, Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba. Love is over!

If you want to know the details of this event that has invaded the media, stay with us.

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Marriage of Natalia Jiménez and Daniel Trueba

Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing

Natalia Jiménez and Daniel Trueba

In December 2015, the famous Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez entered the altar determined to form a life with Daniel Trueba.

Previously, the “almost wedding”, with the businessman Antonio Alcol, also touched the media, but the event did not materialize, as Natalia canceled everything with only one day remaining for the ceremony to take place. In a Mexican magazine she herself declared: << I saw that marriage was going to affect my professional life >>

Apparently the love vs work battle came to an end with an agreement, as Natalia finally decides to say yes to nothing more and nothing less than her manager and coworker, Daniel Trueba. On December 29, not only his secret wedding was celebrated, but also the 34th birthday of the bride herself. This is how Natalia and Dany’s love story would begin (that’s how I used to tell him), and the media were witnesses (<< we spent a lot of time together… he is a man of those who no longer exist… I admire him with passion >> she confessed in an occasion)

The happy couple announced with joy in October 2016, the arrival of their first daughter together, Alessandra. Daniel already had a daughter, the result of his previous marriage, but Natalia had not yet enjoyed the happiness of being a father.

The arrival of her baby made the artist’s life take on another meaning, as did her inspiration. Something else and The world is wrong they are evidence that our singer and songwriter was in a stage where everything was happiness. Unfortunately this did not last as long as she thought it would.

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Divorce announcement. Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing Daniel Trueba

Natalia Jiménez confirms that she is divorcing 2

Divorce announcement

To avoid false rumors, the artist decided to stop handling the matter with the utmost discretion and deal with the situation publicly.

Apparently the decision of the definitive separation had been made for months, but to avoid suddenly affecting her daughter’s routine, it is now that the news is made official.

Natalia herself expressed: << To avoid and reduce any type of speculation, I have decided to deal with rumors and confirm my process of marital separation from Mr. Daniel Trueba. Normally we would take the whole process in private, but since I am a public person, it is better to expose this issue directly to you, as a public, who have always supported me through the years and have been aware of all my joys and sorrows >> . And he added: << I appreciate your support during these years, your consideration and respect with this decision. At the moment I am not going to give interviews or make any other comment about it. Thank you all >>

Natalia decided to open up with her fans, who did not hesitate to send messages of support and encouragement: “You can”, “You are strong”, “You deserve to be happy”, “We love you”, “We support you”. Since the announcement, the artist on her Instagram account has uploaded photos and hashtag where she is optimistic and strong about the situation.

Handling a separation is difficult, and in a world where everything is camera and is transmitted by screen it is even worse. We know that behind any gesture or word that is said, there will always be reporters, journalists and youtubers who will take care of getting great news or speculation out of any minute. Hopefully Natalia and Daniel do better than others in this regard, and that the public understands, that regardless of whether there is a desire to know the background of the events, we must remember that they are personal lives that we are dealing with and that we must be consistent with what we think. In general, we all have complicated matters in one way or another, the only difference is in the number of people who are watching.

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Luciana Fuster tells how it was to meet Marc Anthony




Social networks go around the world and give you the possibility to meet different types of people, even famous ones. This was what happened to the Peruvian model Luciana Fuster, who apparently nothing more and nothing less began a close friendship with the well-known singer Marc Anthony. It only took a video on the famous salsero’s yacht and a photo of the two of them together to unleash the rumor if there was something else.

If you want to know all the details of their relationship, how it started and if the rumors that they are dating are true or not, stay with us!

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What it was like to meet Marc Anthony on Luciana’s birthday

what it was like to meet Marc Anthony 4

Meeting Marc Anthony on Luciana’s birthday

Miami was the place chosen for the Miss Teen Model Peru 2015-2016, Luciana Fuster, to celebrate her 22nd birthday. The model has become quite famous, with more than 3 million followers on her social networks, but now her fame reaches another high peak as she celebrated her birthday with the singer of 3 decades of artistic career, Marc Anthony. Apparently she did not know that she would meet him there, because she herself (in an interview on the program LatinXNow of Telemundo with the conductors Nastassja Bolívar and Claudia Vergara) cataloged Marc as his birthday surprise:

“Networks connect you with people from all over. I met him through the networks. It is normal that when you travel to a country the person you know, speak. It was my birthday and they gave me the surprise of bringing Marc. I couldn’t believe it. Marc is a joke, he’s super nice, he’s a sweetheart ”the model declared very enthusiastically. In addition, she added excitedly: “I took out a boat with my friends and suddenly, another arrived and it was Marc Anthony”

Luciana also commented that Marc Anthony advised her about her future and gave her advice to manage her artistic career in a correct and wise way. “Think well about what you want to do, you are young, you have tools,” she said, quoting his words.

The Montaner brothers were the ones who took the much commented photograph, where Marc and Luciana appear sharing in a happy atmosphere, very smiling.

After finishing the celebration of her birthday, the Peruvian wrote in her networks, in general, how well she had spent that day:

Wow! I feel full of love! It was a beautiful birthday with my family, friends and people with a very good vibe that I just met. I really had an amazing time. Thank you for so many messages and all the love you sent me yesterday! Until now I keep reading them all and I am too happy. I adore you.

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Will Luciana and Marc Anthony have a more than special relationship?

what it was like to meet Marc Anthony 2

Will they have a more than special relationship?

This is the question that circulates the most in the networks due to the photos of Luciana and Marc Anthony together on Marc’s own yacht and at a party with his friends. The questions became more frequent after Luciana’s own affectionate declarations for Marc’s person (he’s a love, he’s super kind), a fact that I just spiced up the gossip that was already cooking. To this must be added that the model shared in her Miami stay album, photos in a provocative green bikini in a residence that turned out to be very familiar to one owned by Marc Anthony in Cocoplum, for sale for $ 27 million.

Luciana, before these speculations, declared that the photo had been taken in a hotel where she was staying and that she only uploaded it because she thought the hotel was nice and she wanted to show it.

For his part, Marc Anthony has also been asked questions about this matter. The singer himself, referring to this issue, declared in an interview with Billboard magazine: When did my life become so interesting!

It is no secret to anyone that Luciana enjoys an indisputable beauty, and that when it comes to women, the ex of our beautiful Jenifer López has good taste and a reputation as a gallant, but even so both have denied the veracity of their relationship beyond friendship. This obviously has not been enough to stop the typical rumors and speculations of the age difference (Marc Anthony 30 years older than Luciana) and that young loves replace old ones. Whether they are together or will be, or simply are not, is currently not known for sure.

What it was like to meet Marc Anthony and what he has brought

what it was like to meet Marc Anthony 1

Greater fame and more followers

Meeting Marc Anthony, for Luciana has brought many advantages. Not just an excellent birthday and an apparent cute friendship, but greater fame and knowledge when it comes to the internet and television. Now the model has more followers and acquaintances as she is related to the famous singer, who we know has her own fan club who of course now know our young model.

Whether or not it is true that their relationship is more than a simple friendship, the participant of “This is war”, “Combat” and “Challenge of passions” have been more good than bad for all these comments and rumors, which he has managed to handle. naturally and sensibly. Her career is taking new paths and turns and she has had several job proposals that will make her reside most of her time in Mexico.

She looks very happy, with many future plans to continue growing in show business and our singer is not far behind. Marc has also announced many projects and collaborations (his most recent hit, De returned pa´ la vueltas with reggaeton player Daddy Yankee).

Only time will tell us if these friends become more than friends. They say that from friendship to love there are few steps. We will see with how many steps theirs is made.

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