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20 ideas to build a camp at home with your children



Keeping your children entertained during the summer is something that can be complicated, so apply a few simple ideas to set up a camp it can be your salvation.

It may happen that you did not want or could not enroll your children in a summer camp and now you can not find what to do to get the kids distracted. Or work and the economy thwarted your plans to visit the best beaches in Malaga or other beautiful places.

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the risks of leaving home are also something to consider when we talk about the health of your family.

For this reason, we will give you 20 ideas to organize a camp at your house and give your children the best summer of their lives.

The infallible sport

ideas to set up a camp

Sport cannot be absent from any summer camp at home

The first of the ideas to set up a camp is to organize some sporting activity that occupies a good part of the morning or afternoon. This includes organizing morning games of soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball or any other that serves to entertain them for at least 2 or 3 hours.

If you don’t know which one to choose, you can check the list of sports that exist in the world. You will be surprised how many things can be done with a simple ball.

To complete the day and lower your adrenaline level, a great idea for a summer camp at home is with an astronomy session on top of your house or in your backyard.

Ideas to build a camp in the living room of your house

Another of the top ideas to set up a camp is to organize an afternoon of cinema at home, with a selection of films for the whole family, or a marathon of episodes of your children’s favorite series. A variation could be to improvise a karaoke in your living room, in which each one will demonstrate their talents as a singer.

Spice up your summer camp at home by recording a video with your mobile or a camera that you have on hand. It can be a musical, an exercise routine, or a story based on a script created together.

If you have young children and you can’t go out with them, you will find that something as simple as building a “fortress” in your living room can be a lot of fun for them. Use cushions, sheets, pillows and anything else that can be used to build a structure to play with.

Play races and hide

summer camp at home

The game of hide and seek or «blind man» is very fun for children and adults

If you’re feeling brave and don’t mind if something breaks, don’t hesitate to organize an obstacle course, something that will amuse every child and youth in your family, and even adults who dare to participate.

And since you are at home, you can play hide and seek, another of the best ideas for setting up a camp. Both adults and children can participate and you only need a cloth to blindfold whoever is looking for the others.

To close the day with a flourish, hold a “home theater” session. The trick is to create a scene in your house where children and adults will participate in a story, with makeup and dresses to give each character more realism.

Summer camp at home: mannuities and board games

Puppet theaters have entertained children for centuries. Create puppets using old socks or scraps of leftover fabric and create a scene with your children

Another simple but fun summer activity is putting together a puzzle. Ideally, it should be one of those giant «puzzles» of more than 1,000 pieces, as the whole family can participate in its assembly.

If you’re feeling creative, introduce your kids to principles of origami or origami, the ancient art of making figures of animals or objects by folding a sheet of paper. Origami requires patience and precision, but the most important thing is that it also takes time so it is ideal for those long days at home.

Making paper airplanes is another tradition that you can include on your list of ideas for organizing a camp. To spice it up, organize a competition to see which plane can fly the farthest.

Creativity for everyone

Riddles are another traditional game that never goes out of style. Each child and adult must choose a character, object or animal and make the others guess which one it is through gestures and mime.

A joke contest is another great family activity, especially when night falls. Each member must show their comic skills and the winner will be the one who arouses the most laughter in the others with their inventiveness.

Something calmer but that will distract the little ones is to put together a book of letters. For this, you just have to draw the letters of the alphabet on sheets or a notebook and place a drawing or photograph of something that begins with each one of them.

Of course, another of the ideas to set up a camp is to create an illustrated story in which the children will take a story and represent it together with drawings or photos of the characters, places and events narrated there.

But if you want a bigger challenge, organize a poetry contest. Each child and adult will have a certain time to write their best poem and read it to others. The winner will be the one who arouses the most applause.

Other activities

If you are in winter and you don’t have ideas to set up a camp, resort to the old trick of the snowball battle. And just so you know, during the summer you can do it too, wearing rolled up socks!

Since children love colors, organize a hand painting session for them. Make sure you have enough paper, watercolors or easy-to-wash paints and above all keep away from furniture and walls to avoid accidents.

And finally we have the «pillow fight», a game in which everyone can participate and where combat skills can be brought out in a very fun way.

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