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10 remedies to relieve toothache



Many times there may be a discomfort in a dental piece and we will need relieve toothache while we can find a dentist to treat us for this emergency.

The toothache is a problem that can occur at any time of our lives, even if we have good dental health. In many cases it is not easy to know why this pain occurs, so it is always convenient to know how to deal with it quickly and effectively.

There’s a lot reasons for teeth hurtBut the most common are cavities, abscesses in the gums, a crack in the tooth or even the emergence of the wisdom teeth in early youth.

Of course, we cannot imagine what the person with the largest number of teeth in the world if you have sudden pain. Fortunately, there are several very simple home remedies to ease this pain while getting professional help.

Salt water swims, effective remedy for toothache

Salt water swish, effective remedy for toothache

Poor dental cleaning can cause many problems

Many mouth pain can be caused by the action of bacteria that grow in food debris between teeth and the gums. Salt water is an old home remedy that has been shown to be very effective for relieve toothache.

Swish with salt water will help us disinfect the mouth and kill these bacteria. After each meal, brush your teeth well and then gargle with a mixture of a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a small glass of water.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is not only a powerful disinfectant and an excellent dental plaque remover. It also has analgesic qualities that will help you relieve toothache.

You can use it as a dental rinse after brushing your teeth by mixing equal amounts of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Take a swish and hold it in your mouth without swallowing for a count of 20, then spit and rinse with cool water.

Another option is to apply the hydrogen peroxide directly with a cotton ball or swab on swollen gums or those that show some type of access.

Relieve toothache with compresss cold

Cold is an excellent resource to reduce inflammation of the gums and relieve the pain caused by attacks.

In this case, you can use an ice pack or put several ice cubes in a plastic bag, wrap it in a thin cloth and apply it to the affected area for about 15 minutes to numb the nerves and reduce pain and swelling.

Chew onjo and onion, ancient remedy for toothache

Chewing garlic and onion, ancient remedy for toothache

Garlic is an ancient remedy for oral problems

Garlic is not only a seasoning that gives food an excellent flavor, it is also a natural medicine for relieve toothache and fight bacterial infections. Crush several cloves of garlic and add a small amount of sea salt or «coarse salt». Then put this mixture on the tooth where you feel pain.

For centuries the resource of chew a clove of garlic in the morning to maintain healthy teeth and strong.

For its part, the onion is full of antiseptic and analgesic substances that can help you reduce toothache and fight any infection in teeth and gums.

For this, cut a piece of onion and chew on the side of the mouth where you feel pain. If you can’t stand the sensation, use a finger to hold the piece of onion directly on the affected tooth.

Like garlic, you can chew an onion every morning for strong, healthy teeth. In any case, remember to use a mouthwash to remove its odor from your breath.

Chew guava leaves

The leaves of this tropical fruit are full of complex substances with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for relieve toothache, mouth ulcers and gum inflammation.

It is enough to chew one or two leaves for several minutes to extract these substances into the mouth and to take effect.

You can also boil several leaves in a cup of water. Let this water sit until it cools a bit, add a pinch of coarse salt or sea salt and use it as a mouthwash.

Clove and its oil

Clove is another natural element that we use as a condiment, but it was originally very used as a natural medicine against gum infections and toothache.

This property is due to its high eugenol content, a natural antiseptic and anesthetic. You can take advantage of this quality to soothe a toothache by applying a small amount of powdered cloves to the affected tooth.

You can also chew a clove so that it releases its oil rich in eugenol or buy a bottle of clove oil at the pharmacy and apply 2 drops on the affected piece. A third option is to boil several cloves in half a cup of water and use this preparation as a mouthwash.

Mint, vanilla or lemon extracts

Finally, we will tell you that some extracts used in the preparation of desserts are very good for relieve toothache.

In this case we have the extracts of mint, lemon and vanilla, which you can buy in any pastry shop or health food stores. Just apply a few drops directly to the affected area so that the pain begins to subside in a few minutes.

Wheat grass

The «wheatgrass» or wheat grass is the freshly tender leaf of common wheat. For centuries it has been used as a cavity pain remedy and oral disinfectant.

The best result is obtained if you chew several wheat leaves for about 15 minutes, or if you prefer, crush them, add a little water, mix well and strain into a cup. Then use this juice as a mouthwash.

And before finishing we will ask you something. Did you know that smile can say a lot about a person? And it is better if you have excellent teeth.

Black tea

The black tea is widely used for headache and hypertension, but it is also useful when it comes to soothing a toothache due to its high content of tannic acid, a powerful natural painkiller.

In this case we are not going to have tea. We simply put a bag of black tea in a little hot water and then put it directly on the tooth that hurts.

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