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15 things that happen when you turn 40



When you are a teenager or a very young adult, life is endless with worries, goals, desires and sufferings. But when you turn 40 you realize that you start to see life differently And now is when you start to really enjoy it.

When we reach 40 years of age we begin to ask ourselves about what we have done and what we are. Is this what I want? Have I achieved happiness? Those are very frequent questions in men and women who reach this age.

In any case, if you are concerned what will life be like at 40, we will tell you that for sure it will be better than you could have imaginedAnd there are good reasons to say this, considering the changes that people have when they reach this age, which we will summarize in this article.

When you turn 40: more self-esteem and better relationship management

When you turn 40 you feel that your self-esteem improves You accept past mistakes and traumas more easily and you value your present qualities better.Unlike before, you no longer suffer so much from your mistakes and you take your successes more calmly, which in turn reduces stress and increases the feeling of security that you transmit to others.

But another thing that is very important is that you will begin to eliminate toxic people from your life, those that rob you of energy with their continuous conflicts and mood swings. Unlike earlier stages, you will no longer waste time trying to help or correct them. Instead, you will accept them for what they are and keep a safe distance from them so they don’t affect you further.

Other change in life at 40 is less emotional dependence on your partner. Now you know how to recognize who loves you, misses you and supports you and you will not hesitate so much to get away from someone who does not contribute anything positive to your life or does not feel the same about you.

Reaching 40 is an opportunity to improve many things in your life

Life at 40: You accept your body and its flaws

When you reach this stage of your life you will not be obsessed with your physical appearance. Regardless of whether you are skinny, overweight, tall, short or with alopecia, you will accept your body as it is and you will feel more comfortable seeing yourself in the mirror.

The most important thing is that when you turn 40 you start to see your physical defects as something that distinguishes you before others. In addition, you will have enough maturity and life experience to know that whoever loves you sincerely, must also accept your physical appearance.

However, many people improve their body at 40 with exercises, taking advantage of the fact that they have enough time and money to do it.

When you turn 40 ryou plan your life

Perhaps the most important change at this age is that you begin to rethink your life, what you have done so far and what you hope to do in the future.

Those who have not met their goals begin to fight for them more strongly, now in a more organized and clear way, since they already understand what their strengths and weaknesses are. At this moment you will know what dreams you have not achieved and above all, you will have the tranquility and maturity to plan and work according to your achievement.

And another point that influences this better disposition to achieve is that already you will not be held back by the opinion of others, be they family or friends. The opinion of others no longer affects you, because now you value yourself for who you are and what you have and your judgment has more weight in the decisions you make.

You value friendship better

life at 40

From 40 you know who your true friends are

It is not that you have more friends, but that the quality of the friendship is higher. When you turn 40 years you realize that some people have been by your side for many years, while others have disappeared.

You will also have had enough unpleasant experiences with people who claimed to be your friends and failed you when you needed them most. But above all, also you will better evaluate what friendship is and which friends are worth taking care of and conserve from this stage of your life.

The fear of “what will they say” is over

The fear of criticism or social rejection is one of the things that affects adolescents and young adults the most, but When you turn 40 there are fewer and fewer things that can embarrass you.In fact, if you end up in a situation where you will be exposed to ridicule, you will surely end up laughing at yourself.

In short, you will feel good about yourself and you will always have a smile on your face to prove it. And if this is not enough, you will start raise your voice to express your opinion directly, without fear of “what they will say” or possible rejection from others.

By reaching this age, you will have already learned not to shut up, but also to respect the opinion of others. In any case, it never hurts to improve your outfit with a change of style. Start by removing the things you shouldn’t wear at 40.

The present is what counts

For the first time in your life you will start to think in the present tense, that is, to assess what happens here and now. You stop longing for the past or thinking about an uncertain future and you begin to fully enjoy each daily experience.

And knowing that it is the here and now that matters will allow you to live life more fully and happily than when you were a teenager. It’s almost like going back to childhood, when problems were not the center of your life.

Of course, there is another major change that happens when you turn 40: you become more creative in the face of problems and you solve them more easily. But if something has no solution, you also take it easy and understand that this can happen.

Sex noticeably improves

when you turn 40

At 40 the sexual relationship becomes deeper and more satisfactory

We leave for last what could be the most important change that occurs after 40. At this stage you leave sexual and social prejudices behind and you start to enjoy sex more, of your body and of your partner.

The old fears, taboos, conditioning and social prohibitions they will no longer accompany you to bed and you will begin to appreciate sex for what it really is: the union of mind, body and soul with another person.

And as a closing, we will tell you that you will not only become the owner of your sexuality, but also for all the above that we have explained to you, you will know that you are in the best moment of your life.

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How long is the body immune after recovering from COVID 19?




More than a year has passed since the news of that new disease that emerged in Asia came out. It seemed like one more of the bunch, but a few months later what we know today as COVID 19, spread throughout the world.

Managing a new pathology is very complicated. It is necessary to know how it works, what it consists of, its clinical picture and a number of fundamental things in order to find an effective cure.

Today a little more is known about it, but many things remain a mystery. There is no vaccine or specific cure for it, however, millions of people managed to overcome the coronavirus.

There were comments from the beginning such as: “It only affects the elderly”, “Such a disease does not exist.” But there was one that attracted much more attention and it must be the reason why you are here.

Will there really be a time of immunity in those who survive COVID 19? Well, if your desire is to know the answer to this question and above all to understand the explanation of why, you are in the right place.

You must see now why vaccinating people over 80 will cut Covid-19 mortality in half

What does it mean to have immunity time?

immunity time

What does it mean to have immunity time?

Before knowing whether or not there is an immunity time in bodies that exceed COVID 19, you must understand what it means. Did you ever wonder how humans naturally protect themselves from possible attacks on their body?

Well the immune system is responsible for protecting us from infections, germs and therefore keeps us healthy. It is made up of many types of cells and they collaborate with different organs to fulfill their protective function.

There are many components like white blood cells that are very important. They include phagocytes, for example, and their function is to eliminate invaders. Neutronics are responsible for fighting harmful bacteria and so they all work together.

exist lymphocytes such as the B’s and T’s that are extremely important. The former can be said to be intelligent, as they detect and immobilize threats while the latter totally destroy them.

If you wonder when they come into action or under what signal, it is very easy. They invade antigens that are foreign bodies that threaten humans.

I explain you better, the B lymphocytes mentioned above make the antibodies. The T eliminate these threats, then they remain in the body and therefore can recognize them if they attack again.

Vaccines introduce these protective substances into us and this is how they prevent. That is why it is believed that there is a time of immunity after someone recovers from COVID 19 or any other illness.

Is this true about Covid-19? Is the immune system of women stronger?

Are we really immune after being cured of COVID 19?

immunity time 2

Are we really immune after being cured of COVID 19?

The only world news in this 2020 was not that of the coronavirus outbreak that hit the whole world. When it was announced that the president of the United States contracted the disease, it was a scandal.

After overcoming the disease, he made a statement in his official networks where he said he was immune. Thus began the comments that so confused people and since then several studies have been carried out to support the approach.

As we explained above the function of the immune system in the body is very important. In addition, the antibodies it produces remain in it and recognize the invading antigen that tries to attack again.

But is there really a time of immunity when someone recovers from COVID 19? In medicine, nothing is so absolute and that phrase mentioned by Donald Trump is not entirely true or false.

Several studies agreed that indeed after overcoming the coronavirus, there is some resistance to the disease. However, research from Imperial College London shows that this condition does not last forever.

It is suggested that it can be this way for months, weeks or even days. Therefore, do not trust if fortunately you were cured because you will not know when your body will stop protection.

They made tables where they placed the statistics resulting from the analyzes to check if there was such a time of immunity. It was a surprise, but in health professionals it was much higher and longer lasting.

The explanation for this is that apparently those who passed the virus more seriously or more times, have more protection. However, according to Harvard that it can only last up to 4 weeks and then it starts to wane.

Something important that you should read: COVID-19 could leave serious sequelae in the lungs

Does everyone who recover from COVID 19 develop immunity?

immunity time

Does everyone who recover from COVID 19 develop immunity?

In the United States of America, prestigious scientists joined such research to verify how great was its veracity. After several studies, they came to a conclusion that surprised many.

They analyzed Navy soldiers and to their surprise, 41% of them did not register any antibody that protected them from the coronavirus. Therefore, here is another reason not to trust yourself and to fail to comply with the sanitary measures.

There are several factors that come into play for the immunity time to be obtained. Among them are age, health condition, diseases they suffer from, the place where the sample was taken, and so on. Hence, the variation of why some yes and others no arises.

covid19 curiosities diseases health

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Wikipedia curiosities that you surely did not know




We have all needed the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia and it has been providing us with information since 2001. With this website you can search and know everything that generates curiosity and even places where you may not be able to go, it is a world of information, but, even if you know it very well there are certain things that you did not know about this encyclopedia. To dispel doubts in this article you will find some curiosities that Wikipedia keeps.

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The creators of Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger

The first posts to be written were at the hands of the project’s parents, so to speak, Jimmy Wales and Larry sanger. The latter had disagreements with the rest of the team and decided to abandon the new idea that would later become something much bigger.

Wikipedia is not for sale

Its not for sale

Its not for sale

Wikipedia is a non-marketed website, so don’t worry if it falls into the wrong hands. It is managed by the Wikimedia organization, which is funded through donations and grants. All in order for knowledge and information to reach everyone in all parts of the world for free, what a great project.

Works on Wikipedia can be edited by any client

They can be edited by any client

They can be edited by any client

Although it sounds strange, Wikipedia offers the possibility of modifying or copying the texts published by its users, as long as you recognize the work of the contributors. This is based on a free content license without copyright restrictions.

Wikipedia has more than 280 languages

More than 280 languages

More than 280 languages

This encyclopedia not only gives you information, but it has it in several languages, including some that you don’t even know. What could be expected from one of the most visited websites, it has independent local organizations in dozens of countries, which provide the information and many are translated by voluntary translators, never by machines.

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No information is lost on Wikipedia

No information is lost

No information is lost

The data memory of this encyclopedia is eternal, you can add content, but it is never erased or lost. The version you have for sure is the most modern, however, you can access previous editions whenever you want and make appointments from them.

Don’t trust Wikipedia too much

Don't trust too much

Don’t trust too much

This encyclopedia is the source of much information, but in some cases it is not to be trusted. The work team always tries to correct some errors so that the content is of the best possible quality. It is true that there is information with a good academic level and very accurate, but sometimes there is also junk content, so to speak.

Wikipedia has more than 38 million articles

more than 38 million articles

More than 38 million articles

This encyclopedia grows enormously, to the point that it has reached more than 38 million articles with imaginable topics. Its greatest boom and growth was between 2005 and 2015, where the number of content grew ten times, so this information giant increases each year.

It is maintained by its users

It is maintained by its users

It is maintained by its users

As I already mentioned, this project is supported by voluntary donations from its clients and users. It started with the amount of 100,000 dollars and although in its beginnings it did not accept advertising, currently its founder makes clear the importance of donations and these cannot be governmental, only individual.

Reading its pages takes more than 20 years

20 years

20 years

If one day you have the idea of ​​reading all his articles in English, which are five million, of the 38 million articles that this encyclopedia contains, with a good reading it would take you 21 years to do so. So read whenever you need to nourish yourself with information, but don’t make it your goal to read them all.

Use bots for your reviews

wikipedia curiosities 6


Bots is a program that many Wikipedia editors use to do the heavy lifting, such as spell checking, creating the links, and making the templates which are then filled out and completed by their editors.

Has 500 million users every month

wikipedia curiosities 5

500 million users every month

This encyclopedia receives 500 million unique users every month. People can use multiple web pages, or access the site multiple times that will be counted as a single visit and these are more than 3,000 million per month.

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Wikipedia had a pet



Wikipedia in its beginnings had a pet that identified it, first a working ant was chosen, but this did not have much popularity and then they decided on the manga girl sitting on the Wikipedia symbol. Both were highly criticized and the latter, like the ant, was eliminated and forgotten.

How you see Wikipedia is full of curiosities and if you are very curious I hope this article satisfies your curiosity. So now you know the little secrets of this information encyclopedia.

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The best life begins at 40, myth or reality




What is life without its stages?Since you were born, time has been walking like the hands of the clock. Everything is a process through which we go through without going back. These journeys are extraordinary, unique and important in our development. They are influenced by various factors such as:

  • Biological changes.
  • Emotional
  • Social.
  • Physiological.
  • Psychological.

When we refer to the cycles of human development we are talking about the different states from birth to death. These stages or phases are divided into seven important aspects such as:

  • Gestation.
  • Birth.
  • First period of the person (childhood).
  • Puberty or adolescence.
  • Maturity.
  • Old age.

Perhaps you have wondered if humans have the ability to regenerate

Do you start living at 40? Where did this phrase come from?

The best life begins at 40 7

Walter Pitkin

This phrase was created by the American psychologist Walter Pitkin, stating in his self-help book he wrote in 1932, that life after forty is a new cycle for people.

Today, 40-year-olds see life from another point of view. The stumbling blocks and experiences that they have accumulated over many years have given them the opportunity to live without ties.

The advancement of technology has helped a lot in lengthening people’s lives. Years ago, in the case of housewives they had to wash by hand. In our time they no longer see it that way.

They have more time to take care of themselves. They can go to a gym while your washing machine at home is washing you. This also depends on the culture, idiosyncrasy, way of thinking and living of each person.

Is it anxiety or change in 40s?

The best life begins at 40 5

Anxiety or change in your 40s

According to studies that have been carried out around the world, people think that at the age of 40 you have to go through a crisis. That situation could be called existential crisis”Where you start to question a series of things like:

  • What has happened to my life?
  • What have I accomplished over time?
  • That I have?

It can also appear at an early age or as we move into adulthood. All are very important for development, since these changes contribute to the formation of the human being.

From the 90s to the 2000s, psychologists have come to the conclusion that it is a normal stage that human beings go through. But not only at the age of 40, young people over 30 entering the quarantine often happen.

These series of concerns usually occur when you are aware that you are not young and that our existence is temporary. But seizures do not usually appear only at this age.

Certain changes or crises will be different in each individual at different stages of life, since you go through a series of problems such as:

  • Loss of loved ones.
  • Start of a new relationship.
  • New job.
  • Marriage.
  • Birth of a son.
  • Separation.
  • Among other events.

Although we do not reflect the same ways of living, every human being goes through these changes and anxieties which are normal. It is part of our development as human beings.

They already know each other and they know that they want and have enough maturity to enter with enthusiasm the projects that they have not achieved in life. Those knowledge accumulated throughout our existence, 40 is a new rebirth.

Thinking that age is an obstacle is not true. Not only does the world progress, people and their way of living as well. The generations depending on their time are changing.

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Your mind works better at 40

The best life begins at 40 2

Your mind works better at 40

Just as our body undergoes transformations as we get older, at the same time it happens to our brain. They are natural changes in the brain and nervous system.

The brain or mind is where certain mental conditions are grouped such as:

  • Catchment.
  • Judgment.
  • Retentive.
  • Sanity.

These conditions are present in different phases. But we must not rule out that brains shrink as we age. In many cases it happens when you were not in good physical health when you were young.

Other problems can be pathological or it can be caused by climatic or hereditary problems. You can see these genetic problems present in different phases:

  • Ideas.
  • Quality to perform tasks.

But these are not problems to worry about. The important thing is to accept that you are 40. That age comes with some diseases or problems. Do not be discouraged, this is the time to make all the projects that were pending come true.

There are many varieties of exercises to continue exercising our brain. You just have to keep in mind these three fundamental and important questions:

  • How are you?
  • What elements do you have?
  • How is your situation?

After you answer those questions, you are ready to exercise your brain. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and reduce the disruption that comes with walking.

If you want to continue to stay in good condition, you must follow several rules so that you see the result in later years. Exercises to exercise the brain or mind:

  • Reduce food: This will lead you to enjoy more, obesity is one of the problems that affects people. Alters blood pressure and brain.
  • Do exercises: One of the most complete exercises to help our brain is aerobics. It prevents cell oxidation and keeps the cerebral blood vessels in perfect condition.
  • Sleep: Rest and perform work tasks in the morning is of great relevance to keep our brain active.
  • Find new challenges: Helps you keep your brain in action. It benefits our intellectual abilities.
  • Positive spirit: In order to stay in good condition it is important to wake up with good energy. Negative thoughts keep you away from good things.
  • Accept how you are: Every time you look in the mirror, feel satisfied that you are who you are. Live in harmony with your defects, virtues, body and soul.
  • Among other.

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Enjoy life maturely

The best life begins at 40

Enjoy life maturely

Life is so short that sometimes day-to-day obligations don’t allow you to take a break. Do not leave for another occasion what you can do today, sit down and meditate.

Think of all the wonderful things you have left to do. Look around you and value the things you have. Use the resources you have and change your life completely.

What used to steal your dream, try to make it come true now, lean on the things that make you feel satisfied.

Enjoy without fear, you have matured enough, the experiences of life, the good and bad things that you have accumulated during all these years, you have to be grateful for them.

curiosities world society

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