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100,000 euros fine if the winner is revealed



Thousands of Spaniards stay tuned to their televisions to closely follow each episode of the current season and meet the new MasterChef winner.

It is currently airing its eighth season, the episodes of which were prerecorded before the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain.

Still missing several chapters to meet the MasterChef winner
In its eighth season, it has been revealed that whoever reveals their name early will be fined.

And this fine amounts to the sum of 100,000 euros!

What is the MasterChef program?

MasterChef is a television cooking contest in which a group of men and women compete to be recognized as the best chefs in their country.

This genre of cuisine is one of the most popular among television audiences.

Platforms such as Netflix include various cooking series in their new programming.

In this case, the appeal of MasterChef is that its participants are people of any age, profession or origin, chosen from thousands of candidates.

MasterChef participants: amateurs with high ambitions

These people are amateurs in the kitchen, but they want to become great chefs and start some business in this area.

As the program progresses, participants will learn and demonstrate new culinary skills.

Whoever does not measure up is eliminated in each episode until there are only 2 finalists left, who must meet a high-level challenge.

It is based on the British television franchise MasterChef 1990, which was revived in 2005 by the BBC and reformulated in 2009 in Australia.

The current version was so successful that today there are own versions in 40 countries, including Japan, where little-known dishes from that country are presented.

What is the MasterChef Spain program?

What is the MasterChef Spain program?

The winner will receive money and opportunities to be a professional chef

Spain is produced by Televisión Española in conjunction with Shine Iberia and was released in April 2013.

The first edition had 15 applicants, chosen from 9,000 candidates from all over the country.

He MasterChef winner receives a significant amount of money, as well as the right to publish his own cookbook.

In addition, you can deepen your training at one of the best gastronomy institutes in the country.

The winners of previous editions Today they are successful chefs with big projects underway.

A luxury jury defines the MasterChef winner

The decision about the fate of each participant of MasterChef
Spain is in the hands of three of the best specialists in Iberian gastronomy.

Samantha Vallejo-Nágera is known for her careful presentation of dishes and healthy eating. She is also very active on social media.

The “veteran” Pepe Rodríguez Rey is a defender of the Iberian culinary tradition. His mentor was the prominent chef Martín Berasategui

The jury is completed by the young Jordi Cruz, holder of 3 Michelin stars and defender of evolution and technique when cooking.

The jury of MasterChef It also stands out for its willingness to guide and help the participants and encourage them to give their best in each episode.

MasterChef in the middle of the pandemic

After seven successful seasons, the production team has managed to establish a well-planned and coordinated work schedule.

Thanks to this, it is currently possible to see the episodes of the eighth season, which were almost entirely prerecorded before the confinement began due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The chapters of the semifinal stage and the final of MasterChef
have been recorded recently in the framework of the de-escalation of the confinement.

Too long, too risk

Having recorded well in advance most chapters of MasterChef
Spain avoids greater expenses and problems for the producer.

But the longer you have recorded, the greater the risk that details will come to light that the public should only know at the end of the program.

To prevent this, the production of the program decided to apply the “strong hand” in this eighth season.

This will prevent leaks to the press about who is the MasterChef winner in its 2020 edition.

Shine Iberia gets strict

MasterChef winner

What matters is the contest, not who wins

It was the candidate José Mari who revealed that the Shine Iberia production company imposed a “silence clause” on the participants.

This clause would force them to pay a fine of 100,000 euros if they came to disclose the name of the MasterChef winner by any means, either directly or through family or friends.

This revelation was made by José Mari during a recent interview with the Mallorcan newspaper Ultima Hora, where he spoke of how difficult it was to know the MasterChef winner and not being able to tell who it is.

Mari disclosed the existence of such a clause that would punish any indiscretion. “Not even my partner knows,” added the contestant.

What else does the Shine Iberia clause say?

The confidentiality clause applied to the contestants of Master Chief
it came into effect from the first recorded chapter.

Not only is leaking the name of the MasterChef winner, which would completely destroy the audience’s interest in the rest of the episodes.

Revealing the name of the participant eliminated in each of the prerecorded episodes is also penalized, even if it is the declarant himself.

“I’m very happy with my participation, but I’m not going to say how I turned out,” José Mari told Ultima Hora, showing his fear of this clause.

No gossip, please

Although only the last chapters remained to be recorded, there were still some contestants in the race who could meet at the end and know the name of the MasterChef winner.

But the clause that silences them also served to cut some problems that had arisen in previous editions.

Mainly, it is the leakage of gossip and hearsay by some participants still active against their colleagues and judges, which has tarnished the image of the program.

Judges seek to improve their image

To show that there are no preferences, this season the jury decided to do something different and gave Carlos a chance.

It is about an aspiring Cádiz who was left out at the last minute in the casting that defined the 15 contestants of MasterChef Spain 2020.

Unfortunately, Carlos was unable to take advantage of this opportunity and was eliminated in his first week for trying to deceive the judges by hiding the burnt side of a cake in the dessert he was supposed to make.

Carlos “El Breve” showed firsthand that the judges are not joking when selecting the MasterChef winner.

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Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero dies




Armando Manzanero passed away this Monday at the age of 85. The news was confirmed by the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This artist was:

  • Singer-songwriter.
  • Composer.
  • Actor.
  • Musician.
  • Music producer.

In the words of the president himself, Manzanero was listed as a:

  • Sensitive man.
  • Man of the people.

The death was due to complications with COVID-19. He had been hospitalized since December 17 in a hospital in Interlomas, one of the States of Mexico. From that date had tested positive for the virus. As time went by, the disease became more complicated until a day like Monday saw its last moment

Here we present some curious facts that you did not know about Ricardo Arjona

Life of Armando Manzanero.

Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero dies

Life of Armando Manzanero

He is one of the most popular composers in Latin America. He was born on December 7, 1935 in Mérida, Yucatán. The news of the death of the Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero stunned the whole world. He had recently turned 85 and that was reflected in his official Instagram account. Just 2 weeks later, the tragedy occurs.

It is impressive, art and the digital world, the year of virtual reality

Manzanero songs that are inspiration for many

Songs like:

  • This afternoon I saw it rain.
  • Are we a couple.
  • I learned with you.

These are just a few titles of the more than 400 songs that are of his authorship. His compositions are a very precious legacy that he leaves to all generations that follow good music. His name will now be remembered, as it will become that of the theater in his hometown. Many are his awards that deserve this gift.

He was a born romantic and always manifested how necessary it was to show love between couples. He recorded more than 30 albums in his entire career and his music was the subject of several films and soap operas. His first song was written in 1950 and it was Never in the World, which has since had more than 20 different versions.

Beginnings of Manzanero

Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero 2 dies

Beginnings of Manzanero

Much pain brings the news to learn that the Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero dies. In its beginnings it was a professional pianist, capable of accompanying figures such as:

  • Lucho Gatica.
  • Pedro Vargas.
  • Jose jose.

His songs are of such quality that they have been around the world. Other voices in the world immortalized their songs. Men of the size of:

  • Carlos Lico.
  • Eddie Gorme.
  • Tony Bennet.
  • Frank Sinatra.
  • Elvis Presley.
  • Elis Regina.
  • Andrea Bochelli.
  • Luis Miguel.
  • Placido Domingo.

The genius of his quality as an artist took him to the most prestigious stages in the world. I’m talking about:

  • Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden in New York.
  • The Sao Paulo Memorial in Brazil.
  • The Canecao in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Teatro Colón in Argentina.
  • National Auditorium of Mexico.

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Unforgettable legacy and Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero passes away

Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero 3 dies

Unforgettable legacy

His legacy extends to the 2014 Honorary Grammy Award. Almost 70 years of musical trajectory will not be easily forgotten. The one who called him the most important living composer of Mexican music few years ago.

He was the one who produced many Mexican artists, in addition to sponsoring and looking for new talents. Due to its quality, it became a benchmark in the music industry in Mexico. Since 2010 he held the position of president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico. His work to dignify artists and recognize their works was always his focus.

In the words of his own son, the death of his father should be an alert for all those who are careless before the visible lethality of the virus. They should not lower their guard and the whole society should wake up. Is a call to responsibility and to leave the stillness before the deaths that often follow one another.

The Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero dies and with him, one of the greats of world music. His fundamental disease was diabetes and even a serious problem in one of his kidneys. Many are the words of comfort that his family has received from all over the planet and from well-known personalities of today.

His last public appearance was on December 11 in Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, inaugurating the Casa Manzanero Museum. His presence will always be in the millions of hearts that will sing his songs forever.

art artists Culture

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Laura Pausini and her heartbreak, her fears and her greatest joy




We all like the music of the Italian Laura Pausini, her popular songs have reached the singer’s greatest successes. Laura with the sympathy that characterizes her and thanks to her powerful voice, but at the same time very sweet, has become a very beloved judge on the program La Voz. But the artist’s talent is not limited to these two aspects, in an interview conducted by Risto Mejides, reveals his most intimate side and some secrets of his life. In this article you will find stories that you did not know about the excellent singer.

Loneliness, his own love story

Laura Pausini, as emotional and friendly as she is known, answered each and every one of the questions asked. She says that her songs, in great majority, are small experiences that have accompanied her, her popular song Loneliness that started his successes is nothing more than his own love story. The singer affirms “This is my story with Marco”, at the beginning of her career she always had the support of her father and he always accompanied her in search of the long-awaited contract, which after several refusals she managed to reach. Her father was her starter and he always laughed proudly when he heard her sing.

Family is everything for Laura Pausini

The singer confesses that over the years and after becoming a mother, family is everything for her. It terrifies him to think that one day he will have to say to God to his people and leave them alone. When she thinks of her father with whom she was always so close since she was a child, she gets very excited. The Italian while talking about the subject, could not hold back a few tears and express the deep love for her entire family.

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Being a mother for Laura Pausini

Laura is the mother of a beautiful girl named Paola, the little girl is just 2 years old and since she was born she has been the singer’s greatest joy. She confesses that she is living the best moments of her life and that being a mother gives her a different light. Although I may have a bad day or feel terrible, I know that when I get home someone is waiting for me to give me all the happiness, says the artist with all emotion.

Laura Pausini and her heartbreak, her fears and her greatest joy

Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini and her heartbreak

Today the Italian is happily married to the guitarist Paolo Carta, but when he was younger he experienced heartbreak. “I fell in love with a person and lived with him for ten years. I came home one day to surprise him and I took the surprise. The world fell on me ”, those were the words of the artist when referring to the subject. On the other hand, he affirms that after a separation or breakup he does not give second chances, and prefers to move away completely until he changes his environment.

Similar new project by Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini being interviewed

The singer is about to release her new album that bears her name Similar both in Spanish and Italian, and with which he will tour for several months. This new project has put her in a difficult decision, as she has to resign from the La Voz program in its new edition. The singer affirms that she could only be in the live program and that for the battles she would already be on her tour so she would not be able to attend. But he makes clear his desire to continue being part of this project in the future.

As you can see, Laura is a very sweet, loving person with a heart as big as her talent, in this interview she affirms all those qualities and the love of all her fans.

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2020 the best year for Spanish series




The year that just ended was full of challenges, adaptations, joys, sadness and all kinds of feelings. People being at home because of the pandemic that is hitting the world, they were eagerly looking for new things to see.

It’s not easy to create content when taking to the streets is a danger. But when it is said that 2020 was the best year for Spanish series, it is because for them this was not an obstacle.

This European country undoubtedly took the lead when it came to offering entertainment. They did not stop working and the results speak for themselves. Therefore, if you want to discover the reason for this approach, you have come to the ideal place.

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What do we know about the Spanish series?

the best year for Spanish series 1

Spanish series

Spain is a country that has us used to producing many series annually. The quality and the weave of them is totally unique and that is one of the many reasons why his creations are known worldwide.

There are several speculations about which is historically the best year for Spanish series, but something must be taken into account. In 1956, exactly on October 28, television was born in that country. Therefore, there is the beginning of all his great successes.

A year later and without waiting too long, they released their first issue which was titled “The Tele-Rodríguez”. Little by little they were advancing and in the early 80’s they began to produce much more.

Big business people realized how big their impact was being. Therefore, a before and after was marked at that time with the creation of private channels.

Everything in Spain was rapidly on the rise and the productions were increasing. They aired what is known as “Sex Matter” among many others. Moving into this century, in 2005 he premiered “El Águila Roja” which achieved great success.

Another clear example is “El Barco” and “El Internado” because the impact and acceptance they had were great. The list is endless, which if it cannot be denied that this country, especially in this regard, is worthy of admiration.

Why was 2020 the best year for Spanish series?

the best year for Spanish series 2

2020 was the best year for Spanish series

Various media outlets suggest that 2020 has passed, it was the best year for Spanish series. They took advantage of all the situation that began to live in those moments and grew in quantity and above all in quality.

Television is part of the daily routine of human beings and therefore they are always looking for new things to entertain themselves. Spain stood out for the creation of so many scripts with very good quality and above all different.

We cannot deny that they always provide excellent content, but the maturity and the productions were out of the ordinary. They sought more innovation than pleasing the smallest or oldest in the house.

But these are not the only reasons why experts say that 2020 was the best year of the Spanish series. Creativity and risky scenes must be highlighted such as those observed in “Poison” and “30 Coins”.

If anything helped people of all ages to make such a good audience possible, it was for a very good reason. They dedicated themselves to creating based on as many different formats and genres as never before and the benefits were huge.

We present the secret to having firm breasts

Effect of confinement on the Spanish series

Being at home for so long could be a bit tough for many. But fortunately a group of scriptwriters and producers got to work.

When they saw that viewers were asking for content, they had no choice but to work and develop products that the majority liked. There was nothing new to see because even the incorporation of subtitles and dubbing, they stopped.

Entertaining people is not a simple thing, you need to be in line with the time you live in. Unquestionably the platforms of Netflix, Movistar and HBO, they stood out above all with this task.

Without a doubt, 2020 can be classified as the best year for Spanish series. Well, despite the circumstance that was experienced, they learned to overcome and were issued in that country, approximately 60 new creations.

You won’t believe it, watch how these 10 singers and actors who changed their appearance forever

Some of the best Spanish series of 2020

the best year for Spanish series 3

Some of the best Spanish series of 2020
  • “Crematorium”.
  • “Homeland”.
  • “Poison”.
  • “Riot gear”.
  • “30 Coins”.
  • “La Valla”.

Tips Culture TV Series

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