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15 things that happen when you turn 40



When you are a teenager or a very young adult, life is endless with worries, goals, desires, and sufferings. But when you turn 40 you realize that you start to see life differently And now is when you start to really enjoy it.

When we reach 40 years of age we begin to ask ourselves about what we have done and what we are. Is this what I want? Have I achieved happiness? Those are very frequent questions in men and women who reach this age.

In any case, if you are concerned what will life be like at 40, we will tell you that for sure it will be better than you could have imaginedAnd there are good reasons to say this, considering the changes that people have when they reach this age, which we will summarize in this article.

When you turn 40: more self-esteem and better relationship management

When you turn 40 you feel that your self-esteem improves You accept past mistakes and traumas more easily and you value your present qualities better.Unlike before, you no longer suffer so much from your mistakes and you take your successes more calmly, which in turn reduces stress and increases the feeling of security that you transmit to others.

But another thing that is very important is that you will begin to eliminate toxic people from your life, those that rob you of energy with their continuous conflicts and mood swings. Unlike earlier stages, you will no longer waste time trying to help or correct them. Instead, you will accept them for what they are and keep a safe distance from them so they don’t affect you further.

Other change in life at 40 is less emotional dependence on your partner. Now you know how to recognize who loves you, misses you and supports you and you will not hesitate so much to stay away from someone who does not contribute anything positive to your life or does not feel the same about you.

Reaching 40 is an opportunity to improve many things in your life

Life at 40: You accept your body and its flaws

When you reach this stage of your life you will not be obsessed with your physical appearance. Regardless of whether you are skinny, overweight, tall, short or with alopecia, you will accept your body as it is and you will feel more comfortable seeing yourself in the mirror.

The most important thing is that when you turn 40 you start to see your physical defects as something that distinguishes you before others. In addition, you will have enough maturity and life experience to know that whoever loves you sincerely, must also accept your physical appearance.

However, many people improve your body at 40 with exercises, taking advantage of the fact that they have enough time and money to do it.

When you turn 40 ryou plan your life

Perhaps the most important change at this age is that you begin to rethink your life, what you have done so far and what you hope to do in the future.

Those who have not met their goals begin to fight for them more strongly, now in a more organized and clear way, since they already understand what their strengths and weaknesses are. At this moment you will know what dreams you have not achieved and above all, You will have the tranquility and maturity to plan and work according to your achievement.

And another point that influences this better disposition to achieve is that already you will not be held back by the opinion of others, be they family or friends. The opinion of others no longer affects you, because now you value yourself for who you are and what you have and your criteria have more weight in the decisions you make.

You value friendship better

life at 40

From the age of 40 you know who your true friends are

It is not that you have more friends, but that the quality of the friendship is higher. When you turn 40 years you realize that some people have been by your side for many years, while others have disappeared.

You will also have had enough unpleasant experiences with people who claimed to be your friends and failed you when you needed them most. But above all, also you will better evaluate what friendship is and what friends are worth taking care of and conserve from this stage of your life.

The fear of «what will they say» is over

Fear of criticism or social rejection is one of the things that affects adolescents and young adults the most, but When you turn 40 there are fewer and fewer things that can embarrass you.In fact, if you end up in a situation where you will be exposed to ridicule, you will surely end up laughing at yourself.

In short, you will feel good about yourself and you will always have a smile on your face to prove it. And if this is not enough, you will start raise your voice to express your opinion directly, without fear of «what will they say» or of possible rejection from others.

When you reach this age, you will have already learned not to shut up, but also to respect the opinion of others. In any case, it never hurts to improve your outfit with a change of style. Start by removing the things you shouldn’t wear at 40.

The present is what counts

For the first time in your life you will start to think in the present tense, that is, to assess what happens here and now. You stop longing for the past or thinking about an uncertain future and you begin to fully enjoy each daily experience.

And knowing that it is the here and now that matters will allow you to live life more fully and happily than when you were a teenager. It’s almost like going back to childhood, when problems were not the center of your life.

Of course, there is another major change that happens when you turn 40: you become more creative in the face of problems and you solve them more easily. But if something has no solution, you also take it easy and understand that this can happen.

Sex noticeably improves

when you turn 40

At 40 the sexual relationship becomes deeper and more satisfactory

We leave for last what could be the most important change that occurs after 40. At this stage you leave sexual and social prejudices behind and you start to enjoy sex more, of your body and of your partner.

The old fears, taboos, conditioning and social prohibitions they will no longer accompany you to bed and you will begin to appreciate sex for what it really is: the union of mind, body and soul with another person.

And as a closing, we will tell you that you will not only become the owner of your sexuality, but also for all the above that we have explained to you, you will know that you are in the best moment of your life.

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